Scout Band

 The 1998 Central Region Tour ended with an awesome concert at the Thunderbird Scout Reservation in Moberly, Missouri. The 300 campers and staff were dancing in the dining hall and cheering the band on to a 1 1/2 hour concert! This concert closed an exciting ten day / twelve state tour that included ten concerts along the way. Even though the 44 member contingent was exhausted by the end, all reports indicate that a great time was had by everyone and are ready for the 1999 tour.

 From the evaluations returned so far, everyone had fun, had a chance to see new sights, hated the late nights and early mornings, enjoyed the various concert venues and liked having the water park included in the itinerary this year. From these comments (and if you haven't turned your evaluation in yet please do so) we will keep these suggestions in mind as we plan the tour for 1999. We will definitely include a scout camp or two as concert venues and as far as a parkówe will probably visit one of the largest available.

 In regards to those that felt this tour wasn't a vacationóGOODóthe tour is not meant to be a vacation, but a chance to share scouting experiences and our music with others throughout the areas we travel. The tour is no different than a troop or council trip to summer camp, Philmont, the Boundary Waters, or any other high adventure experience. As we travel we are a BAND made up of Scouts, Explorers and Scouters that represent the council as a unique organization. All members should keep this in mind when we go on touró we are a band and therefore will play concerts as we travel. The sightseeing and other experiences are added to provide opportunities for you to gain new knowledge and enhance your appreciation for what this country has to offer. Many fond memories and once in a life time experiences have been made possible through tours with the band!


 At the conclusion of the Central Region tour, plans were unveiled for the 1999 Deep South tour. Applications are now available and several have been turned in to make sure a seat is reserved in '99! With the growth that has been experienced over the last several tours, it is very possible TWO buses will be needed in 1999 to handle our contingent! Make sure YOU have a seat reservedóget an application and turn it in to Bill Schofield. Anticipated cost will be $375.00, but as the budget is established and initial contacts made this could change slightly.

 And where are we headed in 1999? To the Deep Southóagain seeing some areas the band has NEVER traveled to before. Tentative itinerary includes these cities and sights: Birmingham, Alabama. Jackson, Mississippi; New Orleans, Louisiana; Winter Park / Orlando, FloridaóWalt Disney World; Cape Canaveral, Florida; Daytona Beach; Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia The dates for the tour will be July 10 - 17, 1999. Make plans now to join us and take part in the fund raisers so you will have money in your account!


 As the summer begins to draw to a close, and you head back to school and the "routine"ó think back over the last few weeks and remember the fun and experiences you have shared in Scouting. Whether it was on our tour, or with your troop in summer camp or some other high adventure, or a trek to Philmont or serving on staff at summer camp or white stag or NOAC Scouting has a lot to offer and even though at times it doesn't seem to be the "in" thing to doówould you have had the same opportunities if you weren't in Scouting? Share your experiences with your friendsógive them the same opportunities you have!



 Even though there is not a. official" Scout Day at the Indiana State Fair this year, we have been asked to march in one d their evening parades! Instead of doing this on the fast day of the fair as we have done the last few tears, we will be marching during the first weekend of activities!

 As has been the custom in past years THOSE MEMBERS MARCHING will be given a FREE ticket for admission to the fairóall other family members will need to purchase a ticket. Since this is not the last day of the fair, you might want to make a day of it and enjoy the sights and sounds and then report for the parade.

 The parade starts at 6:30 p.m. from the Communications Building (just west of Gate 6). Please report in uniform by 6:00p.m. so we can get lined up and ready to start at 6:30! The truck will be parked in the vicinity of the Communications Building or the Hog Buildingó report in at the truck.

 To receive your tickets call Bill (542-8057) and we will make the necessary arrangements to deliver / pickup or mail (time permitting). I will need to know as soon as possible to make sure enough tickets are on hand for those marching with us.


 A new method of recognizing your involvement with the band will be introduced at the Annual Picnic. Every member "ho has been active for at least six months will receive a laminated name badge with the band's logo and their identification on the badge The badge can be worn with your Class A or B uniforms and could be used at rehearsals if desired as "nametags".

 For every year you have been active with the band (50% attendance at rehearsals, concerts, etc.) you will receive a gold treble clef pin to be attached to your badge. After five years you will receive a gold "closed" music 1 lyre and after ten years you will receive a gold "open" music lyre. If you have been a member for six years, you would wear the lyre plus one treble clef pin. Remember that a "C" on the attendance sheet counts towards your involvement since we do not "ant to have the band interfere with your troop or district activities.


 The band's annual picnic, concert, Belzer Band Booster Club membership meeting and elections are scheduled for Sunday August 23rd at Camp Belzer. Many of the band's alumni will be joining us, as this will be the quarterly activity for the Harvey U Gill Scout Band Alumni Association. We are expecting a BIG crowdóso come early and enjoy all the activities. Those that went on tour are invited to bring pictures or other mementos from the tour to share with everyone. Class B or Class A uniforms are appropriate.

 The band will supply the meat (hamburgers and hot dogs), buns and drink. Everyone else is asked to bring a dish or two (salads, veggies, desserts, etc.) and their tableware. We will be in the Gyro Center so will have access to refrigeration for cold items and the stove / microwaves for hot items. Bring the whole family, momsópopsóauntsóunclesógrandmas and pas and brothers and sistersóthis is a whole family event.

 Time schedule: 4:00 p.m. gathering period; 4:30 - 5:30 concert; 5:30 - 6:30 enjoy the great food and then begin the award ceremony and the BRIEF business meeting and elections following the meal.

 Awards to be presented include the Good Scout Awards presented by the youth of the band, the Harvey U. Gill Award presented by the Alumni Association to a youth member and the F.O. Belzer Award presented by the Alumni Association to an adult member in addition, the yearly recognitions will be presented to ALL band members.

 During the required business meeting of the Belzer Band Booster Club the election of Board members for the 1998 - 99 year will be conducted. Bob Wiker is serving as the Chair of the nominating committee and will be conducting the election at the picnic. Bob would be happy to hear from anyone wanting to serve on the board call Bob at 356-9678


An Open Letter to the Scout Band:

 Although much time has passed since the Family Jamboree, l would like to thank you for your gracious compliance to a revised schedule at the event. You did a wonderful job at the Jamboree, and I personally appreciate it. We also greatly appreciated those who performed at Cookout on the Circle and at the Council Coordinated Meeting at Conner Prairie.

 Having seen the scrapbook from your summer tour, it looks like you must have had a great time. I remember from my son's experience in the Scout Band just how special those tours are. By the way, congratulations for your 1st Place Award in the midnight parade on July 4th!

 We are very fortunate to have a Scout Band in this council. We are especially fortunate to have each of you in that band. You honor us with your commitment, your talent and your devotion to the Scouting Spirit.

Sincerely, Joanne Burfeind, Council Commissioner

Hey guys, nice coverage of the concerts. Thanks for letting us play with you.  David still wishes he had gone on with you especially after seeing the pictures on the internet of your escapades. I hope your concerts have continued to be a success. Check back with us and let us know how things are going. Bye for now.

Bob GreenburgóDuluth, Minnesota

Dear Scout Band members,

 Our son, Joshua, joined the Scout Band three years ago. Since that time, many of you have become a "family" to Josh And as families do, Josh would love for the Scout Band to share his very special day with him.

 On Sunday, September 13, at 2:00 in the afternoon Josh will receive his Eagle Scout Award at Mt. Auburn Church in Greenwood.....

 We would love for as many of you as possible to come celebrate with us and perform at the ceremony. Feel free to call for directions.

Your Friends, Barb and Bill Lyon 882-7118


 The "Dome Season" has begun. We started early this year with two day of Promise Keeper events in Julyóand now the Colt Season starts! Sylvia can use all the help throughout the season. For information or to sign up call Sylvia at 897-3809. Even though she will be out of commission for one or two games she will see that all events are covered. We need at least 15 but no more than 20 people at each event.

 Maurice Heitzman will again be running a "shuttle" service to get the workers to the dome on time and provide them with free parking. Call Maurice if you intend to use the shuttle (8491864). The shuttle leaves from the MSE Corporation parking lot (10th and Meridian) 30 minutes prior to the "report" time at the dome.

 Next scheduled events are: Colts vs Chargers Saturday August 22nd REPORT TIME 4:30 p. m. // Colts vs Lions Thursday August 27th REPORT TIME 5:00 p.m. // Colts vs Dolphins Sunday September 6th REPORT TIME 12:30 p.m. and Colts vs Saints Sunday September 27th REPORT TIME 9:30 a.m.


 The pie sale just before tour was so successful and put a LOT of money into individual's accounts that we are doing it again! AND ó we will have the much sought after pumpkin pies available for this go around! We are lucky we got in under the wire as the Pie Peddler was already getting booked for the holidays.

 Order sheets will be distributed at the rehearsal (and at the dome) on Sunday October 4th YOU WILL HAVE ONE MONTH + FOR SALES! Sheets MUST be turned in to Sylvia by rehearsal on Sunday November 8th Pies will be delivered on Saturday November 14th at Camp Belzerópickup by 12 noon! All monies must be turned in to Keith Hartzog by Sunday November 22nd!


 Running out of room in this issueóbut a quick THANKS to all who made this year's tour a great experience. THANKS too to Adam Thomas for getting our new music notebooks prepared!