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MAY - JUNE - JULY 2003


Sunday, May 18 marks the final rehearsal for the 500 Race weekend activities. If you are interested in going to the race with the band try and make this rehearsal. Permission slips will be available for parents to sign so we won't have a long delay as we try to board the buses on race day.

Remember rehearsals START at 2:00 PM at Warren Central High School. Meet in the Orchestra Room, but the majority of the time will be spent in marching practice outside -- so dress accordingly.

On Friday, May 23 we will be having our friends from Michigan and Pennsylvania joining us at Camp Belzer for the weekend and to participate in the 500 Race activities. Anyone from the band is invited (and encouraged) to come and stay with them for all or part of the weekend. Some folks will be staying Friday through Monday, and others will be arriving on Saturday and leaving early Monday morning. We need BAND MEMBER help to serve as host / hostesses to our guests. We will provide a snack Friday evening, breakfast on Saturday and then have a picnic style dinner Saturday night. Sunday morning we will have coffee, juice, milk and donuts available prior to our EARLY departure for the track. If you can help out over the weekend at Belzer please call Bob Wiker at 356-9678.

RACE DAY -- SUNDAY MAY 25 the band will be participating in the pre-race pageant at the 500 track. You must REPORT TO CAMP BELZER no later than 4:45 AM on Sunday morning. We will be boarding busses at 5 AM and heading to our rendevous point with the other participating bands. We will NOT be able to have a dual pick up point as we have done in previous years -- it causes to many headaches for the folks in charge of putting the "show" together. Belzer will be our ONLY pick up and drop off point again this year.

Buses will leave Belzer by 5:15 AM -- no exceptions. NO PERSONAL VEHICLES ARE ALLOWED TO TRAVEL WITH THE BUSES AND TRUCK IN THE ESCORTED CARAVAN. The cost to help defray the rental of the buses is $15.00 per person -- that gets you to and from the track, a box lunch, a track souvenir and a ticket to the race. The tickets will probably be in the outer stands between turns 3 and 4 as they have been the last several years.

Buses will return to Camp Belzer approximately two (2) hours after the race is over (winner, red flag, rain, etc.) In the past we have arrived back at Belzer around 4:30 - 5:00 PM.

Uniform for the parade will be the standard LONG Scout pants and Dark Green Venture Shirt for band members. For Color Guard members, it will be the standard class A Scout uniform with LONG pants. You may bring a change of clothes to change into AFTER we have finished on the track. It is preferred that you arrive IN uniform (as much as possible) to save time once we get to the track.

A permission slip MUST be filled out for ALL participants and turned in PRIOR to boarding the bus. If you are NOT returning with the band on he buses following the race, we must have a SIGNED statement from your parent / guardian or you will NOT be permitted to leave. It is preferred that the person who is picking you up at the track meets you in the bus parking area inside Gate 9A (Northwest - Turn 4 area).


Kevin DeBruyne Open House

Kevin DeBruyne will be graduating from Avon High School on Friday, May 30, 2003. (Where does the time go -- and don't these kids grow up FAST!)

Band members have been invited to an open house on Saturday, May 31st at the DeBruyne's from 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Their address is 145 North County Road 1050 East, Indianapolis. (West side of the city.) If you need further directions or information call Kevin or his mom at 271-1329.

Venturing Youth ProtectionThe NEW Venture Youth Protection will be offered to youth and adults during Shakedown on June 8th. All those going on tour are required to hold a current certification in VENTURE Youth Protection. For those registered with Crew 559 but not going on tour, you should plan to attend this portion of shakedown so your certification will be current.

Training Center DedicationThe band has been asked to perform for the dedication ceremonies for the new Volunteer Training Center located at Camp Belzer. The dedication will be held on Monday, June 16 from 5:30 - 7:00 PM at the Center.

Details will be announced at upcoming rehearsals as far as specific times and our involvement. At this writing, we have been asked to play during the gathering / social period which has yet to be determined.

The BBBC has decided to use this event as our "pre-tour rehearsal" that we started doing prior to tour departure several years ago. Those that are going on tour are asked to make every effort to be at this performance so we can fine tune our show for tour. Following the dedication, we will load the band's equipment truck with the instruments etc. and be ready for departure two days later.

Cookout on the CircleSince the date was changed from the published date, the band will not be able to participate in this event this year. We planned to use this venue as our "start" before we left town June 19th. We will be in Rapid City, South Dakota on June 26 when this years event is held.

Congratulations to Philip Graves

Philip Graves has been selected to participate in the Indiana University Honors Program in Foreign Languages. Philip will be studying in Ciudad Real, Spain for seven weeks this summer.

This is a distinct honor, since the number of candidates started at 600 and through a process of applications, testing and personal interviews, the selection committee narrows the list to 30 students to participate in each of the programs.

Philip will be attending classes in the morning each day, and then in the afternoon participate in planned activities such as theater, singing, dance and cooking. He will be living with a host family and during the entire time will not be allowed to speak English -- only Spanish!

Good Luck Philip -- we will be anxious to hear of your experiences when you return.

Harvey U. Gill Award

It is that time of year for people to submit nominations for the Harvey U. Gill Award to the Alumni Association.

As a reminder, the Harvey U. Gill Award was established by the Alumni Association in 1992 to recognize a youth member of the band who displays traits that Harvey Gill felt important in a young person's life. Dedication and commitment to the band and its activities, advancement in the Scouting program, earning money to help pay for your tours and living the Scout Oath and Law in your daily life.

Harvey was the band's Director from 1947 to his death in 1977 and devoted much time and effort to ensuring the band's success. Only one youth each year is recognized with the special award. To obtain an application or get further details contact Debbie (Miller) Wheat, President of the Alumni Association at 541-0598.

F.O. Belzer Award

The Alumni Association in addition to the Harvey U. Gill Award, established a permanent award to recognize an outstanding adult member of the band. This award is presented at the annual picnic. Applications can be obtained and submitted through the Alumni Association, but it is the previous recipients of the Belzer Award who review and select the annual recipient.

Colts Season Discussions

The BBBC Board is reviewing and discussing the commitment we want to make to the RCA Dome for the upcoming season. WE NEED A BIGGER POOL OF MANPOWER! If you are interested in helping on a regular basis please contact Shirley Wiker at 487-9412 or any member of the Board. You must be at least 16 years old. We have reviewed other options, but the best return for our time involved remains with the Dome. There are approximately 18 events during the year and we need to have FULL staff of at least 12 people for each event. One consideration the Board is discussing is permitting those working events to decide what they want done with their earnings. For example, it could still go to a personal account to be used for band or other scouting activities, or if you choose, your share could be paid directly to you for you to do what you want with your money.

Please give the Board members some feedback so we will be better able to make decisions in the next month. The first pre-season Colts games are in August. Our contract needs to be submitted by the end of June.

Teton / Yellowstone Tour

After much concern and teeth-gnashing it appears our planned tour to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks is going to become a reality! As of this writing we will have a tour of 24 - 26 participants (we could use some more trumpets and percussion!)

Shakedown is schedule for Sunday, June 8 from 12 noon to 5 PM at Warren Central High School. *PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A DIFFERENT DATE THAN WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED.* At that time those going on tour need to have a current physical on file and have all fees paid. Treasurer, Keith Hartzog has provided everyone with statements that is signed up for the tour. It indicates how much has been paid and what you still owe. If you have questions, call Keith at 897-5726 or 542-8057.

At shakedown you will be issued your tour T shirts, hat and tour book and have any last minute questions or concerns answered. It will also give Howard a final chance to finalize the tour repertoire based on the instrumentation we will have on tour. It is very important that if you are planning to go on tour that you make shakedown so we can finalize these details!

Kudos For the Month

Bob and Carol Wiker who have agreed to serve as host and hostess for our guests during the 500 Race weekend. They will gladly use any help YOU might give them. (Particularly on Monday 5/26 when we need to clean up the camp and buildings!)

Carl Wiker who again has secured donations from Krispy Kreme Donuts and Sam's Club to help out with our food preparations on race weekend.

Philip Graves who will be participating in the IU Honors Program in Foreign Language.

Kevin DeBruyne who will be sitting (and we are anticipating successfully completing) for his Eagle Board of Review on Thursday May 22nd.

All of our High School and College graduates. (For fear of leaving someone out will not try to name them by name -- as mentioned previously these "young" members don't stay young that long and things like graduations creep up on us "oldsters")

Eldon Lorenzen who was married on Saturday, May 10th. Congratulations Eldon!

Buddy McLaren who is doing a fine job as Crew President and holding regular Crew meetings -- even if we can't get everyone there! Also for his help during 500 weekend! (Happy Birthday too!)

Competition for Band Council Strip
At the April Board meeting, it was noted that we are fast approaching several "milestones" in the band's history. In 2007, the band will mark it's 90th anniversary and in 2017 it will be 100 years since F.O. Belzer founded the band.

It sounds like a long time away -- but just like these "young" kids -- these anniversaries will mature before we know what hit us! In that perspective, we want to lay some ground work to mark these special years and celebrate in style.

One item mentioned was to develop a council strip for the band that only band members would be able to wear. So all you artists out there start drawing some ideas and submit them to the BBBC for judging and selection.

May Dates

18 1:00 PM Crew 559 meeting
2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal (marching practice) Warren Central High School
25 500 RACE -- report to Camp Belzer by 4:45 AM return approximately 5 PM Cost is $15.00
28 7:00 PM BBBC Board Meeting
Schofield's House
June Dates1 2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal
Warren Central High School
8 12 Noon -- 5:00 PM TOUR SHAKEDOWN
at Warren Central High School -- MUST have fees paid, medical turned in by this date. Shirts, hat and tour books will be issued at Shakedown. Bring your instrument.
16 Perform for the Center for Volunteer Training Dedication Ceremony at Camp Belzer -- Will start playing around 5:30 PM. Will be using this as our "dress rehearsal" for tour. .

July Dates

30 7:00 PM BBBC Board Meeting
Schofield's House
August Dates9 Possible concert at Christ Presbyterian Church
10 State Fair Parade (?)
15 Colts Pre Season Game
16 Sakima District Parade -- Middleton, IN Report at 9:00 AM in Middleton
17 Band Annual Picnic and Awards
24 2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal
Warren Central High School
27 7:00 PM BBBC Board Meeting
Schofield's House
29 Colt Pre Season Game
31 NO REHEARSAL -- Labor Day Weekend
September Advance Dates7 2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal
Warren Central High School
26-27 Red Hawk Camporee
Johnson County Park