Scout Band

2000 Philmont Tour Update

As anticipated, applications for the band's tour in 2000 to Philmont Scout Ranch and points west are coming in at a rapid pace.
Twenty-five applications have been received in the first month, most from members who DID NOT go with us to Florida this
past summer. From comments received and looking at "historic" tour figures, an additional 59 members have been identified as
probably attending which would bring us to a total of 84 tour participants!

We need EVERYONE'S help by getting an application turned in as soon as possible so we can better identify our needs for
lodging, transportation and meals. If there is even a SLIGHT chance you want to go on tour in 2000 -- please turn in an
application and $50.00 deposit by October 31st.

The dates for the 2000 Philmont Tour are: June 24 - July 2, 2000. Cost for the tour is $500.00 per person which includes
transportation, meals, lodging, five shirts and a hat, and attractions.

As an added attraction -- while we are in the Grand Canyon area, a day raft trip is planned on the Colorado River. This is an
optional attraction and will cost an additional $145.00 per person and is limited to the first 50 that register. In order to make the
necessary arrangements with the raft company, reservations MUST be received by October 1 so we can confirm our plans with
them. The Hualapai River Runners is offering this day trip just for us -- as long as we have the numbers to justify their efforts.
All other outfitters offer only a full day to seven day trips that are beyond our time and cost limitations. So if you are wanting to
run the rapids -- get your application in and indicate that you want a spot on the river!

Don't be left out -- get an application and turn it in at the next rehearsal! Any questions, call "Mr.Bill".

Pie Sales for the Holiday

Due to the tremendous success of last year's pie sales for the Thanksgiving holiday, the band has set up another sale for this
year! Order sheets will be available at rehearsal on October 17th (if for some reason you cannot be at rehearsal and want a sheet,
please call Sylvia)

Take orders for pies [including Pumpkin] through October 31st. ALL SHEETS must be turned in Sunday October 31st! Keith
Hartzog will collect sheets at rehearsal, Sylvia will collect sheets at the dome.

Pickup your pies on Saturday November 13th from 11:00 am - 12 noon at Camp Belzer. All monies should be collected as you
deliver the pies and turned in to Keith Hartzog at rehearsals on November 14th or 21st.

The BBBC Board at its August meeting decided that profits from the pie sales would be split this time. In the past everything
always went to the individual personal accounts. With this pie sale, that will change so that the band will have some operating
money to pay for insurance, vehicle and equipment upkeep, etc. For every pie sold, the $4.00 profit will be split with $3.00
going to the individual personal account and $1.00 going to the band's general fund.

Any questions about the pie sales can be directed to Sylvia Schofield

President's Corner

I see I don't have much room left, so will be brief. Thanks everyone for a great 1999 program year! There are a lot of exciting
things planned for 2000 -- let's all work together to make it happen! One request, so often I hear members say "I didn't know
about that!" -- We really try and communicate to everyone through rehearsal announcements and this newsletter. Please make
notes AND read this newsletter, then YOU too will know what is scheduled for the band in the near and distant future.


 Eaton, Ohio -- Pork Festival Parade

We will be marching in the Preble County Pork Festival in Eaton, Ohio on Saturday September 18th. We will be meeting at
Camp Belzer at 7:30 a.m. to car pool over to Eaton. We need to arrive in Eaton by 10:30 - 11:30 EDT (Ohio time). The parade
starts at 12:30 p.m. Ohio Time (11:30, Indy time).

If you are driving straight to Eaton, the directions are: I 70 east to Ohio State Route 127 and go south. Route 127 becomes
Barron Street in Eaton. Take Barron Street to Decatur and turn east to Eaton High School. We will be lining up at Eaton High
School. The parade route is approximately 1.2 miles and ends up at the county fairgrounds. You can watch the parade from the
parade route, or at the grandstand in the fairgrounds. They recommend the grandstand. A parking pass is needed for the
fairgrounds, we have 10 available to us for car pool and truck.

Any questions about the parade call Bill.

Clermont Festival Parade

The Clermont Festival Parade is Saturday, September 25th and we will be participating in this event. Report time is 10:30 a.m.
with line up at 11 and parade starting at noon. We will meet at the carpet store in Clermont.

Directions: take US 136 west towards Clermont. Turn right on Tansel Road [there is a stoplight, bank and used car lot at this
intersection]. Go mile to a new housing division (Willshire Glen Drive) and turn left. Follow Willshire Glen Drive to "T" and on
left side of the "T" is the carpet store where we will be meeting.

Call Bill if you have questions.

1999 Tour Evaluations

Those who participated in the 1999 tour and have not completed an evaluation, please do so as soon as possible. We REALLY
do read these and take your suggestions into consideration when planning the activities for the upcoming tours. If you need
another form, let Bill know. So far only 11 have been returned from the 50 participants!

Thanks to those that have turned them in on a timely manner! If you had a good time we want to know, likewise if you DIDN'T
like something we REALLY want to know so we won't do it again!

RCA Dome Dates -- Help Needed

The RCA Dome events are in full swing and now is YOUR chance to help the band AND put some money in your personal
account for band activities! Anyone who is 16 years or older can work the dome and earn $25.00 per event.

Upcoming dates are:

Saturday October 2 - Circle City Classic report time is 1:30 p.m.
Sunday October 10 - Colts vs Miami report time 12:45 p.m.
Saturday October 23 - Band Finals (ALL DAY) report time 7:30 a.m.
Sunday October 24 - Colts vs Cincinnati report time 9:30 a.m.
Sunday October 31 - Colts vs Dallas report time 10:30 a.m.
Call Sylvia if you can work any of these events (897-3809)

Band Promotional Items Available

Several items are available to help promote the band throughout the community -- your troop, your district or your school!
These items are available to any person interested in promoting the band:
A color tri-fold brochure is available free of charge to take to roundtables, troop meetings, school bands, or other areas where
Scout or Venture age musicians might be. The brochure highlights the band and its activities and has pictures of the band on its
recent tours.
Display the band's logo on a polo shirt. Cost is $25.00 for S-XL; $27.00 for 2X; $29.00 for 3X and $30.00 for 4X (limited
colors). A portion of the proceeds go to the band's general fund.


Thanks to band alumni, G. Alan Palmore of El Cajon, California, a CD version of the band's 50th anniversary concert which was
recorded at Camp Belzer on June 30, 1967 is available. The finale of the night was the 1812 Overture complete with canons
from Ft. Harrison and over 2,000 pounds of bells. Cost is yet to be determined -- proceeds will go to the band's general fund.
For information or ordering of any of these items, please contact Bill Schofield at 542-8057. Shirts, or CD's may be purchased
with cash, check, personal account funds or credit card.

Kudos for the Month

Jon Henley, tenor Sax player who was presented his Eagle Scout rank at a Court of Honor on August 14th! Jon joins a
prestigious group of band members who have earned Scouting's highest honor.

G. Alan Palmore, band alumni who provided the band with a CD version of the 50th anniversary concert. What a great way to
share the band's heritage with another generation!

Dr. George McCord, band alumni who cannot be thanked enough for his monthly donation of postage to ensure this
newsletter gets to everyone associated with the band! Dr. McCord started this service when there was only 40 or less
newsletters to mail, today there are times when 200 letters are mailed on a monthly basis! Thanks Dr. McCord, this contribution
is greatly appreciated and ensures that our members stay informed.

HUGSBAA (Harvey U. Gill Scout Band Alumni Association) for providing the awards at the annual picnic. This is a service
provided annually by the alumni association and their dues. Any one interested in working with the alumni can contact Debbie
Miller, Alumni President at 545-0445.

Charlie Bauerlie and everyone who bought a cake at the Cake auction! This event raised $230.00 for the band's general
fund! Thanks everyone and thanks to Sylvia Schofield for organizing this event.

WHO Bought the Socks??!!

Mary Jane Smock would like to know who she needs to repay for the four pair of socks someone purchased for her prior to
tour. She remembers that someone offered to purchase them for her when they bought shorts for their son, and then someone
delivered them to her at Belzer when we had our pre-tour rehearsal. We just need to find out who it was that did this good deed
so that they can be reimbursed. Please come forward and see Mary Jane. Thanks!

BBBC Elections at Picnic

Thanks to Tom O'Nan for serving as the Nominating Committee Chair for the annual BBBC elections. The Board for next year:

Youth elections Scheduled

The youth will be electing their officers at the rehearsal on September 19th. All youth should plan to attend and take part in this
event. Those interested in serving as youth leaders should be in attendance for the elections. The youth leader attends the BBBC
board meeting and is a spokesperson for the youth views of band activities. For more information contact current leaders:
Crystal Heitzman or Shawn Smock.

 Congratulations to Award Recipients

At the annual picnic in August the following members were recognized for their outstanding service to the band.

Crystal Heitzman received the Harvey U. Gill Award which is presented to one outstanding youth member each year.

Sylvia Schofield received the F.O. Belzer Award which is presented to one outstanding adult member each year.

The youth members presented the Good Scout Award to the following individuals: Tom O'Nan, Bob Wiker and Shirley
Wiker. This award is presented to 1 - 3 adults who the youth determine have been most influential to them throughout the

Calendars Available

A calendar for proposed activities from now through the picnic in 2000 was distributed at the picnic August 22nd. If you did not
get a copy then, get one at the next rehearsal.

September Dates

October Dates

November Advance dates