Welcome to the 2015 150/70/40 War Anniversary Tour to Gettysburg, PA and Washington DC

We were on the road again and posted photos and updates from each days' events on our Facebook Group. The Band will be touring and playing from Camp Belzer to Gettysburg, PA to see the Historic Battlegrounds, Cyclorama, and Tour Eisenhower's Farm. Then we are off to Washington DC to visit the Air and Space Museum at Dulles AFB and participate in the America's Annual Fourth of July Parade up Constitution Avenue. The Tour started on June 28th and will last through July 5th, 2015!

Here was our Itinerary for this Tour:

Day One - Travel to Gettysburg, PA with a Sack Lunch Rest Stop, and had dinner at General Pickett's Buffet Restaurant in Gettysburg, PA.

Day Two - Visit the Gettysburg National Park Museum and Visitor Center where we saw the Gettysburg Park Museum Film and the Cyclorama, then toured the Gettysburg area with an on board National Parks Tour Guide. Then we toured the Willis House where President Lincoln finished his Gettysburg Address. This was followed by dinner at the Gettysburg Eddie's. After dinner, we toured the Gettysburg National Cemetery.

Day Three - Eisenhower's Farm tour with a concert at Adams County Winery. Toured the Historic Fairfield Inn with dinner following that included a magic show by Professor Joe Kerrigan.

Day Four - First was the Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, VA to tour the Air and Space Museum. Then we went to the hotel for pizza and laundry night.

Day Five - War Memorial tour on the DC Mall. Hard Rock Cafe for an early dinner followed by the Concert at the WWII Memorial. Later in the evening we toured Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial and saw the Korean Memorial at night.

Day Six - Tour the National Archives and the National Gallery of Art. Later in the evening had dinner at the Ugly Mug Grill and at 7 pm we watched the show at the Marine Barracks featuring the Marine Corps Band and Marine Corps Silent Drill unit.

Day Seven - Participated in America's Independence Day Parade in Washington DC. Had lunch at Union Station and later in the evening watched fireworks at the hotel.

Day Eight - "Back Home Again in Indiana" and return to Camp Belzer.