The band will be very active with the Family Jamboree scheduled for April 25-26-27, 1997 at Deer Creek Music Center. We know you will be active with your unit s display and camping activities, and will want to visit the many displays as well; however, we ask that you also schedule some of your time to be with the band. This is a great way to introduce your friends from the troop to the band and maybe they will want to sit in with us at Deer Creek. The schedule for the band is as follows:

Report at 8:45 am at the band display area IN UNIFORM. (Uniforms will be available.) We will need to be ready to play prior to the opening ceremonies which begin at 10:00 am. We will have some of our percussionists and melody instruments parade through
the campground area to lead the troops into the main pavilion where the rest of the band will be playing to draw the crowds in for the opening. Once the ceremonies conclude, we will play again as the troops leave for the display areas. Once things are returned to the display area you will be dismissed. The Dixieland band will play concerts at 11:30 am and 3:30 in front of the display area. Check with Tom O Nan (255-6004) to let him know you availability. The FULL BAND will play again at 2:30 pm in front of the display tent. Please report at 2:00 pm to help set up. We will play for about an hour and then you will be dismissed for the remainder of the event. The band will not be camping as a unit at Deer Creek so you can camp with your own troop (please register with your troop if you want a patch). If you would like to help out at the display tent to sign new people up for the band or the flag corps, please let Bill Schofield know when to schedule you. The band display tent is scheduled to be erected in the same general location as it was last year. Look for us on the north west side of the complex, just down to the left from the main entrance to the pavilion.


The band has been accepted to participate in the pre-race activities at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday May 25, 1997. We will are attempting to put a fifty piece band with a 100 piece color guard on the track for this event. We need your help and support by being there and recruiting new members for the band and flag corps. We will also be joined by the Drum and Bugle Corps from Ypsilanti, Michigan again this year. You will need to report IN UNIFORM to Camp Belzer on Sunday May 25th no later than 5:45 am. We need to leave the camp by 6 am to meet with the other bands participating to join in the escort to the track. We will be traveling by bus (NO personal cars will be allowed). We will return to Camp Belzer by 4:00 pm (or approximately 2 + hours after the race is over). We will charge each person $10.00-$15.00 for this event. This fee covers the cost of the bus and a box lunch at the track. It will be $10.00 if we are paying for the buses only (last year the Hulman's supplied the lunch), or $15.00 if we purchase the lunches. You also receive a ticket to the family viewing mound on the back stretch. Bring a change of clothes for after the parade around the track. Marching rehearsals will be on May 4th and 18th at Roberts Park Methodist Church. Let s have a good showing as we will possibly be evaluated for participation in next year s 500 parade during this time!


We welcome the following new members who have been to practice since the last newsletter:

Jason Switzer Percussion
Brian Judy Trumpet
Kevin Windmiller Trumpet
Nelson Johns French Horn

We hope to see you often and bring a friend!

When we had our anniversary concert in February, Bill Schofield pointed out that our band is unique in that we never rehearse or perform with the same band! Think about that for a minute. If you are in your school band you have regularly scheduled class time and the same students show up each day to rehearse. When you show up once a week at Roberts Park to rehearse with the Scout Band, you re not sure who will be there. True, we have been averaging 20-25 players at each rehearsal, BUT, they are not always the same 20-25 players.
At the last board meeting, Bill reviewed the attendance figures since January 1997. Since the first of the year there have been 14 different adults and 36 different youth show up for at least one rehearsal. THAT'S A TOTAL OF 50 PEOPLE IF ALL CAME AT THE SAME TIME! But even more alarming is that there have been an additional 33 people who had been attending at some point in the six months prior to January that have not been to rehearsal in 1997. If those 33 were added to the 50 WE D HAVE AN 83 PIECE BAND! Let S all make the extra efforts needed to be at rehearsals on a regular basis, there is no reason why this band cannot have 100 active members regularly! Will you help out??


Risa (Gill) Flight and David Owens from Paige's Music for donating the new music folders.

Jeremy Inlow who was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout on Saturday March 29th. Congratulations Jeremy - you join a distinguised group of young men in the band who have achieved this great honor.

Chris Taylor, who was selected to lead off the activities of the NCAA Final Four Championship weekend by playing the National Anthem at the opening ceremony.

Justin Lyon, who was selected as the top recipient in the Marsh / WISH TV-8 We Value Youth program. Justin was recognized for building a playground for his Eagle project.

Tom O'Nan, who has published a webpage on the internet about the band. Check it out for latest schedule, calendar, tour information, band history and alumni information. Contact the page at


The plans for our 1997 tour to South Carolina, the National Jamboree and Washington, D.C. are in the final stages of preparation. There are 21 applications turned in thus far, with another 10 people that have indicated an interest. There is an application enclosed with this newsletter. (posted version - [ed}), if you think you want to go, please fill it out and turn it in to Bill Schofield as soon as possible. There is still room on the bus, and the cost is still only $325.00 per person for all meals, lodging, admissions and transportation. We need to start confirming actual numbers of people, so if there is a remote chance you will be going, let us know.
The schedule is as follows: Leave Indianapolis on Saturday July 26th and go to Knoxville, Tennesee. Leave Sunday to go to Charlestown, South Carolina where we will spend two nights on the aircraft carries Yorktown. We will tour four ships, take a boat ride to Fort Sumter and perform a concert on the deck of the Yorktown. On Tuesday we'll travel up the coast through North Carolina and find our "home" for the next few days in Richmond, Virginia. From Richmond we will go to the National Jamboree on Wednesday July 30th and perform a concert, see the sights and then watch the opening ceremonies. On Thursday July 31st we head for our Nation's capitol - Washington, D.C. where we will tour the city and perform a concert. On Friday August 1st we will leave for home and arrive back at Camp Belzer by early evening.
Camping will be done in nice facilities and meals will be eaten at many of our favorite stops from last year! (Will there be another seafood dinner since we'll be by the sea again??!!). There's still time to sign up and enjoy this great performing and scouting adventure! Don't forget shakedown for tour is June 21 and 22 at Camp Belzer!

Special Band Shirts Available

At the last BBBC (Belzer Band Booster Club) Board meeting, it was approved to have a special shirt for the band that could be used as a "Class B" uniform. The shirt selected is a gold knit golf shirt with pocket, sizes S-XXXL. It will have a fully embroidered band logo above the pocket area. Samples of the shirt may be available at Deer Creek.
The cost of the shirt to band members and families is $15.00 per shirt. For those not associated with the band, the cost will be $25.00 with the difference being placed in the band's general fund. If you have questions, or would like to order, please call Bill Schofield at 542-8057.

Wally Miller Memorial Fund

Gifts were received at the last BBBC Board meeting that brought the total of the Wally Miller Memorial Fund to $1,000.00. It was decided that an interest bearing account be established with this money so that it can be used for special needs. It was also decided that any furture memorial gifts received by the band will be deposited into this account.
The fund is designated for equipment needs or scholarships for youth attending tours. Gifts can be sent c/o BBBC; 5423 Mark Lane; Indianapolis 46226.