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The Crossroads of America Scout Band is the OLDEST Scout Band in the United States and the SECOND OLDEST continuously operating Scout Band in the World.

Fall Newsletter 2012

News from the August Picnic:

Officers and Board of Directors as elected by the Belzer Band Booster Club:

President -- Bill Schofield
Vice President of Administration -- Patty Smith
Vice President of Program – Ben Cockrum
Director – Bob Wiker
Corresponding Secretary -- Mary Jane Smock
Recording Secretary -- Carol Wiker
Treasurer -- Sylvia Schofield
Ways and Means Committee Chair -- Shirley Wiker
Property Manger -- Dana Hanson
Publicity Committee Chair -- Suzy Dinger
Historian -- Deb Estes

Elections for the Venture Crew 559 2012 - 2013 Year:

President -- Mark Cockum
Vice President of Administration – Eric Vaught
Vice President of Program – Mitch West

Annual Scout Band Award Recipients:

Good Scout award went to Dr. McCord
H.U. Gill award went to Eric Vaught
F.O. Belzer award went to Suzy Dinger

A Special Award Was Given by the Venture Crew Youth:

The newly created “Keep on trucking award” went to Dana Hanson and Jim Sonntag for their work and diligence in staying with our Band Truck while getting it repaired in Canada.

Congratulations to all award winners and to the officers of the board and Crew 559!

Thank you one and all for either baking or buying items for the Cake auction this year. We raised $620 for the Band, which was needed for the money that was over spent on this year’s tour; due to gas prices and truck repairs.

New Eagle Scouts for 2011/2012

Congratulations to the many members in the band who have achieved Scouting’s highest rank:

Pie and Butter braid sales are here

This year we are selling Market Day frozen pies for Thanksgiving and Butter Braids for Christmas. These sales are back to back, but a great time for selling food items for the holiday parties and family gatherings. Both of these items will come in frozen. The pie order forms should be here for the Sunday Oct 21st band practice. You can also download them from the band website when they come in. You will have to collect all monies upfront at time of sale and bring them and the order forms to the band practice on Nov. 3rd.Pies will come in the week of Nov. 12-16th and can be picked up at Warren Gamblin’s Eagle Court of Honor. If we sell 100 pies the group will get 30% profit for each pie sold. We should have the butter braid order forms by the time you are delivering the pies to your family and friends. If you have any questions please contact Suzy Dinger.

Monthly Market day sales

The Scout band is doing monthly Market day sales with another group “Holy Family Episcopal Church”. All sale orders will be by internet only. Please go to Market and put in the account # 24712. It gives you the order dates and pick up dates for our sales. When you sign up, please put band after your name in the name line on the form, so that way the band gets the credit for your sale not the church. If you prepay for your order on line, your order will be brought to the next band practice after the sale. Or you can pick it up at the church or at Suzy Dinger’s house later that night. If you have any questions please contact Suzy Dinger.

Concerts coming up for the Band

November 18th Warren Gamblin’s Eagle Court of Honor
December 16th Christmas Concert Indiana State Museum

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