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How many years has the Crossroads of America Scout Band participated in the Opening Pageantry at the Indianapolis 500 Race hosted by the Purdue Marching 100 Band?

Venture Crew 559

In the late 1960's, the BBBC wanted to ensure that every youth that wanted to be in the Band could also have or continue a Scouting experience. Therefore, the BBBC sponsored Explorer Post 559 for any youth who wished to maintain their membership in the Scouting program. In the 1980's this also afforded the opportunity to include females in the band that were of Exploring age.

The Explorers have now been changed into Venturers. Any female, age 14-21, may join the Band's Crew 559 and participate in band activities. In addition any male youth age 14-21 may join, or "multiple register" his BSA Troop and Crew 559 so he may benefit from the activities offered through the Venturing program. It is the desire of the BBBC to strengthen this vital link and encourage ALL youth of the Band that are age 14 or over to be active in the Crew as well as the Council's Venture activities.

The Venture Crew 559 youth currently hold regular meetings on the third Sunday of each Month, ususally right after rehearsal. Registered youth can hold offices and help make decisions when and where the Scout Band does its activities.

The Scout Band currently wears the Venture Crew uniform with silver epilets available at the Scout Office, but the Scout Band prefers the Boy Scout Green Pants versus the Venture Crew Gray Pants. Dark shoes and dark socks complete the uniform look. long sleeved undershirts can be worn with the Venture Crew shirt during Winter months provided it color coordinates with the Venture Crew shirt.