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The Crossroads of America Scout Band welcomes everyone who visited rehearsal on Sunday January 17th! In the next newsletter all those who have become a part of this great organization will be highlighted in our "new members" section. With all the recent weather related problems and previous closings it was great to see such a tremendous turnout for this annual event.

Being new to the band your first exposure might have been intimidating -- rest assured that as you attend rehearsals on a regular basis and begin to make new acquaintances in the band you will gain confidence and have an enjoyable experience. Many of the "old timers" felt just like you when they first joined, but now express how much the Scout band has helped them gain confidence in the musical abilities and the great times they have had in performances and on tours.

We know that you are busy with school, troop and church activities -- but come around to Sunday rehearsals as often as you can.


For those that are new to the band and as a refresher course for the old timers, this seems to be an appropriate time to take a snapshot view of the band's history. After all -- February will mark the beginning of our 82nd year of operation! Celebrating 82 years of Scouting and Music in Central Indiana -- The OLDEST continuously organized Scout Band in the World!

The band was first organized in 1917 as a Drum and Bugle Corps by Mr. F.O. "Chief" Belzer, the first Scout Executive of Indianapolis.  Chief Belzer organized the group to play at summer camp at Boy Scout Land , or Camp Chank-tun-un-gi as Camp Belzer was formerly named. In the late 1920's the band evolved into a full concert and marching band participating in many patriotic programs, displays, parades and council functions.

The band has enjoyed many activities throughout its rich heritage. The band has marched in every 500 Festival parade from its inception in 1957 through 1992, local fourth of July and Christmas parades, scout shows and camporees. The band takes its show on the road each year during the annual tour. Tours have taken the band to 44 of the 50 states in the USA, Mexico, Canada and England. We have visited Disney World, Williamsburg, the World's Fair (three times), Order of Arrow National Conferences (NOAC) and National Jamborees in 1950, 53, 57, 60, 64, 69, 73, 77, 85, 89, 93 and 1997. The band has played for five Presidents of the United States and the Queen of England.

The band's 1998 tour took them through the Central Region of the BSA encompassing 12 states in 10 days and playing 10 concerts along the way. States visited included Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.

The band is composed of registered Scouts and Scouters as well as females 14 years or older. Music ability in the band ranges from beginners to semi-professional and professional musicians. Adults sit in and are a great asset in helping the young musicians learn their instrument and gain confidence in their playing abilities.

Rehearsals are held on Sunday afternoons from 2:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. at the Warren Performing Arts Center (WPAC) on the campus of Warren Central High School. The school is located on 16th Street just east of Post Road.

Because of all the other activities in the lives of our members we know they cannot make each and every rehearsal or performance.... this adds to the uniqueness of our band ...we NEVER have the same band perform at an event except when we are on tour.

Dome in January

The band's chief money earning project is providing manpower for a concession stand at the RCA Dome, primarily during the Colts games, but for several other events during the year. One that has come to us by surprise was a request to work the Monster Truck show on January 23rd!

Our booth number is #142 (just inside Gate 1) and anyone 16 years or older is permitted to work. There is a limit to the number of people that the stand holds - so it is a "first come - first served" basis for signing up to work. "Uniform" consists of dark (black preferably) pants, white shirt and band hat. Those that work an event earn $25.00 that goes into their personal account. This account can be used for band tours, outings or other scouting related activities. With the increase in people within the band wanting to help and with the youth becoming old enough to work -- the BBBC Board is pursing acquiring Booth #141 (Nacho Express) across from the main booth and operate both next season.

The event in January is on Saturday January 23rd -- workers are to report at 4 p.m., doors open at 5 with the event starting at 7:30 p.m.  We are told that it will be over by 10:30 p.m. If you can work or have questions call Sylvia at 897-3809 to sign up.

Other upcoming dome events will be the NCAA on March 11 and 13th (possibly 10th also) and the SuperCross Motorcycle event April 24th. Still no confirmation if we work the IHSSA Basketball events on March 27th.

Venture Crew Re-Charter

The band's Venture Crew #559 is rechartering during the month of February. All adults that are registered with the crew need to pay $8.00 ($7 - registration / $1 - insurance). If you are registered and have paid in another unit or in a district you can multiple your membership with 559 if you desire. All youth (14 and older) can opt to register with 559 -- your fee is also $8.00. All females that participate with the band MUST register with 559. (Adult females may be registered in other Scouting units and multiple their membership with the band. Questions and payments can be directed to Maurice Heitzman, Venture Crew Leader at 849-1864. Please have your registration to Maurice by February 7th!

BBBC - What IS It?

For the benefit of our new members and their families, this newsletter will attempt to answer frequently asked questions about the band at its operation. The first is the will see and hear reference to it many times.

BBBC is short for Belzer Band Booster Club, Inc. which is the incorporated name of the band's "owner". The BBBC is registered with the Indiana Secretary of State as a non-profit corporation and maintains its own Constitution - By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation. It is comprised of the parents and interested parties of the Band. The BBBC owns all of the band's equipment and manages all of its assets.  In addition the BBBC sponsors the Venture Crew 559. The BBBC has a Board of Directors that meet monthly and conducts the business of the corporation and the band. Any of its members may be contacted if you have questions or suggestions pertaining to the band.

Band Books / Practice Music

After you have attended three (3) rehearsals (they do not have to be consecutive weeks) you can request a "Band Book" and practice music. We have placed the three visit policy on distributing these items to ensure that you are making a commitment to be an ACTIVE part of the band. The number of copies involved in preparing the book and music prohibit distributing them on the first visit. The band book expands on the information in this newsletter and describes several special awards that are available to band members. The practice music consists of the "Black, yellow and Blue" book music which you can use at home to practice.

Scout Band Anniversary Concert

The Scout Band's Birthday has always been celebrated on Scout Sunday. Therefore, on Sunday February 7, 1999 we will have our annual Anniversary Concert.

The concert will take place in the Warren Central High School Orchestra Room at 2:00 p.m. Please arrive by 1:00 p.m. to get uniformed and help set the room up. We will use the same arrangement that was used for our Christmas Concert in 1997.

Invite your parents, grandparents, uncles / aunts, brothers / sisters and members of your troop to come celebrate not only the band's but Scouting's anniversary!

Band Bucks

Band Bucks are the band's own monetary system -- youth members receive band bucks for every rehearsal or performance attended.  Generally there is a coupon with the newsletter that can be redeemed for additional band bucks. However this issue does NOT have a coupon since the tour application was included as an attachment.

Band Bucks hold no cash value and can only be redeemed at Scout Band functions. Throughout the year -- and particularly during the annual tour -- auctions are held for the youth members. We have auctioned patches, shirts, Coleman camp stoves, packs and other similar items. The highlight auction comes during the band's annual picnic in August when the BBBC auctions off an expense paid tour for the following year. This past year, Crystal Heitzman was the successful bidder with a record bid of $34,000.00 so Crystal will be participating on the 1999 tour at the expense of the BBBC.

Scout Night at Hinkle Fieldhouse

The second annual Scout Night will be Thursday March 25, 1999 from 7 - 10 p.m. at Hinkle Fieldhouse. Last year's inaugural event was held at the RCA Dome. More information will be made available at rehearsals and in the next newsletter -- but for now hold that date open!

The band has been asked to participate again this year by playing throughout the evening's program. It was noted that our participation last year added to the event's success.

Wedding Vow Renewals

BBBC members Carl and Patricia (Trish) Wiker will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in March. They have invited band members to attend as they renew their vows and hold a reception on Saturday March 6, 1999 at 2:30 p.m.. The celebration will be held at the Downey Avenue Christian Church (111 South Downey Avenue). You are asked to RSVP to Carol Wiker at 356-9678.

Welcome New Members

We welcome the following new members who have joined the band sine our last newsletter:

1999 Tour Plans Progressing

Will you be a part of the exciting 1999 tour to the Deep South? Enclosed is an application -- if you are interested in going complete the application and return it to Bill Schofield as soon as possible. There are 20 applications turned in so far. Each bus holds 44 -- to make the second bus economically feasible we need at least 66 people.

Preference is given to playing members and BBBC Board members. Additional adult positions are based on the band's need for adult/youth ratios and the specific talents of the non-playing adult member.

The dates for tour are July 10 -17, 1999. We will have a pre-tour shakedown in June and a final rehearsal and truck loading party on Thursday July 8, 1999. When we leave Camp Belzer on Saturday July 10th we head south with stops in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida and Georgia. We will be visiting Walt Disney World, Cape Canaveral and other attractions during the tour.

The estimated cost at this time is $375.00 per person which covers transportation, meals, lodging and attractions. This price could change based on the number attending....that's why it is critical you get an application in if you think you MIGHT be going so we can better judge how many we need to make arrangements for. Questions can be directed to Bill at 542-8057.

January Dates

February Dates

March Advance Dates

Unless otherwise stated, all rehearsals will be at Warren Central High School in the Orchestra Room.  Please use the 16th Street entrance to avoid parking conflicts with other events being held at the Warren Performing Arts Center.