Scout Band



                                                             Christmas Concert at Glendale

 The annual Christmas concert will be Saturday, December 13 at Glendale Mall (62nd and Keystone Avenue). The concert is set to begin at 4:30 PM -- so please report no later than 4:00 PM. The mall has us
     set up in a different area from last year's performance. Enter through entrance 1 on the north side of the mall, or entrance 2 on the east side. The stage area will be just outside the L.S. Ayres store.

Following the concert, Doug Whitcomb and the rest of his Rocker's Unlimited personnel (John Valdez and Debbie Wheat) will be hosting a Christmas Pizza Party at Camp Belzer. Head on over to Belzer
for some food and fellowship. Parents are invited too OR they can drop the kids off and go do some uninterrupted shopping while Doug entertains everyone with movies and games.

The concert and Pizza Party will be the last events of the band for the 2003 year. So come on out and help celebrate the season, renew friendships and make new acquaintances. Any questions -- give Mr. Bill
a call at 317-542-8057 or email at

                                                            Rehearsal Start in January 2004

 The first rehearsal of the new year will be Sunday, January 4 at Warren Central - Orchestra Room. With this also the first Sunday of the month, Dixieland will rehearse at 1:00 PM followed by a Crew 559
                                                                         meeting at 1:45 PM.

Start the new year off right and come to rehearsal! At rehearsal you can turn in your application for the 2004 tour (see article), register with Crew 559 (see article), prepare for the band's open house (see

We have added SEVERAL new pieces of music so come and add your talents!

                                                            DeBruyne Eagle Court of Honor

  Even though the Court of Honor occurred this past weekend (Saturday, November 29) members of the band and BBBC wish to congratulate Kevin DeBruyne for this great accomplishment! We wish him
                                                         and his family the best as they are making major life changes.

Kevin is in Tempe, Arizona attending school and from all reports, being quite the entrepreneur with his own business! Kathy reports that they have sold their house in Avon and she and Jodi will be joining
Jeff in Virginia.

We wish them the best and put the welcome mat out whenever they can stop in when in Indy -- particularly in May during race weekend! Congratulation and best wishes.

                                                                        New Members

                                             We welcome the following new members who have joined the band since our last newsletter.

                                                                 John Carlson, Trombone (returning)

                                                              Sam Miller, Trumpet (from Terre Haute area)

                                                                        Daniel Alred, Tuba

                                                                   Jim Alred, Tuba (adult member)

                                                             Elaine Carter, Clarinet (adult member returning)

We are happy to have you join us and look forward to your continued participation in 2004! Be sure and invite your friends in your troops and crews to join in on the fun.

                                                         Congratulations to Award Recipients

Apologies for allowing two months to lapse between newsletters -- will try to do better in 2004! Unfinished business from last newsletter of August / September is to recognize the recipients of the annual
awards presented at the band's picnic in August.

The Good Scout Award is presented by the youth membership of the band to an adult who they believe shows true scouting spirit and is willing to go above and beyond what is "routine". This year's award
was presented to Deb Estes by Crew President Buddy McLaren and Vice President, Margaret Estes.

The Harvey U. Gill Award is presented by the Alumni Association to an outstanding youth member of the band. Only one award is presented each year. Margaret Estes was honored with this award for
the year 2003.

The F.O. Belzer Award is presented by the Alumni Association to an outstanding adult member of the band, again only one award is presented each year. The 2003 Belzer award was presented to Debbie

Congratulations to all award recipients -- we all appreciate everything you do to help make the band successful.

                                                           More "Catch up" from the Picnic

The youth auction for the all expense paid tour in 2004 was won by Buddy McLaren with a bid of $60,000.00 in band bucks. See it DOES pay to make rehearsals and other band activities on a regular basis.

Elections for youth leadership were held at the picnic -- your Crew 559 youth leaders for 2003 -- 2004 are: Buddy McLaren, President; Ben Rowe, Vice President - Administration; Margaret Estes, Vice
President - Program.

The BBBC elected their leadership for the 2003 -- 2004 year: Bill Schofield, President; Bob Wiker, Vice President; Keith Hartzog, Treasurer; Carol Wiker, Recording Secretary; Mary Jane Smock,
Corresponding Secretary; Shirley Wiker, Ways and Means; Dana Hanson, Property; John Valdez, Publicity; Doug Whitcomb, Historian; Howard Foster, Band Director and Crew Advisor.

                                                                      2004 Texas Tour

  As of this writing, there a total of eleven applications turned in for the Texas Tour. To help us in our planning we need to know by January 31, 2004 how many people will be going on the tour. If you are
                                  contemplating joining in on the fun make sure and complete an application and turn it in to Mr. Bill as soon as possible.

Cost for the tour has been set at $550.00 and the dates are July 10 -17, 2004. We are trying to arrange for a bus this time -- but we need to know if there will be enough people to make this possible.

The tour will head to Memphis, Tennessee, Shreveport, Louisiana, Dallas, San Antonio and Galveston, Texas, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Birmingham, Alabama.

Arrangements are being made to visit the National Scout Museum as well as the National Scout Office area. Perhaps when we stop in Birmingham we can have a rain - free concert at the wonderful Scout
Office Building / Park and have some of Chef Curtis's delicious BBQ ribs again! Don't miss out -- get an application filled out and turned in at the next band event.

                                                                  Recharter of Crew 559

Yes, it's that time of year again. Registration is $11.00 and can be paid from your account funds, or cash or check. Keith Hartzog will be providing a notice to all current registered crew members with a status
                                                                        of their account funds.

If you have a primary registration in another Troop or Crew and would like to be included in the band's crew just fill out an application and we can register you as a multiple member at no cost.

All the band's youth females must register with our crew, or be registered in another crew.

                                                            Lindstrom / Stansbury Wedding

 The band has received an invitation to the Patrick Lindstrom and Sarah Stansbury wedding to be held Saturday, December 27 at 5:30 PM. The wedding will be at the Pleasant Run United Church of Christ
 located at 59 East Pleasant Run Parkway South Drive in Indianapolis. A reception is following at the Valle Vista Country Club -- 755 East Main Street, Greenwood. Please RSVP to the Stansbury's at 1640
                                                           Ridge Hill Lane, Indianapolis 46217 by December 10th.

                                                                         Dome Events

                                           There are a few remaining events at the RCA Dome and we can still use ALL the help we can get!

December 14 -- Colts game -- report time (could change) is 9:30 AM -- was told that TV may rule and this game COULD POSSIBLY change to a late evening game.

December 20 -- IU vs UK Basketball game -- report time is 9:30 AM -- tip off is at 12 noon

December 21 -- Colts game (LATE GAME)-- report time is 5:00 PM -- Kickoff is 8:30 PM

January 24 -- Monster Truck Jam

With the way the Colts have been playing there is a STRONG chance that we will have home playoff games in January. -- The dates, times, etc. will not be known until later in December -- we will try and
keep everyone posted via email and phone calls.

To sign up to work of if you have questions, call Shirley Wiker at 487-9412 or Mr. Bill at 542-8057.

                                                                      Open House 2004

 At the last BBBC Board meeting as we were planning for the annual Open House it was determined that we could have conflicts in January with the Colts potential playoff games. This happened a few years
                                     ago and it was hard not having all of the band at the Open House to greet and meet with potential new members.

To alleviate this conflict the board decided that the Open House should be scheduled for Sunday, February 8, 2004. This also falls on the date that we normally have our anniversary / birthday concert. We
will attempt to combine the two events this time and have an open house with a concert setting.

Letters will be prepared and mailed to over 4,000 registered scouts and crew members in the central Indiana area.

 Pizza SaleOnce rehearsals start in January, we will have a Super Bowl Pizza Sale using the Chicago Pizza program that we tried last year. Sheets will be available at the January 4th rehearsal -- they will need
                        to be turned in at rehearsal on January 18th. Pizzas will be delivered at rehearsal on January 25th for you to pick up to deliver to your customers.

                                                       John - Doug & Debbie's Wacky Column

                                     A column that is entertaining as well as informative about the band. We have had a brief hiatus, but we are back!

To recap, because you might have slept since the last column appeared. Howard Foster one the Wacky Trivia question about the uniform color (White). Howard received a $15.00 gift certificate to Steak and

The last Trivia Question had NO winner! The question was -- which band member played with the great piano man Billy Joel? The answer: John Valdez! When John was with AUL and Billy Joel was in
town for a concert, Billy was at the club at the top of the AUL building practicing. The President of AUL (being friends with Billy Joel) told John that there was someone that he would like him to meet and
the next thing John knew he was sitting in and playing drums with Billy Joel while his drummer took a break.

This newsletter's Wacky Trivia Question:

Which Band Director did a handstand on the chimney (of the old Gyro Dining Hall at Belzer) while playing his trumpet? Bonus Question: (as if the first wasn't hard enough) -- Who was the first person
(and the only person) to come up to Doug and mention to him that he forgot to submit his Wacky Article in the last newsletter?

Answer the question by emailing your answers to Doug Whitcomb at or snail mail to 1697 South 700 West; New Palestine, IN 46163. Answers will be deposited into Dougie's "thingy" and
before the next newsletter is published a winner will be awarded a prize.


 Bill Schmidt and his friend and Debbie Wheat for showing up to direct on October 26 in Howard's absence and Bob et al being at the dome for a Colts Game, but no one else showed up for rehearsal.
                                                              (Sorry Bill -- but THANKS for the extra effort!)

Chris Estes for achieving his First Class Rank -- keep your eye on the Eagle at the end of the trail!

All Dome workers who have put forth extra efforts -- particularly when we have been "short-handed". Without your help and dedication the band would be hurting financially!

                                                                       December Dates

7 1:00 PM Dixieland Rehearsal

1:45 PM Crew Meeting

2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal

WCHS Orchestra Room

10 7PM BBBC Board Meeting

Schofield's House

13 4:30 PM Christmas Concert at Glendale

Following Concert -- Pizza Party at Camp Belzer

14 Colts Game - Report time 9:30 AM - Call Shirley (487-9412) if you can work

20 IU vs UK Basketball at RCA Dome -- report time 9:30 AM - Call Shirley if you can work

21 Colts Game - report time 5:00 PM - Game is at 8:30 PM -- Call Shirley if you can work

27 Lindstrom / Stansbury Wedding 5:30 PM - Pleasant Run United Church of Christ

                                                             NO REHEARSALS DECEMBER 14 - 21 - 28

                                                                    January 2004 Dates

4 1:00 PM Dixieland Rehearsal

1:45 PM Crew Meeting

2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal

WCHS Orchestra Room

11 2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal

WCHS Orchestra Room

18 2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal

WCHS Orchestra Room

24 Monster Truck Jam at RCA Dome

25 2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal

WCHS Orchestra Room

28 7PM BBBC Board Meeting

                                                                       February Dates

1 1:00 PM Dixieland Rehearsal

1:45 PM Crew Meeting

2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal

WCHS Orchestra Room