Scout Band

MAY - JUNE 2004


Mini Marathon -- Saturday May 8

The Mini Marathon will be held RAIN or SHINE on Saturday, May 8. Once again the band will be participating as course entertainment as we have since this was started in 1999. The entertainment has grown over the years and will feature over 142 groups along the 16 mile marathon course. However, this year we will be in a new location.

We will be at entertainment location #1 -- just 100 yards from the start line. This will mean several new arrangements for those of you "experienced" marathon performers. Plan to arrive no later than 6:45 AM -- as the streets around the start of the course will be closing earlier than the other streets on the course. We are station at Washington Street just east of Shumacher Way on the south side. We have been told that we can park in the Victory Field Parking Lot which is where Shumacher Way "dumps" into from Washington Street. Look for the band truck and the fire trucks that have the large American Flag that hangs over the street -- that is where we will be performing.

Race officials are suggesting that the easiest approach will be from the west (Take I 70 to Harding Street; north on Harding Street to Washington Street (US 40); turn East on Washington and follow to Shumacher Way which is just pass the entrance to the Indianapolis Zoo and at Victory Field entrance.)

Be in uniform (long Scout pants, Dark Green shirt (we have if you don't have your own). We will start playing a little before 8:00 AM and will be finished by 9:00 AM. After we are finished at the Mini -- we will head to Camp Belzer for some fun activities and pizza. (See Pioneer Cabin)

 500 Race Weekend

Race Day is Sunday, May 30. Our friends from Michigan, Pennsylvania and this year we add Madison, Wisconsin will be joining us for the weekend beginning Friday May 28. Anyone from the band is invited (and encouraged) to come and join us as we host our visitors for the weekend. We will have breakfast on Saturday morning and an evening meal on Saturday. Day activities will be varied.

 On race morning (Sunday) you must be at Camp Belzer no later than 4:45 AM!  We will be boarding the buses and leaving camp by 5:30 to rendevous with the other pre-race participants. Belzer will be the only pick up and return point for the race. NO PERSONAL VEHICLES ARE ALLOWED TO TRAVEL WITH THE BUSSES AND TRUCK IN THE ESCORTED CARAVAN. Buses will return to Camp Belzer approximately two (2) hours after the race is over. In the past we have arrived around 4:30 - 5:00 PM.

 Cost is $20.00 per person which covers the cost of renting five buses, etc. for the weekend. Keith Hartzog, BBBC Treasurer will be available at Camp Belzer on Saturday to collect the funds and issue tickets for you to board the bus on Sunday. If you don't have a ticket -- you don't get on the bus. Each person will receive a ticket, box lunch and track souvenir (once we finish at the track).

 Arrive in uniform as time is short when we get to the track -- bring a change of clothes for after the parade around the track.

 A permission slip MUST be filled out for ALL participants and turned in PRIOR to boarding the bus. If you are NOT returning with the band we must have a SIGNED statement from your parent/guardian or you will NOT be permitted to leave by yourself. It is preferred that the person who is meeting you meets us in the bus parking area inside Gate 9A (Northwest -- Turn 4 area) after we finish performing.


Be prepared to do some marching practice at the few rehearsals we have remaining in May -- dress accordingly!

 If you have questions about 500 Race weekend activities contact Bob Wiker or Buddy McLaren at 356-9678 or Bill Schofield at 542-8057.

 Pioneer Cabin Dedication -- May 8

The Pioneer Cabin at Camp Belzer will be formally dedicated on Saturday, May 8. This cabin was built with funds pledged and raised from Pioneer District volunteers during the Council's Leadership at the Crossroads capital campaign.

 Since the band's "home" and Crew 559 is chartered in Pioneer District, it is appropriate that we show our thanks and be a part of the dedication ceremony the council is sponsoring. The dedication time is 1:00 PM on Saturday, May 8. Since a good majority of the band will be performing at the Mini Marathon in the morning, the BBBC Board figured we could head to Belzer after the mini -- have some fun activities (planned by the Crew's Youth Leadership) and have some pizza. We will then prepare to play from 12:30 - 1:00 PM to the Pioneer Cabin. Once the dedication has concluded we will pack up and head home for a long rest since there will be no rehearsal May 9.

 Best Wishes to Graduates

Congratulations to all of the band's graduating Seniors! Good Luck in your future endeavors.

 Congratulations to the Wheat Family

Congratulations to Lewis and Debbie Wheat on the arrival of their daughter, Victoria Louise (Toria) on April 1. Toria's vitals were 10 pounds 2 ounces and 20 inches. True to the "Miller" side of the family history, Toria has attended her first band rehearsal and BBBC Board meeting!

 John - Doug and Debbie's  Wacky Fun Coulmn

(Sponsored by Rockers Unlimited)

Answer to last published trivia question:

 "Which Band Director played a trumpet while doing a handstand on top of the old Gyro Center chimney?"  Answer: Ray Oster

Doug tells us he only had one response and it was incorrect so there were no winners of the 2003 Dodge Viper -- sorry.

 This newsletter's almost unsolvable trivia question:

 There have been 15 National Jamborees. How many has the Scout Band attended?

Answer the question correctly -- your name will be placed in Doug's Thing that Debbie controls. At a future rehearsal and before the next newsletter is published a name will be pulled from Doug's Thing and the prize will be awarded. Please email your answer to Doug Whitcomb at OR snail mail him at 1697 South 700 West; New Palestine, IN 46163.

 Top 10 Reasons to Attend Practice:

10. Practice makes perfect

 9. Meet new friends

 8. Educational -- where else would you learn that James K. Polk was President in 1848.

 7. Miss 1 practice -- you miss a lot

 6. Get to find out where the mystery trip is

 5. EVERYBODY picks on Doug

 4. You can find out exciting happenings with Rockers Unlimited

 3. School's almost over - so you might as well come to practice

 2. You can apply for a job at Belzer Day Camp if you are 14 or older -- Just ask Doug

 and the number one reason to come to practice:

 1. More family oriented then the half-time show at the Super Bowl.

 Mystery Trip

Doug Whitcomb and the other members of Rockers Unlimited are planning a Mystery Trip for the Band! At the last BBBC Board Meeting it was mentioned that the mystery can't include the date -- SO we at least have a date for you -- Saturday, August 21, 2004 -- meet at Camp Belzer at 7 AM and will return by 12 Midnight. Cost will be between $20 - $30 per person. Can't tell you any more now -- but if you are interested contact Doug Whitcomb (numbers above).

 Texas Tour

The dates are set and we are getting applications turned in -- if you want to go on the Texas Tour -- now is the time to come forward! As of this writing, we have 17 applications in hand -- with a potential of 4 more that would bring the total to 21. We could use a few more -- so if you have an interest please let Bill Schofield know as soon as possible (542-8057).

 Dates are July 10 -17 and the cost is $550.00 per person -- this includes your transportation, lodging, meals and attractions along the way.

 Two highlights that everyone has expressed an interest in as a "must include" are being arranged -- a trip to the new National Scouting Museum and a trip to the Space Center in Houston. Plans and reservations are being made based on our current numbers -- so if you are to be included let us know soon.

 Shakedown for tour will be Sunday June 13 from 12 noon - 5 PM at Warren Central HS Orchestra Room. At that time all fees need to be settled and tour shirts and information books will be distributed.

 Annual Picnic

The BBBC set Sunday, August 29 as the date for the band's annual picnic and awards ceremony in the Gyro Dining Room at the Center for Volunteer Training. We will start at 2 PM with the annual BBBC Elections and Award Ceremony and Cake Auction. We will then eat around 5 PM -- details will be in the next newsletter.

 At the picnic the presentation of the Harvey U Gill Award to an outstanding youth and the F. O. Belzer Award to an outstanding adult will be made. If you would like to nominate someone, please contact Debbie Wheat, President of the Harvey U. Gill Alumni Association to obtain a nomination form.

 Band Council Strip

In looking at past newsletters -- in 2003 we announced a contest to design a band council strip to celebrate our upcoming milestones -- 90th - 95thand 100th anniversaries. To date, no one has submitted a design -- so the plea goes out again to all you artists -- give us some ideas for a special Band Council Strip!

 Dixieland to Perform In June

The Dixieland Band has been asked to perform at two functions in June.  On Wednesday, June 16 they will be performing for the Woodworkers' Association event at Camp Belzer.  The second date is Thursday, June 24 for the annual Cookout on the Circle (rain date is Friday, June 25).   Rehearsal of the Dixieland Band will occur on Sunday, June 6 at 1:00 PM prior to the full band rehearsal.  For more information please contact Debbie Wheat or Tom O'Nan.

 Band Members Recovery

It's good to report that those band members who have had surgery and accidents are making full recoveries and have been back to rehearsal.

 Tom O'Nan had surgery and was out of commission missing eight weeks of rehearsals! He was back with us on Sunday, April 25 and is doing well, but not able to play the clarinet yet.

 Carlton Harrison who had an accident on a Troop Ski trip in February and broke two bones in his leg -- came in on crutches on April 18 -- he keeps trying to use that as an excuse to not march with us at the 500 -- but we've assured him we can wheel him around the track in a wheelchair!

 And as mentioned earlier, Debbie Wheat was away for a while giving birth to Toria.

 All are back with us and it is great having them as "regulars" again!

 Indianapolis Star Article

Be sure and check out the May 2 edition of the Indianapolis Star -- Indiana Living Section. There was a feature about the Mini Marathon course entertainment. We were selected as one of the ten groups for the article since we have been involved with this project since its inception. The entertainment for the mini marathon has grown to include 142 units this year -- more than any other marathon -- INCLUDING the marathon that bills itself as the Rock and Roll Marathon!

 Thanks to Daniel Alred and Dan Robbin (and their moms) for getting down to the Star Building for the photo shoot on April 21. The article can also be viewed at

 May Dates

 2 2:00 PM Band Rehearsal WCHS Orchestra Room
 8 Mini Marathon (check article for details)
 8 Pioneer Cabin Dedication
 16 2:00 PM Band Rehearsal  WCHS Orchestra Room
 19 7:00 PM BBBC Board Meeting Schofield's House
 23 2:00 PM Band Rehearsals WCHS Orchestra Room
 28 Guests arrive at Belzer for Race Weekend
 30 500 Race REPORT TO BELZER BY 4:45 AM Return to Belzer between 4:30 - 5:00 PM Cost $20.00 per person
 31 Clean up facilities used at Camp Belzer and check out

 June Dates

 6 1:00 PM Dixieland Rehearsal / Crew Meeting
 6 2:00 PM Band Rehearsal WCHS Orchestra Room
 13 Tour Shakedown 12 Noon - 5 PM  WCHS Orchestra Room
 16 Dixieland Performance
 24 Dixieland -- Cookout on the Circle
 25 Rain Date for Cookout on the Circle
 27 2:00 PM Band Rehearsal WCHS Orchestra Room

 July Dates


Welcome New Members

The band welcomes the following new members who have joined us during and since the Open House that was held in February. We thank them and their parents for their interests and hope that they are enjoying the experiences the Scout Band can offer to strengthen their musical interests. If you have additional friends or members of your troop or crew that plays an instrument -- invite them to join you some Sunday afternoon.

 New Youth Members:

 Darius Burke -- Greenfield -- Percussion
 Adam Floerke -- Troop 483 -- Clarinet
 Ryne Friederick -- Troop 8 -- Trumpet / Bugle
 Tyler Goodwin -- Troop 161 -- Trombone
 Trey Grafe -- Troop 152 -- Tenor Sax
 Christopher Lewis -- Troop 199 -- Alto Sax
 Pat Miller -- Troop 161 -- Percussion
 Kevin Owens -- Troop 443 -- Alto Sax (recruited by Christopher Lewis)
 Douglas Pescitelli -- Troop 236 -- Percussion
 Mike Ramey -- Troop 218 -- Trumpet
 Corey Rohl -- Troop 499 -- Tuba
 Chris Ruddell -- Troop 199 -- French Horn
 Robert Slemenda -- Troop 686 -- Trombone
 Tommy Spears -- Troop 120 -- Alto Sax ( recruited by Daniel Alred)
 Brandon Sutor -- Troop 265 -- Percussion
 Brailon Wolfe -- Percussion

 New (or returning) Adult Members

 Cheryl Smock -- Trumpet
 Larry Wheat -- Trumpet

 Members we have welcomed back after not seeing them for awhile:

 Dale Hamilton -- Clarinet
 Gordon Hamilton (adult) -- Percussion
 Daniel Robbin -- Trumpet
 Ben Rowe -- Clarinet
 Chris Wooten -- Percussion
 Josh Wooten -- Alto Sax

 We enjoy everyone's participation as frequently as they can make a rehearsal or performance. If it's been a while since you've sat in -- come on by and join us and try some of the new music we've added to the books.

 Recently we have received email from Alumni band members that need to be included in this newsletter. It helps the adults answer the question Is it worth the time? And it might make the youth appreciate the opportunities the band has to offer them (even though they might not realize it until years from now).


 I enjoyed reading the recent newsletter as well as the comments regarding the intimidation experienced by first timers. I remember my first rehearsal in the old fire house as a young, skinny drummer with borderline talent and wondered how in the world I'd fit in. Of course, once I heard the Dixieland Band, I knew I was in the right place. I learned many things while in the band, but the art of leadership has been the most important to my profession today. I'm still wearing a uniform, only this one is as a Colonel in the US Air Force. I've led a 100 member squadron while stationed overseas, coordinated a 2,000 personnel disaster exercise in Africa, and am currently preparing to be a deployed medical commander in Iraq. I've had quite a bit of military training, but my initial (and most important) experiences as a young leader came through Scouting. I observed how the scoutmasters and higher ranking Scouts led others and forged my own leadership style along the way. After a few years in the band, I was challenged with ever-increasing responsibilities. Progressing from section leader to band tour quartermaster, to senior staff, the Scout Band gave me the foundation my current career is built upon. I'm proud of being a Colonel, but am just as proud of my Eagle earned while in the Scout Band. The band changed my life and put me on the track towards a successful career. It can do the same for others. Share this email with other young, skinny, intimidated kids who may be wondering if the Band is the place for them. For me there was no other place to be.


 Brian Deckert, Scout Band 1969 0 1975

 Brian K Deckert, Col, USAF, BSC, FAAO

Tom & Debbie-

 My son is an adult Scout Leader and sent me your web address urging me to register as a band alum. I looked over your web pages and all the history brought back a few but distant memories of my participation in the band. My name is Jim Baldauf and I played cornet in the band from 1944 - 1947. I remember my last year because we had a new director (Harvey Gill) and we moved out on East New York Street to the Indianapolis Fire Department Headquarters. My first three years with the band we practiced at the old YMCA building at the corner of New York and Illinois. Roger Reily, the chorale director at Broad Ripple, was our director those years. During those war years, we played in many patriotic concerts and events and my parents who attended many of those events always told me the Scout Band's performance was superior to any high school band in the city. I can understand that because many members of the band played 1st or 2nd chair in their respective school bands. I was 1stchair at Ben Davis.

 I have two vivid memories about band events:

 Each session of summer camp, a small band was recruited to play and march to the various events of the day. Most notable was retreat at the end of each day in full uniform and marching in review. One or two of us also served as camp bugler and anything that required scouts to assemble had a bugle call. From reveille to taps we were always blowing some call. We also had a brass ensemble within the band and we performed mostly during the holiday season. The Saturday before Christmas we would play carols at a number of locations in downtown Indianapolis. Some of the locations I remember was the Claypool Hotel, the Lincoln Hotel, Block's, Ayres and we always finished at Wasson's where our reward was a full course turkey dinner. One evening during the holidays, the ensemble would serenade a few Scout officials including Chief Belzer.

 I'm impressed that the band has survived all these years through the hard work and dedication of the leaders.

 Jim Baldauf

 Indianapolis, Indiana