A little note about this edition from Tom O'Nan, it's a little late, but here it is!


Thanks for a Great 500

Thanks to everyone who braved the elements and showed up for the 500 race event on May 25th! With our guests from Michigan, The Thunderers and a last minute addition to the flag corps, courtesy of the councils Eagle Scout banner carriers, we performed in the parade with 96 members! This looked awesome coming down the track, we are hoping to have still and video shots available for our archives. Needless to say, this is the largest group to perform in a long long time. Thanks everyone for making the effort to help, now that we know it can be done, lets make the effort to have this type of participation at all our events.

Band Has Complete Set of State Flags

Thanks to a very generous donation by the Reynolds family, the band now owns a complete set of flags from each of the fifty states. They made their debut at the 500 race on May 25th. The flags were mounted on poles acquired by Kevin Hobbs from the former Fort Harrison. The flags were flown at the War Memorial Plaza in downtown Indianapolis when Mr. Reynolds made arrangements for acquiring them when they were retired. He has had them in storage for a number of years and when contacted by John Valdez he agreed to donate them to the band. Not only did we acquire the flags, but it appears we picked up two new musicians also!! Annette Reynolds, who plays the alto sax, flute and other reed instruments and her brother Mike Reynolds who plays baritone joined the band at the 500 race parade and are thinkingabout joining us on tour?! Thanks to all involved who made this project come together!

1997 Tour and Shakedown

While everyone was tramping around the soggy 500 infield, Mr. Bill tracked down and talked with Mr. Mike our bus driver from the 1996 tour. A lot of ideas were discussed and the two plan on getting together to finish mapping out the best routes. We still have ten [10] seats left on the bus if you want to go on tour its not too late to sign up. Get an application and the $325.00 to Bill Schofield as soon as possible!

The latest update and schedule is as follows: Saturday July 26, leave from Camp Belzer and travel to Knoxville, Tennessee. Sunday leave Knoxville and travel to Charlestown, South Carolina. Tour sights in Charlestown and arrive at USS Yorktown by 6 pm. Overnight on the Yorktown, Monday tour 4 ships, Fort Sumter and perform a concert (10 am) on the deck of the Yorktown. Tuesday leave Charlestown and travel to Richmond, Virginia and spend night. July 30 go to National Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill, perform concert and attend the opening ceremonies. Depart Fort A.P. Hill and travel to Washington D.C. and spend night. Thursday July 31, do drive by of major memorials and D.C. sights, perform concert and then bus drops us off at Mall for 5-6 hours of sightseeing. Dinner in Washington, then depart for Pennsylvania. August 1 depart Pennsylvania and arrive back at Camp Belzer.
Shakedown changes: Shakedown will be JUNE 22 1 p m - 8 p m at Camp Belzer. Rehearse, review details, settle accounts and receive shirts. All those going on tour should plan to be at shakedown. Will have a pizza party for dinner Sunday.

Baldwin / Linerode Wedding

The band has received an invitation to the wedding of Christy Linerode and Matt Baldwin on Saturday June 21st at 2:30 P.M.. The ceremony will take place at the Harbour Shores Baptist Church in Cicero, Indiana. Matt & Christy Well make sure the polka band arrives in time for the reception!

Flag Day Concerts

The band will be performing twice on Flag Day (Saturday June 14) and at two locations. We will need your help to ensure a good performance. If you cant make both, at least try and make one of the performances. The schedule is as follows:

American Legion Mall (downtown Indianapolis) report at 11:00 A.M. [concert 11:45 - 12:30] at the north west corner of the mall between the State and National Headquarters buildings. (On the corner of Meridian and St. Clair Streets.)

Fort Harrison Gazebo on Lawton Loop We will be going directly to Fort Harrison following the concert at the American Legion mall. If you are joining us at the fort, report to the gazebo on Lawton Loop by 1:15 p m, we will perform at 1:45 p m.

Lawrence July 4th Parade

The band will be performing in the Lawrence Community July 4th parade on Friday July 4th. You are to report by 8:45 a.m. in the parking lot of Belzer Middle School (on the south side of 56th street just across the street from Lawrence High School; east of I-465). The parade kicks off at 10 a.m. Once again, if you know of anyone who would like to join us and carry a state flag or play an instrument, by all means have them join you on the 4th! Questions can be directed to John Valdez, 546-5874.

Band Extends Sympathy

The sympathy of all members of the band and Belzer Band Booster Club are extended to:
Jeremy and Karen Inlow at the death of Jeremys father, Larry Inlow.
Debbie and Howard Foster at the passing of Debbies father, Norman Pete Jenkinson.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

Fort Harrison Summer Concerts

The 1997 gazebo concerts have been set by the Fort Harrison Historical Society and once again our band has been asked to lead the series off! Sunday July 6th will be the first concert of the summer. Arrive at the gazebo no later than 1:30 p.m. and we will begin to play at 2:00. Families are encouraged to bring a blanket or lawn chair and enjoy the music. We will play again on Sunday July 20th at the same time

Conner Prairie Concert

The band has been requested to play at the councils combined committee meeting / school night kickoff on Tuesday July 15th at 6:30 p m. Plan to arrive no later than 6:00 p m so we can have you in uniform and be able to start at 6:30. We will be playing in the band shell used by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra for the Symphony on the Prairie series. We would like to see a 50+ piece band on the stage for this event. This is a great way to promote the band to ALL the key volunteer and professional leaders at the same time! Lets make a GREAT showing!

Annual Picnic

The bands picnic and Belzer Band Booster elections will be held on Sunday August 24th at Camp Belzer. We are trying something new this year and holding the picnic later in the day. We will gather at 4:30 p.m. and plan to eat around 5 p.m. Everyone is asked to be a dish (salad, veggie, dessert, etc.) and their own table service, the band will supply the meat and drink.

We will hold a business meeting of the BBBC to elect new officers for 97-98 and review the 1997 tour and preview the 1998 tour. Families and friends are invited to join us on the 24th! Don't forget to bring your band bucks, as we will be auctioning items at the picnic with the top item to be auctioned an expense paid 1998 tour.

Dome Events on the Horizon

The 97-98 Colts season is fast approaching. Stand 335 is a great way for the band to earn money and for individuals to start saving towards the 1998 tour or other band activities. If you would like to work an event call Sylvia at 897-3809.

Band Uniforms

At the last BBBC Board meeting discussion was held regarding the uniforms the band owns and has available for use by its members. From the very generous donation by the Jet Credit Union the band acquired 50 uniforms four years ago. These are maintained by the band and thanks to Mary Jane Smock, Carlene Heitzman, Nancy Thomas, Carol McLaren and others they are always laundered and ready to go between uses. Our concern is that as newer members join the band or try us out once or twice we may realize that we do not have enough uniforms of the correct size to go around.
In order to alleviate this problem, the board suggests and encourages those members who have been around for a while and know that they will be participating in band events on a regular basis to try and purchase their own uniform. Most everyone should already have the scout long pants as part of their class A scout uniform. The dark green explorer shirt can be purchased at the Scout Shop.

The band will continue to make uniforms available to all participating members when we perform. We ask for your cooperation in returning the uniform parts following the performance so that they will be available for the next performance.

Band Equipment

Questions have been raised about the use of band equipment for personal reasons or for other activities. ALL the equipment (truck, trailer, instruments, music, camping equipment, etc.) is owned by the Belzer Band Booster Club. Therefore; to use any equipment for non band activities, approval must be granted by the BBBC Board of Directors.
Generally we prefer the equipment not be used by groups other than the band. If the need arises where you would like to borrow equipment you should make your request known to one of the officers of the BBBC so that it can be brought to the board for consideration.

Instruments can be checked out and used as long as you remain active with the band. Once your attendance falls below a minimum of a monthly basis you will be asked to return the instrument.

Kudos for the Month

T.J. Loveall, Adam Thomas and Randy Decker who received Brotherhood at the Order of Arrow Section Conclave in Fort Wayne on April 12th! Congratulations to all three for this accomplishment!

Patrick Lindstrom, Josh Lyon, Mitch Valdez, Greg Valdez, Jason Switzer, Bill Lyon and John Valdez who participated in the opening ceremonies at the Council Awards Dinner at the Westin Hotel in Indianapolis on April 29th! This group drummed up the dinner participants to the opening ceremony.

Brenda Briggs, a friend of Mary Jane Smock who embroidered the shirt size as identification on each of the bands 50 uniform shirt tails!

Laura Wheat who has started Basic Training as soon as she was out of school for the semester. She will be back in time for tour. Her mailing address is PVT Laura Wheat; A Company 2nd INF BN, 10th INF REG; Fort Leonardwood, MO 65473 (3" on flap side of envelope)

Carlene Heitzman who has called band members for the last several events to encourage their attendance.

John Valdez for his invaluable assistance in getting equipment and personnel ready for the 500 race weekend.

Randy Decker for making the contacts and making the arrangements to run new electric service to the band hut at Camp Belzer.

Pete Lindstrom for spending the rehearsal times in May on his back under the suburban! Pete is re-wiring the trailer lights that we have been experiencing problems with.

All those who helped with the flag corps at the 500 race. As was said earlier it was an awesome sight that needs to be repeated on a regular basis when the band marches! Imagine adding 50 American Flags?!

Order your Band Shirt

As was first mentioned in the last newsletter, the BBBC Board adopted a band Class B Uniform of a gold golf shirt with the new band logo embroidered above the pocket. These can be ordered by contacting Bill Schofield at 5423 Mark Lane; Indianapolis, IN 46226. Or fax orders to 317-543-3270. Checks should be made payable to Schofield Marketing Group, Inc. and can be faxed with the order if desired. Also, Mastercard, Visa, Amereican Express and Discover can be processed. The shirt costs $15.00 plus $.75 state tax for a total of $15.75 payable at time of order. We will compile orders on a monthly basis and process all orders around the 20th of each month. Following the 20th, it will be a 10-14 day turn-around time for delivery of the shirt. Any questions can be directed to Bill Schofield at 542-8057 or 545-6212.


7 Home Place Founders Day Parade Carmel
8 Victory Field 1:00 p.m. play Star Spangled Banner for the Indians game
14 Flag Day Concerts
11:00 a.m. American Legion Mall (St. Clair and Meridian Streets) between State and National American Legion Headquarters
1:30 p.m. Fort Harrison Gazebo on Lawton Loop (north of 56th Street and Finance Center)
15 NO REHEARSAL Happy Fathers Day
21 Linerode / Baldwin Wedding 2:30 P M at Harbour Shores Baptist Church Cicero
22 10:00 AM BBBC Board meeting at Camp Belzer
22 1:00 8:00 PM TOUR SHAKEDOWN AT Camp Belzer bring physicals, final payments, instruments. Pick up final itinerary, sight information and shirts

4 Lawrence Parade report 8:45 A M to Belzer Middle School
6 Fort Harrison Gazebo Concert report 1:30 P M at Gazebo on Lawton Loop
13 1:30 P M Dixieland Rehearsal
2:00 P M Full Band Rehearsal
at Roberts Park
15 Concert at Conner Prairie report to band shell by 6:00 P M
20 Fort Harrison Gazebo Concert report 1:30 P M at Gazebo on Lawton Loop
26 Leave on Tour 6 am from Camp Belzer

1 Return from Tour approx. 6 pm Camp Belzer