Band To Have New Equipment Vehicle
        The delay in this issue of the newsletter was to have the latest information available to band members as to the status of a new equipment vehicle.  As you may or may not be aware, the Suburban the band has used to haul the trailer is having engine problems again even after a new engine was installed 2 years ago.  The Board of Directors decided it would be foolish to continue putting money into repairs and that to replace the suburban and trailer would be the best alternative.

        The bottom line is that one way or another, through the generosity of supporters of the band, we will have a new means of transporting our equipment as we participate in community events.  A final decision has yet to be made on what will be done with the suburban and trailer.

        A special THANK YOU to Pete Lindstrom for using his own suburban to ensure the trailer was at rehearsals and the Irvington Parade while our suburban was dormant in the canoe yard at Belzer.  Thanks to Pete and Christine for their very generous offer and searching for a vehicle replacement!

Practice Music Available

        Each active band member has a set of practice music waiting for them the next time they attend a rehearsal.  The entire blue and yellow books have been copied and made available to each member.  The black books are scheduled next and then the concert music in the folder will be copied as well.  Be sure to get your set at the next rehearsal.

Tour Pictures Making Rounds

        The tour pictures taken by Myron Reynolds are now making the rounds at rehearsals and board meetings.  Attached to the album is an order form if you wish to order any particular shot.  See Bill Schofield at rehearsal to review the pictures.  Thanks Myron for a great job and the donation of a complete album to the band for our archives!

President's Corner

        How fortunate we are to have so many dedicated volunteers assisting us.  To all of you who have been an active part in this organization THANK YOU.  To those who are waiting to see if we will make it, the waits over come and enjoy the fun and excitement in '98!


Welcome New Members
        The band extends a warm welcome to those who have joined since the last issue of the newsletter.

        Darrell Lorenzen   Baritone (adult)
        Eldon Lorenzen   Tuba
        Tommy Dickson   French Horn
        Ben Rigg   Trombone
        Mike Rigg   Trombone (adult)
        Zachary Voelz   Percussion
        Bob Hittle   Tuba (adult)
        Ben Black   Trumpet

        We also welcome back these members that had been away for awhile:
        Kevin Hittle   Tuba
        Brian Finney   Alto Sax
        Kristen Decker   Clarinet
        Charlie Dickson   Trombone

        If YOU haven't been to a rehearsal for sometime why not stop by again. You won't recognize us! We are averaging 20+ members weekly at rehearsal, our new rehearsal location is fantastic, we have storage area for the band's equipment now too and we have alumni stopping by on a regular basis.  In weeks past we have had visits from Jim Anthony, Howard Hensley, Dave Heckman, Larry Stevens and Jack Gilfoy!

Open House Scheduled for January 11th

        The BBBC Board decided to hold our annual open house in January.  Several factors contributed to this decision, the chief one being the three Colts home games in November.  But it was also pointed out that if we wait until January, our holiday schedule will be behind us and the new members will have an opportunity to establish the "Sunday rehearsal routine" better at the first of the year and we might see better retention.

        The open house is Sunday January 11 at 2:00 p.m.  We ask that all current members be there to support our recruiting efforts and assist in meeting the new members and making them feel welcome.  We will mail out letters to over 4,000 scouts in the metro Marion county area.  In the past we have always had 50 or more new persons come to the open house. It will be everyone's job to encourage those that visit this time make repeat visits so that they will become regular members.

Kudos for the Month

Pete Lindstrom for all the assistance he has provided with our transportation needs and woes!

Annette Reynolds as a member of the Lawrence Central High School Marching Band that took first place in state competition and 6th place nationally!

Maurice Heitzman who was named to Voyageur Staff for the Crossroads Council

Sharon Johnson who when not at the dome, but at rehearsal, sees that all the music is distributed and then put away correctly.

Jim Carl, Baritone player who recently earned his Life Rank.  Jim is well on his way to the coveted Eagle Rank, keep up the good work.

Sylvia Schofield again wishes to thank ALL DOME WORKERS who have been at booth 142.  We are setting record amounts of money this year!

Dome News

        The final two events for 1997 are upon us December 6th for the IU Basketball Classic and the final Colts Game on December 14th.  Call Sylvia if you can work (897-3809).  Also, the BBBC Board adopted a new policy at the last board meeting that effective with this publication, if a worker works less than three (3) hours at an event they will receive pay or $12.00 instead of the $25.00 that is now paid to their account.

Anniversary Concert January 25th

               The band's annual Scouting Anniversary / Band founding concert will be Sunday January 25th.  This is a week or two ahead of our normal February date, but this is due to scheduling conflicts.

        We will be doing the concert on stage at the Warren Performing Arts Center and will be open to the public.  Arrangements have been made to utilize these first class facilities and we hope to have a large crowd both playing and listening!  We are also attempting to have Jack Gilfoy (a former member of the band) perform as soloist with the band.

        Stay tuned for details as they will be coming quickly when we return in January for rehearsals and open house!

98 Central Region Tour
    It's not to early to get your application in for the 1998 Central Region Tour.  The tour dates are July 9-18 and we will be traveling through Michigan, , Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois and Indiana.  The cost will be around $375.00 and will include all meals, transportation and lodging.  One of the highlights of the tour will be spending time in the Badlands area of South Dakota and visiting Mount Rusher and other sights in the area.  See Bill Schofield for a tour application, there are already 20 people who have reserved seats on the bus for 1998 - don't you be left out!  Will we meet the challenge and have TWO buses this year?
500 Parade

        The band's application, picture and video were submitted in person to the Indy Festival Committee on Wednesday November 12th. (The deadline was November 14th).  Keep your fingers crossed, with all the good things that have been happening with the band this past year maybe our luck will change here too.  As we have done the last several years, should we not march in the parade, we will plan to participate in the opening ceremonies on race day.

Pizza Pizza Pizza
    The BBBC Board has adopted another fund raising opportunity for the YOUTH to be involved with earning money for tour expenses, etc.  Ways and Means Chairperson, Sylvia Schofield has made contact with a company that will assist us in conducting a pizza drive.  This will be launched December 21st at the Christmas Concert.  A representative of the company will be there to prepare pizza for us and explain how the program works.  While we are "on vacation" you will take orders for pizzas and turn them in when we return to rehearsal on January 4th.  We will then assemble on January 24th to make the pizzas and deliver them to our customers.  We are gearing this to hit Super Bowl Sunday.  Other groups that have conducted this fund raiser make a good deal of money in a very short period of time.
Lawrence Christmas Parade

        The annual Lawrence Christmas Parade will be Saturday December 6th.  Please note this is the same date / time for the IU Classic game at the Dome.  We are working to coordinate so we can effectively participate in both events.  The Parade committee has assured us that we will be marching as the # 2 or 3 unit in the parade so that we can get done and have the dome workers who will be marching head downtown as quickly as possible.

        Report IN UNIFORM at 9:30 a.m. at the Belzer Middle School parking lot on the northwest side.  (Belzer Middle School is located on 56th Street just east of I 465 on the northeast side of Indy) The parade will begin lining up at 10 am and then will begin at 11:00 am.  It will end at the Lawrence Community Park located on Franklin Road just south of 56th Street.

Christmas Concert

        The band's annual Christmas Concert will be Sunday December 21st at 2:00 p.m. at Camp Belzer in the Gyro Center.  This will be our final performance / rehearsal for 1997 so we encourage EVERYONE to show up for this event.  We will also be kicking off the Pizza Drive and have fresh baked pizza for everyone to taste following the concert.

        Invite your family, friends and scout troop to attend this festive holiday concert!

Drummers Needed for Governor's Lunch

        Again this year the band has been requested to provide drummers to kick off the Governor's Luncheon to be held Friday December 5th at the Indiana Roof in downtown Indianapolis.  Last year Adam Thomas and Justin Purcell handled this event for us.  We would like to again have at least two drummers (3 or 4 would be better) to be in uniform and play for the opening of this event.  You will be given a free lunch and an excuse from the Governor's office for this time.  If interested please con

Color Guard and Drummer / Trumpeter

        The band has been contacted to provide a color guard and opening ceremony for the installation ceremony at the Masonic Temple on 56th Street.  This will be on Saturday December 20th at 2:00 p.m. at the Temple.  If available, please call Bill Schofield at 542-8057.  (Lunch will be provided at 1:00 p.m. to those who participate)

        November Calendar


        December Calendar

1       Crossroads article due at Scout Office
3       ?? BBBC Board Meeting 7:00 PM
        Schofield's House   5423 Mark Lane
5       12 noon Governor's Luncheon at Indiana Roof
        Drummers to open program
6       Lawrence Christmas Parade report 9:30 A.M. IN UNIFORM - Belzer Middle School
6       IU Basketball Classic at RCA Dome
        Report time TBA
        call Sylvia (897-3809) to work
7       1:00 PM Dixieland Rehearsal
        2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal
         at Warren Performing Arts Center
14      FINAL COLTS HOME GAME   1:00 P.M.
        Shuttle leaves MSE 10:00 am report 10:30 am
        to work call Sylvia 897-3809    December Calendar Continued
14      1:00 PM Dixieland Rehearsal
        2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal
                at Warren Performing Arts Center
21      2:00 P.M. Band Christmas Concert / Pizza Party
        Camp Belzer   Gyro Center

        January 1998 Calendar

1       Happy New Year
4       1:00 PM Dixieland Rehearsal
        2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal
                at Warren Performing Arts Center
11      2:00 P.M. BAND OPEN HOUSE
        REPORT AT 1:15
18      1:00 PM Dixieland Rehearsal
        2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal
                at Warren Performing Arts Center
28      BBBC Board Meeting 7:00 PM
        Schofield's House   5423 Mark Lane
 Belzer Band Booster Club
 c/o 1113 North Buckingham Court
 Greenfield, IN 46140