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Did You Think We Forgot You??


No, we didn't drop you from the band's mailing list -- it seems as though EVERYONE has had an extremely busy fall schedule. Unfortunately the newsletter kept getting placed on the "back burner" and now that it has simmered since before the picnic it's time to get it off the stove and into your hands while the information is HOT! The band has been having regular rehearsals since August 30th and the Colts games at the RCA Dome have kept a number of the band supporters busy. There are several events the band will be participating in very soon, and this newsletter will bring you up to speed and fill in the blanks. Sorry for the delay, we will shoot to have another newsletter in your hands by the end of November / the first of December and be back on track for monthly issues.

Congratulations to the Recipients of Awards Presented at the Annual Picnic


The youth members of the band presented the Good Scout Award to the following for their interest and devotion to the band. They give this award annually and is decided entirely by the youth members during the annual tour.

The recipients for 1998 are: Mary Jane Smock who ensures that all the uniforms are clean and ready to go at each performance. On tour she is in charge of issuing uniforms and making sure they are returned and neatly stored for the next performance. Pete Lindstrom who is our equipment manager was recognized for his efforts in maintaining the equipment and for "customizing" the interior box of the new truck. The final recognition, although not yet personally presented, was awarded to Mike Carpenter "our" bus driver from Illni-Swallow Lines for the past three years. Mike has been very supportive of our efforts and is truly a Good Scout!

The F.O. Belzer Award was also presented at the picnic. This award is presented to one adult member annually to recognize outstanding dedication and service to the band. This year the band recognized Randy Decker with this honor. Randy has served this organization for a long time and held it together during its lean years. He aided in obtaining our rehearsal sites at both Roberts Park Methodist Church and at our new location at Warren Central. Randy has spent many hours to ensure the success of the band.

The final award presented at the picnic was the Harvey U. Gill Award. This award is determined by the Alumni Association and was introduced in 1992 to remember Harvey Gill the band's director from 1947 - 1975 and what he stood for. The Alumni Association presented the award to Buddy McLaren for 1998 recognize Buddy's consistent attendance at rehearsals and performances, and his advancement in his troop and his leadership displayed both at the band and at the troop and district level.

Congratulations to all of the award recipients for 1998. To be considered for the Gill or Belzer Awards you may request a nomination form from the Alumni Association President -- Debbie Miller (545-0445).

President's Corner


It's great to know that the attendance at rehearsals, and dome events is still high even with everyone's hectic schedules. New members are showing up at rehearsals while many of us are busy at the dome! This means word of mouth is spreading that the band IS alive and growing -- because of YOUR efforts! Thanks everyone -- this year has been great and 1999 is looking to be even better -- let's keep up the great work you are doing. There are big plans for the next few months and of course for the new year. Be sure you are an ACTIVE part of the fun!

BBBC Board of Directors Elected


Another function that occurs at the band's annual picnic is the election of the Belzer Band Booster Club's Board of Directors. This year the nominating committee was chaired by Bob Wiker. Bob presented the slate at the annual meeting of BBBC membership and the following were elected to the Board of Directors:

Non-Elected Positions on Board

Anytime you have questions or concerns about the band, please feel free to contact any board member. Board meetings are generally held the last Wednesday of each month at Bill Schofield's house (5423 Mark Lane) and are open to any interested party.

Tour Shirts & Band Hats Available


There are a few remaining shirts left from this past year's Central Region tour. (Medium, Large, XL and XXXL) If you would like to purchase one see Bill or Keith. Hats are also available from this year's tour (also the ones being used by the dome workers) and can be purchased for $5.00. If you are a "hat collector" there are a few hats from the 1997 tour (gold), and some from the mid 90's (brown with "puffed" lettering). If anyone is interested let Bill or Keith know so we can bring them to a rehearsal.

Suburban For Sale


The band's 1982 Suburban is still offered for sale. It has 65,000 miles, is a 3/4 ton with trailer towing package, air, power steering, automatic transmission. We are asking $6,000.00 OBO. If you or someone you know is interested contact Bill (542-8057) or Keith (897-5726).

 Welcome New Members


We welcome the following new members who have participated with the band since the last newsletter. If you know of someone in your troop that plays an instrument invite them to join you on Sunday afternoons at Warren! (Remember you receive $1,000.00 for each new member you bring to the band!)

Kudos for the Month


Congratulations to Josh Lyon who was featured on Channel 8's We Value Youth segment a few weeks ago.

Adam Thomas who successfully completed his Eagle Board of Review and is the band's newest Eagle Scout.

Lewis Wheat who is completing his Army basic training and will be back home around the 4th of December. Prior to leaving for the service Lewis completed his Eagle Board of Review and plans to have his Court of Honor while home on leave.

Jim Carl has completed his requirements and is now preparing to sit before the Eagle Board of Review.

John Valdez and Randy Decker who, from all reports received, did another outstanding job in their roles as Directors for the NOAC Band.

Ed Herran and Darrel Lorenzen for completing the Boy Scout Wood Badge fundamental training -- they now are working their tickets.

Philip Graves recently became 1st Chair in the 7th Grade Band at Decatur Middle School -- he attributes this success to his involvement in the Scout Band!

ALL HIGH SCHOOL BAND MEMBERS who have the dedication and perseverance to meet the challenges of High School band competition throughout the season. Congratulations on a great year -- take a breather and then rejoin us on Sundays now that you are in great shape!

Personal Statements Available


Treasurer Keith Hartzog reports that quarterly personal account statements are available. See Keith at rehearsal, or he will be placing them in the mail to you shortly. Questions about your statement can be directed to Keith at 897-5726.

Pie Sales Going Strong


We are in the midst of our second pie sale featuring the Pie Peddler's fresh baked pies! Several members have requested additional sheets, so it appears that this sale will be much better than the first one we held! There is still time to participate -- continue selling and turn the sheet in to Sylvia at the rehearsal on November 8th! Remember all pies are $8.00 and the entire $4.00 per pie profit goes to your personal account! What a way to save and earn money for the exciting 1999 Deep South Tour!

Pies can be picked up between 9 am and 12 noon on Saturday November 14th at Camp Belzer Gyro Center. All monies are due to Keith Hartzog or Sylvia at the rehearsal on November 22nd!

For more information, or to get a sheet or order a pie call Sylvia at 897-3809.

Colts Schedule for the Rest of 1998


 If you are interested in working at the band's concession stand (#142) call Sylvia at 897-3809 and she would be happy to add your name to the list. Each parent or 16 year old band member can earn $25.00 per game that goes into their personal account. The remaining dates and report times follow. We operate a shuttle (thanks to Maurice Heitzman) and you can park free of charge at the MSE parking lot (corner of 10th and Meridian Street) and Maurice will transport you to the RCA Dome. Report 1/2 hour before the times listed below to ride the shuttle.

There will be at least three (3) additional events in early 1999 -- the Super Cross Motorcycle event in February and the NCAA playoffs in March. Details will be announced at a later date.

 Dixieland to Play at Cub Pow Wow


The Dixieland Band will lead off the day's events at the Cub Scout Pow Wow on November 7th!  We start playing at 8:00 am at Raymond Park Middle School (same location as last year). Report by 7:45 am so Tom can get things set up. We will plan to play in front of the cafeteria area as we did last year and possibly play the National Anthem at the Opening Ceremony.

We will also have a display of the band's memorabilia during the Pow Wow. This event has always brought us new and committed members. If you can help out call Bill (542-8057) or John Valdez (546-5874)

Irvington Halloween Parade


The band will be marching in the annual Irvington Festival - Halloween Parade on Saturday October 31st. We will only be marching one time this year! Please report to the Irvington Presbyterian Church parking lot by 3:15 p.m. so you can get uniformed and lined up. We will step off at 4:00 p.m. and should be finished by 4:30. The church is located south of Washington Street between Audubon and east of Ritter Avenue (the address is 55 South Johnson Avenue). Call Bill if you need further information.

J. C. Penney Fund Raiser


Mary Jane Smock has arranged for the band (and its members) to earn some money towards their accounts! J. C. Penney Greenwood Store will be having a Super Sale on Saturday November 7th from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

During those hours we are asked to have at least ten (10) people 16 years old and older to serve as greeters, sacking at checkout counters and picking up hangers, etc. in the dressing areas.

For these efforts, Penney's will be making a donation to the band. A portion of this will be placed in the "workers" personal accounts and a portion will go to the band's general fund. We will base the "workers" portion on the number of hours worked. If you commit to a five (5) hour "shift" you will earn at least $25.00 just like we pay at the Colts games.

If you are interested and can provide a few hours or more please call Sylvia at 897-3809 or Mary Jane at 738-3595 by November 5th!

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