Scout BandNewsletter Volume 90 Number 12
March/April/May, 1997

Dome Events = $ for the Band - We Need Your Help!

If you have been active with the band for a while, you are aware that we operate a concession stand (#335) at the TCA Dome as a fund raiser. It used to be that we would only hae to serve during the Colds season; however, with new management at the Dome, the contract calls for us to be at the stand for ANY event when the upper levels of the dome are open. This has been good and bad. The good part is that the personal accounts ofthose that work the dome. The bad part is that there are an extra 5-6 events to work during the year.
The last events scheduled for this contract perior are the IHSAA Boys Basketball Chanpionship games and the NCAA Final Four Tournaments. The dates for these events are listed in the calendar of this newsletter. The times have not been relayed as of this writing, but we should have that information soon. If you can work any or all of these events, please call Sylvia Schofield at 897-3809. We need at least 12 workers for each event. For the IHSAA games, since that will probably be an all day event, we might try and staff two shifts. Each worker earns $20 for his/her "personal account", which then can be used for band tour or other scouting activities done by the band.
We really could use some "new blood" to help out - give us a try. It's a lot of fun and you can eat all the nachos you'd ever care to!!!
Family Jamboree
The 1997 Family Jamboree is scheduled for April 25-26-27 at Deer Creek Music Center. The theme for this year's event is International (that's why we're practicing It's a Small World). The band will be participating in a number of ways: we will have our display area celebrating the band's 80 years in the council; we will participate in the opening ceremony; we will play concerts during the day; and, we will be recruiting new members. The band will NOT plan to camp as a unit, since the members will be camping with their individual units. More information will be provided at rehearsals, but mark your calendars now for Saturday, April 26, to attend the Family Jamboree - let's see if we can't get at least a 50 piece band for this event!
New Members Since Last Newsletter
Welcome to the new members!
* Tim Decker (alumni) - trumpet
* Michael Decker - clarinet
* Paul Gillam - percussion
* David Johnson - percussion
* Sharon Johnson - flute
* Scott McClure - trumpet
* Andy Truex - trumpet
Time To Clean Up The Rosters
If you would prefer to STOP receiving the band newsletter and have no intent to participate with the band now or in the future, please write or call Bill Schofield at 5423 Mark Lane, Indianapolis, Indiana 46226; 317-542-8057. We'll pull your name from our records and you'll stop getting the information; also our donor will save some postage money. Thanks!
Kudos For The Month
Mike Hammes, who will be receiving his Eagle rank at ceremonies on April 6th. Mike joins a long list of band members who have earned this coveted honor. Congratulations, Mike!
Howard Foster, who was suprised at the February Anniversary Concert when Willie Wood, Exploring Director for the Crossroads of America Council, recognized Howard with the District Award of Merit from the Circle City Exploring District. This award is the highest award with which a district can recognize a volunteer for their dedication to the Scouting program. Willie pointed out that the award to Howard was long overdue and his dedication to keeping the band going through the good and bad times was mch aprreciated. Howard has been active with the band as a youth and as an adult for 30 years and his enthusiasm has never waned. Congratulations and THANK YOU, HOWARD!
1997 Carolina - Jamboree Tour
The plans for the 1997 tour are shaping up for another eventful rip. We will be leaving Saturday, July 26th, and returning either Friday, August 1st, or Saturday, August 2nd. We will head to South Carolina first and tour the Charlston area, spending a night on the Yorktown. We will then head up the coast into North Carolina, and then into Fort A.P. Hill, site of the 1997 NationalJamboree. We are planning to arrive at the jamboree on July 30th, to watch the opening ceremonies. After the visit to the jamboree, we might take a side trip the next day to our nation's capitol - Washington D.C. We will then head back to Indianapolis. If you would like to go on tour - get an application and turn it in to Bill Schofield. We have 37 people that have indicated a definite interest in going on tour this year - don'tbe left behind! Cost is $325 per person and includes all meals, transportation, lodging,and admissions; it does not include any personal needs or souvenirs.
Looking For Lost Or Borrowed Articles
The band is attempting to update their inventory, and realized that music, instruments, stands and uniforms have been borrowed and taken for practice at home. Ifyou have any of the band's "stuff", please bring it to rehearsal no later than April 6th. Uniforms in particular are needed so we can mark them in a new way for easier identification.
For Your Information - Race Day
May 25 is the 500 Race. We will be performing in pre-race activities. Come to rehearsals for details regarding Race Activities.