Scout Band
June 1,

This issue of the newsletter will be the last issue prior to the summer months. It will have IMPORTANT DATES that you will need to remember until the next issue comes out before the annual picnic in August.

Please keep this issue handy (on the refrigerator, etc.) So you can refer to it often. The itinerary for the tour will also be published in this issue as well as concert and parade dates and times. There is no coupon in the issue, the coupon for additional band bucks will reappear with the first issue of the fall.

Final noteˇanytime you want something published in the newsletter, submit it in writing to Bill Schofield the week prior to the end of the month. We can't report it if we don't know about it!


Treasurer, Keith Hartzog has prepared a quarterly statement for all band members that have personal accounts with the band. The statements will be distributed at rehearsal on May 31st and mailed to those not in attendance that day. In addition, a request to transfer funds from your personal account to cover tour costs will be available for those planning on going on tour this year. Please let Keith know as soon as possible if (1 ) you disagree with the statement or (2) you do want your funds transferred to the tour account.

If you are going on tour but do not have an account established, a statement reflecting the balance due will be available as well. All fees for tour should be settled and paid by the Shakedown on June 13th

Final Treasurer's note, the application and fees have been submitted to Gregory and Appel Insurance to bond the signatories on the band's checking account.


The first ever Boy Scout Night at the RCA Dome is scheduled for Friday, June 5th from 7-10 p. m.. The band has been asked to perform throughout this event, and our members will have an opportunity to share in all the fun and activities as well. We will be driving the new truck that will be lettered by the 5th onto the floor of the RCA Dome. In addition, we will have 50 American Flags to the left of the truck and the 50 State Flags to the right of the truck with the band seated in between. WE NEED EVERYONE TO BE THERE TO RAISE THE ROOF OF THE RCA DOME!

Arrangements have been made for band members to enter BEFORE the general "public" comes in. Please report to Gate 1 (Capitol Avenue) side of Dome at 6:00 p.m. Parking is on your own (try the garages we use across the street for Colts games). Identify yourself to the staff members at Gate 1 as being a part of the band (instrument in hand, dark green uniform, etc.) and they will allow you to enter before the 7 p.m. start time. We would like to have everyone in place and ready to start playing by the time the gates open at 7:00.

We will play a concert and then take a break and let you enjoy the activities. Colts players and Butler Bull Dog players will be there for events, fire trucks, merit badges, and possibly the Pacemates will be there. Concessions will be available. Dixieland might play a separate concert and then a full band concert again. That will be determined as the evening progresses. The key is to have you there by 6 p.m.!

Let's have a great turn out for this event and show the council and the new Boy Scouts what the Crossroads of America Scout Band is all about! This will give us another chance to recruit new members into the band and flag corps!



This year instead of a Homeplace Parade we will be doing a Homeplace Concert! The organizers of this annual event could not get enough interest to do a parade, but they did want to proceed with the picnic and festivities to mark their founder's dayˇand guess who they asked to provide the entertainment?! The Crossroads of America Scout Bandˇwho else! Again we need everyone's help to make this a great eventˇ Homeplace is always very generous in giving us a donation for our participation.

They will begin setting up at 10:30 am on Saturday June 6th with food being available at 11 (we are invited to partake of the food at this time as well). We will plan to perform a concert starting around 12 noon and then let Dixieland go solo after we finish at about 1 pm. The entire event runs from 11 - 3 pm. We can stay the entire time or leave when Howard dismisses us from the concert.

The location for the picnic, concert and activities is the former ending place of the parade. Behind the Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church on 111th Street in Carmei. The address of the church is 445 East 111th Street and is just west of College Avenue in Carmel. Plan to arrive by 11 am so we can get uniformed and ready to play by 12 noon.


The shakedown for the 1998 Tour is set for Saturday, June 13th at Camp Beizer. If you are going on tour EVERY EFFORT should be made to attend shakedown. This gives us an opportunity to see and hear what the band vvill be like on tourˇ and this year that's important as there are ten concerts scheduled. It also will provide the opportunity to settle up on fees and turn your medical form into to Sylvia.

Please bring a swim suit as we are arranging to have access to the pool to do a swim test and determine everyone's swimming ability before leaving. Be sure and bring your instrument as there will be a lot of rehearsing as well. The rest of the day will be spent reviewing the tour plans, stop overs and sights we vvill be seeing. In addition, you will receive your "tour book" and if

everything goes right you vvill have your shirts and hats issued as well. Report to the Gyro Center by 9 am, we will provide lunch and should be done by 5 pm. Parents are welcome for any or all of the day. Those adults going on tour should plan to be there for the entire time as we will be providing the required Youth Protection Training required by the national BSA for all adults associated with the Scouting program.

We welcome the following new youth that have joined the band or indicated an interest in becoming active soon. Most of these were recruited from Deer Creek, one from the web page and one from the band's brochure. We welcome each and every one of you to the Crossroads of America Scout Band!

Lewis Wheat, Trombone player has extended an open invitation to all band members to help him celebrate his graduation from high school. The Commencement exercises will be Sunday, June 7th at 2:00 p.m. at the Tipton High School Gymnasium. There will be an open house given by his parents from 4 - 6 p.m. following the graduation. The location of the open house will be at the Wheat's houseˇ218 Walnut Street in Tipton. If you need directions or further information call Lewis at 765-675-3981.


If you wish to nominate someone for the Gill or Beizer Awards, nominations are due to the BBBC Board at its next meeting. Contact Debbie Miller for nomination forms for each award.

The Fishers Festival Parade is Sunday June 28th at 5:00 p.m. The parade will line up at 4:00 p.m. so please report by 3:15 so that we can get you uniformed and ready to go by 4. We will meet on Haydon Court just west of Fishers Park. Take Allisonville Road north to Sunblest Boulevard and turn east and take to Haydon Court and turn left. The truck will be located in that area. We will be marching in Division III of the parade.

With this newsletter you will find an order form for "Pie Peddler" fresh pies. This is your last opportunity to earn some money prior to leaving on tour. The pies come highly recommended from the Foster family and they will be here in time for Father's Day celebrations! Each pie is freshly made and the selection varies from fruit pies to cream pies. Note: Pumpkin pie is NOT available at this time. The pies sell for $8.00 each of which $4.00 is the profit YOU earn that is applied to your personal account. Once again the BBBC Board has determined that each individual selling pies will receive 100% of the profits they earn in their sales. Orders must be taken now and TURNED IN NO LATER THAN AT THE HOMEPLACE CONCERT ON "JUNE 6TH! DELIVERY OF PIES WILL BE AT SHAKEDOWN AT CAMP BELZER ON JUNE 13th If you have any questions, please call Sylvia at 897-3809.


The band will participate in the Lawrence Community's 4th of July Parade on Saturday July 4th At this writing we do not have specific times or locations. In years past we have met at 9:00 a.m. at Beizer Middle School on 56th Street just east of 1465. The parade route takes us down Richardt Street then east on 47th to Franklin Road and then north to the end of the route at the Lawrence Community Park in the 5500 block of Franklin Road. We will anticipate that the same will apply to this year's parade. We will keep you informed at rehearsals and at the Fisher's Parade.


OOPS! We missed two other band members who were tapped out for Order of the Arrow at recent District functions. Our apologies! Congratulations Josh Lyon and Shawn Smock of Pathfinder District for being called out.

The bands newest Eagle Scout is Josh Lyon who successfully passed his Board of
Review this past month Congratulations Josh

Thanks to fete Lindstrom for his work in getting the new truck equipped with storage areas and shelving.

Congratulations to Buddy McLaren who was recently elected to the position of SPL in his Troop.

Thanks to EVERYONE who made the 500 race a successful eventˇwe had a total of 94 members marching on the track between the color guard and the band!