MARCH, 1998

 The 1998 Central Region tour is locked in and arrangements for concerts and housing are being made as you read this letter. If you have not turned your application in yet and your depositˇdo so as soon as possible. Currently the bus that is available has room for forty- six passengers, if a fifty-five bus becomes available we will have that bus. We have 35 applications on file, so reserve your seat now don't be left behind. After the first 46 applications are received, the others will be placed on a stand by basis and will be considered by the date the application and deposit is received as seats become available.

 Remember that the cost for the tour is $375.00 (this is higher than some of the first applications indicated, and was increased when it was determined the truck would need to accompany the bus. Extra tour shirts are available at $8.00 each and can be ordered by those not going on tour if so desired. (Turn order in by May 31st). All fees must be paid by shakedown on Saturday June 13th.

 A brief view of the tour leave Thursday morning July 9th, first overnight stop Mackinac City, Michigan. Visit Mackinaw Island the next morning, then off to Ashland, Wisconsin for the second night. On through Brainerd, Minnesota (home of Paul Bunyon and Babe) and overnight in Bismarck, North Dakota. On to the Badlands of South Dakota and Wall Drug Store and overnight the next three nights at Ellsworth Air Force Base. Tour Wind Cave National Park, Custer State Park and Mount Rushmore. Travel the following day to Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming. Leave Ellsworth and stop at the Grotto if the Redemption in West Bend, Iowa and overnight at Iowa State University. The next day travel to Omaha, Nebraska for fun! Then on to Topeka, Kansas and Loose Creek, Missouri and then home on Saturday July 18th!

 Concerts are being scheduled at most stops and particular at the National Parks and Monuments. If you have any questions, or need an application or medical formˇsee Bill Schofield. We might even have a special guest with us on tour this year!

 As the headline indicatesˇwe have new truck thanks to the efforts of those at Allison / Rolls Royce. Bill Lyon has been instrumental and the key contact at Allison / Rolls Royce between their management and the band. As of this writing, final details are being ironed out and the truck will be ordered and then available within the next thirty days. Everyone who is involved has the goal of having the vehicle ready before the Family Jamboree at Deer Creek.

 Pete Lindstrom our Equipment Manager is preparing guidelines for the use of the vehicle and will be presenting them to the BBBC Board for review and adoption. These considerations are being formalized due to insurance issues and having established guidelines that everyone can be familiar with.



 Didn't we warn you that 1998 was going to be THE year for the band! Only two months have passed and look around at what has occurred.

A new equipment vehicle has been acquired for the band replacing the trailer the band has had since 1974.  The Suburban may still be used to transport gear or people to "small" events like Dixieland performances or memorabilia displays.  Membership continues to grow on a weekly basis, we averaged 42 players at each rehearsal in February with 75% of the players being YOUTH members!  We already have 35 people signed up for tour  with another 17 indicating they plan to be a part of the tour!  If you haven't been around for a while, why not come by and visit againˇyou might be surprised by all that has happened. We promise that 1998 will be a year to remember in the history of the Crossroads of America Scout Band!



 The band extends a warm welcome to the following new members since the last newsletter:

Shawn Blythe - Trumpet
James Sallee - Trumpet

Joni Berry - Flute
Susan Spencer - Oboe
Sara Stone - Alto Sax


 The first pizza sale was such a success that we are doing another one! (We'll plan to do yet another o ne before tour). This way everyone has a chance to earn some big buck$ to put in their personal accounts towards tour fees. The Board has stipulated that , 100% of the profits earned by the individuals selling pizzas would be put in their personal account.

 Pick up a sales order form from Sylvia Schofield (897-3809) and sell through March 15th. The pizzas will be made on Saturday March 21st from 14 pm at a location to be determined (Belzer is NOT available). You may call additional orders into Sylvia no later than Thursday March 19th. All monies should be turned in no later than Sunday March 29th.


 The BBBC Board of Directors appointed Keith Hartzog to the position of Treasurer at its February 25th meeting. Keith will complete the current term through August 1998. Welcome Keith as you see him m rehearsals, board meetings and other band functions.

 All members who have monies "deposited" in personal accounts should have received a detailed statement within the last month of the current status of your account. If you have not received one, please contact Keith at 897-5726. Each member will be receiving no less than a quarterly statement of their personal account as a result of actions taken at the last board meeting.

 Thanks to everyone involved in the recent financial audit of the band's records. Last year the BBBC Board adopted a resolution that requires an annual audit be completed in January starting in 1998. Future audits will follow the conclusion of the fiscal year of the BBBC (January - December).


 The Christmas season is over, and the trimmings have been put away, but a vital part is missing! (This was suppose to be in last month's newsletter but was forgotten, and now Doug as I call him is upset that he was forgotten).

 During our Christmas concert on December 21st, Douglas Fir was cheerfully greeting everyone as they entered the Orchestra Room. Evidently somebody became bothered by his cheerfulness and decided to take matters into their own hands.

 Unfortunately as they did so, they also took Doug's voice and the special "instrument" he needs to speak. In short, someone walked off with the "Douglas Fir" cassette tape AND the Sony AM/FM Cassette recorder that was used. If by chance these items decided to visit and cheer up your holidays, its time for them to come back to their proper home so Doug's voice will be back next year and so that I can enjoy my tapes and music as I was accustom to. Thanks!


 Our application to participate in the 500 Parade has been declined this year. However, we have received an invitation to perform once again at the prerace festivities on race day at the track!

 We will begin practicing our marching as the weather remains warm so that we can be in top shape by race day. Keep May 24th open and plan on a great day at the races. More information will follow in upcoming newsletters and at rehearsals.


 The weekend of May 2-3 is set for the fun and excitement of the council's Family Jamboree at Deer Creek Music Center in Noblesville. As we have learned from past experiences, we will NOT attempt to camp as a band as most of the band members will be camping with their scout units.

 Howeverˇthe band does play several times during the course of the activities during the day on Saturday. We will have a display area and play concerts at that locationˇat least one full (maybe two) and one or two separate Dixieland concerts. We have also participated in the opening ceremonies in the past years. Keep the date open and know that you CAN do both Troop AND Band activities during the Jamboree. As details are finalized they will be passed along in the newsletter and at rehearsals.


 As we do every year about this time, it's time to "purge" the band's mailing list and attendance records to reflect those who are truly ACTIVE with the band. If your name appears below and we do not hear from you by March 31st, your name will be deleted from the band's records and you will NOT receive any further mailings, etc.

 If you DO want to remain on the mailing list to keep up with the band's activities and growth then you MUST do one of the following:

Call Bill Schofield at 542-8057
Fax Bill at 543-3270
Write Bill at 5423 Mark Lane; Indple. 46226
email Bill at

 If you don't do one of the above, this will be the last newsletter you receive. So here's this year's list of members who have not been around for a long time:

Brad Bridges, Willie Collins, Mike Deaton, Bill Drake, Joshua Franklin, Rick Hawkins, Doug Herbert, Jason Inman, Matt James, Sarah James, Nelson Johns, Brian Judy, Sean Kennedy, Drew Martin, Scott McClure, Drew Milley, James Mynderse, John Powell, Nathan Whann, Travis Whann, Zach Whann, Kevin Windmiller.

 Again if your name appears in this list and you don't make contact with us we will assume you want to be taken off the mailing list.


 Reminder that practice music is available for the Blue Books, Yellow Books and now the Black Books. If you would like a set of music to have as your own for practice time at home, see Bill Schofield or Howard Foster at rehearsal.

 If your family does not have a "Band Book" the information source for the band and its activities see someone at the check in table at rehearsal.


 Be sure and stop at the "registration" table EACH week you attend rehearsal so you can be checked in. Don't forget that if you attended a Troop or other Scouting function and could not attend rehearsal mark a "C" in that week's attendance column and you still receive credit towards regular attendance. We encourage you to be active with your individual Scout units as well as the band.


Debbie Foster for her help with the band's audit. Her experience and suggestions were greatly appreciated by the Board.

Bill Lyon for his follow through with Allison / Rolls Royce in making arrangements for the equipment vehicle.

Debbie Miller for arranging another Alumni Association social event on Sunday March 1st that brought additional alumni of the band back together.


 Post 559 rechartered on-time and as a quality unit in February. Thanks to Maurice Heitzman, Post Advisor for taking care of the paperwork. If you are a youth 14 or older you may "multiple" in the post and enjoy those activities exclusively for Explorers in Crossroads Council. If you are involved with the band as an adult and are NOT registered anywhere else, you MUST register with the Post ($7.00) on an annual basis. Any female youth member (14 - 20 years old) MUST register with post 559 in order to participate in the band and its activities. Questions can be directed to Maurice (849-1864).


 As a reminder, you will find better parking (particularly when events are occurring at WPAC) on the 16th Street side of the school. If you are accustom to coming in through the covered area by the Performing Arts Center, drive around to the south side and enter through the double doors at the east end. You'll enter into a walkway and then you turn left and go through the set of wood doors and then turn right to the Orchestra Room.

 Reminder alsoˇplease no food or drink on the carpeted areas of the building. We are the school's guests and should abide by their rules while using the facilities they have opened for our rehearsals.


 A reminder that everyone in the band is invited to the wedding of Carol McLaren and Bob Wiker on Saturday April 4th at 2:30 p.m.. The wedding will take place at Downey Avenue Christian Church located at 111 South Downey Avenue. All Scouts and Scouters are requested to wear their uniforms for the wedding.


1-21                            Pizza Sales (Call Sylvia 897-3809)
1             1:00 p.m.     Dixieland Rehearsal
               2:00 p.m.     Full Band Rehearsal
                                   Warren Performing Arts Center
8             1:00 p.m.     Dixieland Rehearsal
               2:00 p.m.     Full Band Rehearsal
                                   Warren Performing Arts Center
15           1:00 p.m.     Dixieland Rehearsal
               2:00 p.m.     Full Band Rehearsal
                                   Warren Performing Arts Center
21           1- 4 p.m.      Make Pizzas
22           1:00 p.m.     Dixieland Rehearsal
               2:00 p.m.     Full Band Rehearsal
                                   Warren Performing Arts Center
25           7:00 p.m.     BBBC Board Meeting
                                    Schofield's house
29           1:00 p.m.     Dixieland Rehearsal
               2:00 p.m.     Full Band Rehearsal
                                   Warren Performing Arts Center
                                    Pizza Money due
29                                Applications / deposit for tour due


4             2:30 p.m.      Carol & Bob Wedding
                                     Downey Avenue Christian Church
5             1:00 p.m.      Dixieland Rehearsal
               2:00 p.m.      Full Band Rehearsal
                                    Warren Performing Arts Center
12                                 NO REHEARSALˇHAPPY EASTER
19           1:00 p.m.      Dixieland Rehearsal
               2:00 p.m.      Full Band Rehearsal
                                    Warren Performing Arts Center
26           1:00 p.m.      Dixieland Rehearsal
               2:00 p.m.      Full Band Rehearsal
                                    Warren Performing Arts Center
29           7:00 p.m.      BBBC Board Meeting
                                    Schofield's House



2                                   Family JamboreeˇDeer Creek Music Center
24                                 500 Race


13                                 Tour ShakedownˇCamp Belzer All fees / medicals due at this time