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When was the Harvey U. Gill Scout Band Alumni Association first formed? What special functions did it provide for the Scout Band?

Harvey U. Gill Scout Band Alumni Association Page

Yes, the Scout Band has an alumni association and since the Band is now over 98 years old, there are probably a LOT of alumni out there. The name of the association is: The Harvey U. Gill Scout Band Alumni Association

The purpose of the Alumni Association is to guide and assist the Band in a way similar to the Belzer Band Booster Club, however,the Alumni Association is made up of past members such as myself who want to help. But that's NOT all, we in the Alumni Association is also trying to track down as many of the bands past members as is possible. If you know anybody who used to be in the band, please, PLEASE, e-mail us and let us know who they are, and whatever information you may have about them. We'll get them into our databases! We are also trying to get as many e-mail addresses for members of the Band, it doesn't matter if they are Alumni or currently active members of the Band, once we have their e-mail, we'll be able to keep them updated on what's happening with the band.

So, if you have any information, please let us know, please include your name, or their name, address, e-mail address if possible and any other information you might have.

Fred Richardson - President of the Alumni Association.

For more information about HUGSBAA you can Email us here.

A little history of the HUGSBAA


In 1992 at the start of the 75th anniversary of the band, HUGSBAA was formed and incorporated. What is HUGSBAA you ask? HUGSBAA stands for the Harvey U. Gill Scout Band Alumni Association. HUGSBAA is made up of former (or current) adult members who have a desire to see the band flourish. It is named for Harvey U. Gill who was the Director (and driving force of the band) from 1947 to his death in 1975. The concept of the Alumni Association is to have a ready source of interested people to assist the band financially, musically, or physically if needed. The annual membership dues are $25.00 or a lifetime membership can be obtained for $1000.00.

The Alumi Association also sponsors the presentation of the Harvey U. Gill Award (to a youth member) and the F.O.Belzer Award (to an adult member) on an annual basis. [please refer to the awards page for more information on these awards] At this time Fred Richardson is serving as the President of the Alumni Association and he would be happy to hear from you if you would like to help out. Also instrumental with the Alumni Association were: Debbie Wheat, Randy Decker, Phil Groves (now deceased), and Tom O'Nan. In addition, it is an alumni of the band who provided the postage each month to mail newsletters to every band member.

Here are some examples of past Alumni Association newsletters:

Alumni Association Newsletter
Alumni Association Newsletter Archive