Crossroads of America Scout Band Newsletter

New Youth Leaders Elected

At the October 3rd rehearsal the youth members of the band elected new officers for the 1999 - 2000 year. These youth leaders represent the band's youth at the monthly meeting of the Belzer Band Booster Club Board of Director's meeting. If youth members have concerns or ideas they should express them to these leaders so their desires can be presented to the Board.
In addition to the liaison role they serve to the BBBC Board, they also represent Crew 559 at council or district events when the Crew participates.
Congratulations to the following new youth officers: President: Ryan Pike, Vice President: Buddy McLaren, Vice President: Patrick Lindstrom.

Welcome New Members

The band extends a warm welcome to the following new members since our last newsletter.

Alice Lorenzen -- Flute (adult member)
Jason Carter -- Trumpet
Greg Valdez -- Percussion

If YOU know someone in your school or Troop that plays a musical instrument invite them to join us at rehearsal on a Sunday. If you need band brochures to pass out at Troop meetings, roundtables or at school -- pick some up at the next rehearsal!

Dixieland Great at Pow Wow

Thanks to the Dixieland members who performed at Pow Wow on November 6th. For not having any regular rehearsals, and NONE with the soloist, Mike Patterson, everything went off quite well. Thanks to Tom O'Nan, Debbie Miller, Darrell Lorenzen, Eldon Lorenzen, Ryan Pike, Patrick Lindstrom, Jon Henley, Shawn Smock and Doug Whitcomb!

Open House January 16, 2000

The band will be having its annual open house on Sunday January 16, 2000 at Warren Central High School. This is a recruiting drive to bring new members into the band during a time when people's schedules are generally less hectic. We have been quite successful over the last several years with the open house idea and expect to recruit many new members in 2000 with all the great activities we have planned!

YOUR job as a current band member is CRITICAL! Those of you who come regularly, keep up the good work, those that are sporadic in attendance -- try real hard to be in attendance on the 16th of January! Those who have thought of asking a friend to join you -- this is then time to do it -- MOST of the people at open house will be new that day!!

OUR job (BBBC, council and adults) has started. Over 6,000 letters are being prepared and will be mailed towards the end of December inviting registered scouts in and around the Marion county area to visit the band on the 16th. We will conduct a normal rehearsal, but have additional greeters to meet the new members as well as their parents. We will NOT talk about the band during the rehearsal, but will have key information in the form of a newsletter to pass out to everyone that day. After rehearsal we will have light refreshments in Warren's Hall of Champions.

If you know someone who is interested in the band, but cannot be there on the 16th, make sure they are invited to attend on the 23rd, 30th or any other Sunday that they are free. Remember that we encourage you to be active with your troop and district activities and understand that you cannot be at each and every rehearsal.

Those members who have been around for a while, it would be great if you can help reassure our guests that given time, they will become comfortable with the music and will find their talents improve!

2000 Tour Updates

Plans for the 2000 tour to Philmont are progressing -- HOWEVER WE NEED YOUR HELP! We have asked and begged to get applications turned in if there is a REMOTE chance you will be joining the band on its 2000 tour. Enclosed in this newsletter is an application form -- if you need more than one -- copy it -- but if you plan on going please fill it out and turn in to Bill Schofield as soon as possible. The first bus is almost filled -- we have 38 applications turned in to date. We have had another 25 verbally say they are planning on going, but have not turned in an application as yet. In order to make firm reservations for these highly popular vacation destinations we need to have a better handle on the numbers that will be a part of the tour.


The $50.00 deposit and subsequent payments can be worked out with Keith as long as we know you are making arrangements for payments. We have tried to break the $500.00 fee down into installment payments based on dome and other fund raising activities. So far the initial deposit ($50.00), and payment #1 of $112.50 are due. The second installment of $112.50 will be due November 30th. Again, if you prefer to pay all at once that is fine -- just let Keith know when payment can be expected. All fees must be paid by May 31, 2000. We are already having to make deposits to hold reservations. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Unless there are an additional 30 reservations for the raft trip made by December 15th, we will have to cancel this optional event on tour. So far there are not enough reservations to justify this option -- we have been able to get an extension from the outfitter, but a final answer has to be given in December.

Contact has been made and up to three buses have been chartered for the trip. We have guaranteed two and the third is on stand by. At this time "Mr. Mike" has been requested and will plan to be our lead driver. Arrangements are being pursued for the airplane -- but again, a firmer handle on the number of participants would help in negotiating this arrangement. Finally, initial arrangements have been made with a national hotel chain for accommodations at key spots along our route.

The itinerary highlights are: leave Indianapolis June 24th and first night in Cimmaron, New Mexico. Sunday and Monday will include visits, concerts and trading post at Philmont Scout Ranch. Tuesday June 27th -- Albuquerque, New Mexico visiting Old Town and National Atomic Museum. Wednesday June 28th travel to Flagstaff, Arizona area, with stops and concerts in Painted Desert and Petrified National Forest. Thursday June 29th -- Grand Canyon (optional raft trip ???)

Friday June 30th -- Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon area. Saturday July 1st Salt Lake City, Utah and return to Indy on Sunday July 2nd.

As you can see a great time is planned -- its not to late to sign up and be a part of this great adventure. Encourage others in your troop to join us. We're aiming for 100+ for this tour -- SIGN UP TODAY!

McKee Scholarship established

Harold McKee, a scouter from Pioneer District, former Scoutmaster of Troop 190, and lover of music passed away in October. While his wife Betty was at the council office providing donations secured in his memory to the council, she picked up a copy of the band's newsletter. She read with interest the opportunity for band members to experience Philmont during our summer tour in 2000. She contacted the President of the band as she recognized his name from church and offered a full scholarship for a member with financial need to be able to experience the band's tour in 2000.

On October 21st the BBBC gratefully acknowledged the gift of $500.00 given in memory of Harold McKee by his wife, Betty and children, Rick, Dan and Cathy. The only request from the family is that this be used for someone who has the desire to participate but does not have the financial resources available. The Board will provide a means to request this scholarship and then determine who shall benefit from this generous gesture.

Thanks to Betty McKee and her family for remembering Harold, and the great experiences Scouting and music can play in a person's life.

Colts / Dome events

The last few Colts games are upon us and your opportunity to put some money in your personal account. Sylvia would love to hear from you if you can work any of the following events:

November 28 -- Colts vs NY Jets  report time 1:30 P.M.
December 12 -- Colts vs New England report time 10:30 A.M.
December 19 -- Colts vs Washington report time 10:30 A.M.

We have already been notified and will have a firm answer by end of November -- if Colts continue as well as they have been the PLAYOFF game will be at the Dome on January 9th so keep that date open!

There will be six dates in early 2000 (January - April) at the Dome. Dates and times will be announced in future newsletters. Definite at this time is April 1 and April 3 for the NCAA Men's Final Four.

Pie Sales Another Success

Thanks to everyone who participated in the band's holiday pie sales! Over 250 pies were sold! That's $750.00 going into people's personal accounts and $250.00 going into the band's general fund. Thanks to Sylvia Schofield and Keith Hartzog for their masterful job in ensuring everyone got the right pies, moneys turned in and credit to their accounts! We will plan to have some additional fund raisers in the Spring so our new members will have an opportunity to earn funds for the band's activities.

500 Festival Update

An application has been received for the 2000 500 Festival parade. We will be submitting the application and required documentation by the December 17th deadline. Bob Wiker has maintained contact with our new friends of Troop 250 in Byron Center, Michigan and they are planning on adding 50 members to our color guard this May! We marched in the parade with 50+ and on the track with 99 in 1999 -- any question we'll be over 150 for 2000?!

NO Lawrence Christmas Parade

It was learned that due to the construction and detours for 56th Street, the Lawrence Christmas Parade is canceled this year since they could not close Richardt and Franklin streets as they have done in the past.

Kudos For the Month

Thanks to Crystal Heitzman who served as the youth President this past year. Crystal devoted much time and energy to her duties and helped make telephone calls and encourage participation in the band's activities.

Shawn Smock who completed a term as Vice President and for developing the new method of issuing band bucks.

Band Buck = Bank of Band Bucks

At the August BBBC Board meeting, the youth leadership requested a fairer means for maintaining band bucks and the use of band bucks at auctions. They wanted to create a system where single members were not left out of bidding with the pooling of band bucks from multi-member families or "consortiums" of individual members. The task was assigned back to the youth to come up with an equitable system that they could present to all the youth.

At the September BBBC Board meeting the plan was presented and adopted by the youth leadership. As of October 3, 1999 no band bucks will be issued, instead "credits" will be given at the top of each attendance sheet. At the end of each month the youth members will receive a check to be deposited into their band Buck account. Shawn Smock will serve as Treasurer and deposits can be made to him.

A youth's account can be opened with their existing band bucks. ALL BAND BUCKS MUST BE DEPOSITED BY 1/30/00. After January 31st, band bucks will have no value and cannot be used at auctions.

Once the money and checks are deposited into an account they cannot be transferred to another account. At auctions, the youth can only bid with the funds available in their own personal account. At age 21, any funds are returned to the bank, they cannot be transferred to another account. See Shawn if you have any questions.

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