The band's annual open house held Sunday January 11, 1998 was a huge success.  There were over FIFTY people playing in the band that day, it was a record setter! Each week since the open house our newest members have been returning, AND they have been bringing additional new members, let's keep up the good work.

 For those that are new, if you have not yet received your "band book" providing information and a calendar of events for the band, be sure and ask for it at the next rehearsal.  Also, if you would like practice music to take home with you, see Bill Schofield and he will get a copy for you.  Currently copies of the "yellow" book and "blue" book are available, we are still working on the large concert music and the "black" books.

 THANKS everyone for making the start of 1998 a banner year for the Crossroads of America Scout Band.  Now let's meet these newest members of the oldest Scout Band in the world, make sure and extend a friendly smile and handshake next time you see them at rehearsal!

Ian Batchelder - Trumpet
Jamison Berry - Trumpet
Richard Berry - Percussion
Jason Blythe - Tuba
Barry Capps - Trombone
Pat Cooney - Trombone
Chris Cunningham - Percussion
Joshua Deckard - Trumpet
Ian Dinius - Oboe
Joe Fischer - Trombone
Charlie Frechin - Trumpet
Matthew Goldey - Tuba
Philip Graves - Clarinet
Christopher Hamilton - Clarinet
Ryan Harkins - Trumpet
Jon Henley - Tenor Sax
Jacob Hoenstine - Tenor Sax
Daniel Jackey - Trombone
Ian Kinkley - Trombone
Daniel Knuckles - Percussion
Bart Major - Alto Sax
Eddie Mills - Trombone
Patrick Murphy - Trumpet
Alex Ondrejke - Percussion
Theron Parhum - Trumpet
Cory Patterson - French Horn
Adam Porter - Clarinet
Danny Proctor- Percussion
John Ruble - Alto Sax
Adam Shepard - Clarinet
Matt Vicory - Tuba

 Again, THANKS for responding to the open house, we hope you had a good time and look forward to having you participate in all our activities as we enjoy Scouting through music!


 I am so thrilled with the way 1998 has started for the band, and keep hoping that this momentum will carry us through the year and years ahead.  With the response we had at the open house, the attendance chart had to be changed because the numbers we had were off the chart.  The best part about these "numbers" is the fact that we are seeing the youth participation increasing.  The last few weeks, there have been the "usual" 12-14 adult members playing, but we have had 26 - 33 and even 42 youth playing in the band.

 We are very near to obtaining the band's new equipment vehicle and we have a great tour planned for 1998.  I hope all of you will be a part as the Crossroads of America Band continues to grow and enjoy the success it has earned and deserves! Thanks Everyone!



 The "Super Bowl" pizza sales fund raiser was a great success.  We had many members try out this new fund raising opportunity and found how EASY it is to add big bucks to their personal accounts with very little effort!

 We sold a total of 202 pizzas which netted a profit of $600.00+ that ALL went into personal accounts.  Some members earned as much as $90.00 for their personal account that can be used towards their tour fees this summer!

 Thanks to all that helped make this first effort a success and for being crammed into the Gyro center's kitchen to assemble the 202 pizzas! (Thanks also to Pioneer District's understanding for letting us share their space while their winter camporee was happening.

 We plan to conduct another pizza sale SOON ˇmaybe even in March, and if it goes as well, we will try and do another one before tour.  This will give our newest members a great way to earn some fast bucks to help pay for tour.  Questions can be directed to Sylvia Schofield our Ways and Means Chairman at 897-3809.


 Not doing anything special with your valentine on February 14th? Then why not join the crew at the RCA Dome for the Superiors Motorcycle event.

 Our booth # 142 is open for this event, and this is a REQUIRED event for our contract.  Bring some earplugs and enjoy the dust and crowds while we sell a lot of nachos, dogs and drinks! This is another great way to pick up $25.00 towards the tour.

 Report time is 4:30 p.m., the shuttle will leave the MSE Corporation parking lot at 4:00 p.m..  (MSE is located at the corner of 10th and Meridian Streets, park free there and we provide shuttle service to the dome.) if you can work, call Sylvia at 897-3809, we need a minimum of fifteen people (age 16 and above).  Dress code is white shirt, dark pants (no jeans) and closed toe shoes.  Those youth working must be able to show proper identification at check in.  The event itself starts at 7:30 and we are not sure when it will be over.

 Good News, Our booth IS NOT open for the IHSM Boys basketball games in March and April so we will NOT have to work these events as we thought we would.


 It's that time of year to recharter the Post the Belzer Band Booster Club Sponsors in conjunction with the band.

 All Youth age 14 or older can be a part of Post 559 and take part in all the neat activities the Exploring Division of the council has to offer throughout the year.  Any male member who is registered with a scout troop may "multiple" register with the post and it will not cost anything.

 Any female members of the band who are not registered with another post in the council MUST register with our Post to be eligible to participate in the band and its activities.  If you have not already done so, fill OUt an Explorer application and pay the annual $8.00 registration fee ($7.00 fee and $1.00 insurance fee).

 Any adult who wants to register with the post may also do so, again if you are registered elsewhere you may "multiple" register with the post.  If you are not registered anywhere, then you need to register with us.

 See Maurice Heitzman, Post Advisor with any questions, or to get an application or make arrangement to pay fees.  The charter is due to be turned in by the end of February.


 Thanks to Pete Lindstrom, Myron Reynolds, Ken Clark and Randy Decker to assisted on Saturday January 31st in moving the remaining items that belong to the band from our former home at Roberts Park United Methodist Church to our new home at Warren.  it was quite a task and those filing cabinets full of music sure did get heavier as the day wore on, particularly since they were going to the second floor area of the orchestra room.

 Thanks again guys for a job well done ˇwe now have everything we need at Warren and Howard can pull Salute the Duke or any other tune whenever he wishes!

Thank You


 Carol McLaren and Robert Wiker will be married on Saturday April 4 at 2:30 p.m..  The invitation below was presented by them to be included in the newsletter so ALL their friends and acquaintances in the band would be invited.

Carol McLaren and Bob Wiker cordially invite you to their joining in holy matrimony on April 4, 1998 at 2:30pm at Downey Avenue Christian Church located at at 111 S. Downey Avenue in Indianapolis, Indiana

We request that your presence be our gifts All Scouts/Scouts are asked to wear uniforms Reception to follow in Century Hall.


 The latest report we have from Bill Lyon who is serving as our liaison with Allison / Rolls Royce is that things are looking very very promising that we will have our new equipment truck in the very near future.

 With this on the horizon, Pete Lindstrom our Equipment manager for the Belzer Band Booster Club has been asked to develop guidelines for the use of the vehicle as well as designation of approved drivers for the vehicle.  These guidelines will be presented at a future meeting of the BBBC Board for review, revision if necessary and adoption.  it is felt that with the gracious gift of Allison / Rolls Royce the BBBC Board wants to be good stewards in maintaining this equipment so that it will serve the band well for a long time.

1998 TOUR

 July seems so far off, but really it is; closer than you think! The applications are coming in on a steady basis and a lot of our NEW members are planning on joining us on I tour this year! We could very easily be .  traveling with a forty piece band this year !

 It's not to late to get YOUR application I in, see Bill Schofield at rehearsal or call him at 542-8057 to reserve your spot on the bus.  Mr. Mike and Bill will be meeting soon to get I final itinerary planned and then finalizations of housing, concert sites etc. will be made.

 In order to do this, we need YOUR help! If you even THINK you are going to go, get an application in so we can know how I many to count on.  It makes a big difference when reserving rooms etc.  whether we looking to house 20 people or 50 people.  So get your I applications in now, we'll worry about the money later (at least by the time we leave)! Total cost will be $350-$375 which includes all ! transportation, all meals, all housing, all admission to sites etc.  The only extra money I you need will be for your personal souvenirs and the like.  Remember we head to Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South I Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa,, Missouri, Illinois and Back home again in Indiana! Tour dates are July 9-18.  Plan to be a part of this great trip!


 Words will never express the gratitude the band and the BBBC has for the great cooperation and reception we have received from the Warren Performing Arts Center, Walker Career Center and Warren Central High School for their considerations and encouragement.  Thanks to Penny Mitchell, WPAC Director who came in on her day off to make sure things were set for our January 21st concert.  Thanks to Dave Prevost from Walker Career Center who was our township representative at the concert.  Thanks to Bob Beckley the Orchestra Director at Warren for use of his room and providing areas for the storage of our equipment and music.  Last but not least to our own Randy Decker who made the initial contacts to make these arrangements happen.  We are all very grateful!