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Scout Night at Hinkle Fieldhouse

The second annual Scout Night will be held Saturday March 27th at Hinkle Fieldhouse on the campus of Butler University. The band will once again play a major role in providing entertainment to those participating -- it also is a good way to recruit new members into the band!

We ask that you report to Hinkle by 6:15 p.m. on Saturday (look for the band's truck on the Northeast end of the building) to get in uniform and be ready to play when the doors open at 7:00 p.m. We will play off and on throughout the evening and will have Dixieland play as well. The event runs from 7 - 10 p.m. and is open to all registered scouts, as well as 1st and 2nd year Webelos Scouts. Invite your troop and come prepared to have a great time. There will be opportunities to work on merit badges or other rank advancements during the evening.

We will be playing in the "shell" on the north end of the basketball court. If you have questions call Bill at 542-8057.

Second Lock-In for Band members

The band's second lock-in will be immediately after the Scout Night at Hinkle. Scheduled for Saturday March 27th at the Jewish Community Center (6701 Hoover Road) there will be lots of fun things to do through the night! Large Screen TV, pool tables, snacks, basketball and swimming are all being planned. If you have questions --call Crystal Heitzman at 849-1864 or Debbie Miller at 545-0445. They ask that you let them know if you are planning to go so enough snacks and supplies will be on hand. Please plan to be picked up on Sunday morning by 9:30 A.M.. In an emergency during the night call 440-4276 or 636-3590 or 251-9467 ext. 245 or 255 to reach Debbie.

Bring board games, card games, swim suit and towel, sleeping bag.

Tour Plans Are being Finalized
Will YOU Be a Part of the Fun?

Mr. Mike and Mr. Bill met early in March to finalize the route and stopovers and arrangements for the bus (buses?). Everything is beginning to fall into place -- BUT we need to know if you are going. If you have any desire to go -- but are unsure due to money, etc. please see Bill Schofield and get an application and we will see what can be arranged. In order to finalize the reservations for meals, lodging and attractions we have to have as near accurate number of participants as possible. Mr. Mike has indicated that Illni Lines now has 55 passenger busses so we might be able to do with one bus, unless our number swell above 60 in the next week or two. Final contracts for the bus must be signed in early April -- so please let us know if you are going.

There are 38 applications turned in so far and another 22 have indicated an interest at one time or another. It is those 22 and anyone else we need to have confirmation from.

The itinerary as it stands now (with revisions) is as follows: leave Saturday July 10 from Belzer, first night in Memphis, Tennessee. On Sunday Leave Memphis, stop in Tupelo, Mississippi for concert, lunch and tour then on to Birmingham, Alabama for the night. On Monday leave Birmingham and head to Tallahassee, Florida. Tuesday leave Tallahassee and arrive in Winter Park / Orlando area for concert and special surprises. Wednesday spend the day at either Universal Studios or Disney World (let Bill know which you prefer). On Thursday we head to Cape Canaveral for the day -- concert and tour then head to the beach and some other surprises. Friday July 16 we leave Florida and head to Atlanta, Georgia for the afternoon and evening. Then on Saturday July 17th we head home from Atlanta! Don't miss out on this great opportunity -- see Bill for an application!

Welcome New Members

The band's open house in January brought us several new members and they have had so much fun that they have brought additional new members to rehearsal! It's great rehearsing with 35 - 50 each Sunday -- and we are still growing! Since the last newsletter we welcome the following new members:



Venture Training Offered

The Council is providing the first ever Venture Leader training on Saturday May 15th at the Church of LDS on Allisonville Road just north of 116th Street. The cost will be $3.00 to cover materials and a "trained" patch. The training will be from 9 am - 12:30 p.m. For more information contact Maurice Heitzman 849-1864 or the council office.

Band to Participate in 500 Activities

After meeting with the 500 Festival Committee, the band WILL be participating in activities surrounding the race in May. Details will be available in the next newsletter, plans call for our participation during the Mini-Marathon on May 1st, parade day May 22nd and of course the race itself on Sunday May 23rd. Keep these dates open if you can so we can have a great showing!

Kudos for the Month

Brian Heitzman who successfully passed his Eagle Board of Review and is now the band's newest Eagle Scout.

Tom O'Nan and Dixieland Band members who have performed at the Blue & Gold Banquet for John Valdez's pack.

Sylvia Schofield for getting the music copied for new members to take home for practice. As well as copying the newsletter each publication.

Crystal Heitzman, Buddy McLaren and Shawn Smock who are taking an active role in providing youth leadership to the band. They have been attending every BBBC Board meeting since the first of the year and have shared the youth's perspective to the board. They have been instrumental in arranging the lock-ins and are planning other social activities for the members. They also took on the task of establishing guidelines for behavior during band activities. Thanks for a great job!

Everyone who sat in with the Shrine band during Scout Day at the Circus. This was a last minute offer from the Shrine and it was great to know that we had 13-15 represent the Scout band and sit in with the Shrine band to open the circus that day.

President's Corner

Just a short note of thanks to everyone associated with the band for starting 1999 off on the high note. We continue to see our numbers grow each week at rehearsal. We have more requests coming in for performances at various Scouting and community functions. We are being recognized for what we are -- a unique group of scouts and scouters that like to share our talents of music and our love of the scouting program with those around us! Thanks for a great start -- let's continue to build on this momentum! Perhaps by this time next year we will be thinking about three buses for tour and will be having 75 - 100 at rehearsals each week. Don't think it's not possible -- it HAS been done and CAN be done again!


Tulip Time Scholarship Games

The band will be participating in the Tulip Time Scholarship Games on Saturday April 24th. The games are sponsored by the Children's Better Health Institute Curtis Publishing Company. The event will be held at the Servaas Fitness Farm at 2345 West 44th Street (off of Kessler Boulevard) and we are to play from 10:30 - approximately noon or 1 p.m.

These games are open to all youth ages 6 - 12 and offer scholarships to various colleges and universities throughout the country. If anyone is interested in participating in the games as well as play in the band -- see Bill and he will get you the details. The games are promoted through the publications of the Curtis Publishing Company including Humpty Dumpty, U.S. Kids, Jack and Jill. Events include 200, 400 and 800 meter races, cross country races, hot shot basketball, hot foot soccer, target tennis, spelling bee, a picture contest and a healthful recipe contest.

Plan to arrive by 10 am so we can start playing by 10:30 or 10:45. Additional information will be available at rehearsals leading up to the event.

Supercross at RCA Dome

Also on Saturday April 24th we will have booth #142 open for the PACE Supercross (this is the motorcycle event). The event starts at 7:30 p.m. and workers will need to report by 4:30 p.m.. If you can work call Sylvia at 897-3809. You must be 16 years old to work, wear dark [black] pants and a white shirt. This should be our last event of this contract year -- the only other event that is in question is the Billy Graham Crusade in June. Will keep you posted.

Sympathy To the Decker Family

The band extends its sympathy to Randy, Roger and Tim Decker and to Kara and Kristin Decker at the passing of their father / grandfather, Dale Decker on March 2nd. Dale was active with the band for many years serving as the Ways and Means Director on the board. Tom O'Nan has prepared a brief memorial page on the web site with further information. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Decker family at this time.

Special Concerts at WPAC

Two special concerts are coming to the Warren Performing Arts Center in April that you may be interested in attending.

The first is on Tuesday April 13th at 7:30 p.m. featuring the Indianapolis Symphonic Band (some of our members also play with this band). The concert is free and open to the public.

The second concert is featuring the U.S. Air Force Band on Thursday April 15th at 7:30 p.m.. This concert is also free, but you MUST have a ticket to be seated prior to the doors being open to the general public. See Bob Wiker to obtain a free ticket... he only has 60 available. All ticket holders must be in their seats by 7:15 p.m. and after that the empty seats will be available to those waiting at the door.

Guidelines for Behavior at Band Events

As mentioned in the kudos section of this newsletter, the youth leadership of the band have adopted a set of guidelines for all band participants to adhere to during band functions. Copies of the guidelines can be found in the front of each music folder and are made available to each youth and adult member.

As we continue to grow, it is imperative that everyone understands "up front" what is expected and what is acceptable conduct within the organization. Being composed of registered scouts and scouters as well being a registered scouting unit (Venture Crew 559) we start by following the Scout Oath and Law. The remaining guidelines address specifics to create an enjoyable time at practice, in concert or on tour. Some of the guidelines are pre-established for us by the school, such as no food or drink on the carpeted areas and not roaming the hallways of the school or interfering with other events at the school.

These guidelines were established with everyone in mind and apply equally to adults as well as youth. The adults in particular, as in all scouting experiences, should set the example for the youth to follow. If questions arise or if you have additional suggestions to improve our short time together please see any of the youth leadership or any BBBC Board member.

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