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President Harrison Memorial ConcertThe band has been requested to perform once again at the annual wreath laying ceremony at the grave of President Benjamin Harrison.  This ceremony will take place Saturday, August 17 at 9:30 AM.  Please plan to arrive by 8:45 so we can get everyone uniformed and have the seating arranged.

The Harrison grave is located on the south side of the cemetery.   You can enter either the main entrance north of 38th Street and Clarendon Road or the 34th Street Entrance off of Boulevard Place.  When you enter the cemetery, follow the white lines in the road and they will lead you to the Harrison Grave (watch for the band truck parked nearby.)

We are scheduled to play at 9:30 for approximately 30 minutes, then the ceremony will  begin and the wreath from President Bush will be placed at the grave.  Following the ceremony, we will play again as people leave the area.

For those not aware, it is the custom that ALL former presidents be remembered on their birthday by the current President by the placing of a wreath at their grave.  This will be the second time the band has had the honor to participate in this remembrance.

The Crown Hill Heritage Foundation and the President Benjamin Harrison Home are encouraging as many scouts to participate in this annual event.  They encourage us to invite as many scouts and leaders to attend the program as possible.  They would like to see this event grow into an annual Indiana Scout gathering, much like the Lincoln celebration held in Springfield, Illinois each year.

If you have any questions, call Bill at 542-8057.

Annual Picnic -- Sunday August 18thThe band's annual picnic and award presentations will be Sunday, August 18 at Camp Belzer. This is a great event to meet everyone in a casual atmosphere and share experiences and prepare for the start of our new program year!

We will gather at 3:00 PM at the Kiwanis Shelter (the one next to the parking lot) and begin the program at 3:30 PM.  Dress is casual.

This will be the time that the Belzer Band Booster Club Officers and Directors will be elected as well as youth officers of the band.  Everyone will be recognized with attendance awards for the past year and three special awards are presented at this time.  The Good Scout Award presented to an adult in the band by the youth, the Harvey U. Gill Award presented by the Alumni Association to an outstanding youth member of the band and the F.O. Belzer Award presented to an outstanding adult of the band.  You don't want to miss this once a year event!

Also at the picnic, we will hold an auction for the youth to participate in --  using the band bucks they earned during the year.  Auction pieces will include many different items, but will culminate with the auctioning of an ALL EXPENSE paid tour for 2003!  The successful bidder for the tour, will not have to pay for his/her tour next year -- it will be paid for by the BBBC.

Back by popular demand is the BBBC cake auction.  If you would like to donate a cake to the auction, check it in with Sylvia Schofield when you arrive.  During the meeting part of the picnic, we will hold an auction for the cakes -- all monies go to the band's general fund.  If memory serves me correctly we had one cake go for $45.00!

The annual BBBC dues are collected at the picnic as well from adults wanting to support the Belzer Band Booster Club, the organization that sponsors the band.  Dues are $5.00 per adult and can be paid to the BBBC Treasurer, Keith Hartzog.  The dues are NOT to be confused with the registration fees that are collected in January for those wanting to register with Venture Crew 559.  The BBBC dues go to the band's general fund to support the band's general expenses such as the truck, and its maintenance and insurance.

When the "meeting" part of the picnic is over, we will sit down for the "eating" part of the day. The band will supply the meat, drink and buns.  We ask that you bring two dishes (salad, casserole, desert, etc.) and your own tableware.

If you have any questions or need further information, please call Bill at 542-8057.  We look forward to a great turn out as we reminisce about our Nova Scotia tour and lay out the plans for our 2003 Tour to ?????????  (Come and find out the dates and the location at the picnic)

Nick Herran -- Eagle Court Of HonorNick Herran has invited the band to perform at his Eagle Court of Honor on Sunday, September 15 at 2:00 PM.  The Court of Honor will be held at the St. Alphonsus Catholic Church in Zionsville, Indiana.

Unfortunately, this is the same date as the Colts home opener at the RCA Dome, and many of the band members will need to be working the stands.  Nick is aware of this conflict, but due to scheduling problems with the church, this was the only date available for his Court of Honor. After discussing with board members and Howard, it was decided that rather than have rehearsal on Sunday the 15th at Warren, those members NOT working the dome could still attend and participate in Nick's great achievement.

Directions to the church are to take I-65 North to the Zionsville exit.  Go about 3 miles and the church will be on your left side before you get to the downtown area of Zionsville.  For more detailed information, call Nick at 873-6662.

Nick and his family have been very active with the band for many years and it would be nice to show our support as he is presented scouting's highest honor!  If you are not working the dome -- plan to attend and play at Nick Herran's Court of Honor on Sunday, September 15th!

Dome Schedule is OutThe dates for the various dome events has been published.  Once again, we will be staffing stands 142 and Nacho Express 143.  We will need 17 - 21 people when both stands are open. (We only need 12 - 15 if only one stand is open, or we are 'filling' in at stand 117 for extra events.)

A sign up sheet will be available at the picnic with all of the dates and start times listed. Generally, we need to report 3  hours before the start of an event.

You must be 16 years old to work the dome, and the dress code is: white collared shirt (polo style), dark (black) pants, closed toe shoes and the band's 2002 tour hat.  Picture ID is required at check-in and search of all bags and purses might occur at check-in. The list of workers must be faxed to the dome the Thursday BEFORE the event, so we need to know ASAP if you can work. If you have questions, call Bill or Sylvia at 542-8057.

For each Colts game a person works, $25.00 goes into their personal account for use on band trips, or other scouting related functions.  For all day events (Marching Finals, etc) a rate of $5.00 per hour worked is figured for these events.  Many people are able to work to pay for all or most of their tour fee so no "out of pocket" money has to come from mom or dad to pay for the trips the band takes.

Dome dates through October are listed on the back page of this newsletter.  Dates beyond that are:

Nov. 3 - Colts game

Nov. 16 - Bands of America Finals (all day)

Nov. 17 - Colts game

Nov. 23 - Thunder Drags

Dec. 1 - Colts game

Dec. 14 - IU vs Purdue Basketball

Dec. 22 - Colts Game

Dec. 29 - Colts Game

Jan. 25 - Monster Truck Jam

Mar 1 - Supercross (Motorcylcles)

Mar 20 & 22 - NCAA

Karen at the Dome is still looking for groups to work other booths.  We can get a "headhunter" fee if we refer a group to her and they sign a contract and work for the season.  If you know of a church or school or other scout group that would be interested let Bill (542-8057) know and he'll pass it on to Karen.

2002 Nova Scotia Trip was Great!The twenty-four members of the band that went on the Nova Scotia - Prince Edward Isle tour this summer had a great time!  They will be anxious to share their experiences with you at the picnic or at a rehearsal.

Thanks to everyone who made the trip a success -- especially to our drivers -- Ms. Jeannie, Mr. Mike, Tom O'Nan, Peg Murphy, Dana Hanson, Deb Estes and Debbie Wheat!  Cindy Rowe did a SUPER job as stand in conductor at our first concert in Sturbridge, MA.

How old was John Paul Jones when we were surprised to see him on the lawn of his house at his birthday party?

How many beside the editor had "sealegs" several days after departing the Scotia Prince?

What an awesome performance at the Tattoo!  Still trying to obtain a video of the performance -- will keep you posted on the progress.

Did the ladies REALLY find out what the men wear under their kilts?

Can we save money on next year's tour by having sleeping arrangements like we saw in the barracks at the Citadel?

Wonder if our receipt is still on the wall in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island?

How many of the state birds of Maine did we kill at Camp Roosevelt?

How many ferries did we end up taking, and how many bodies of water did we cross?

Who answered the most questions correctly on Tom's Terrible Tour Test?  Find out at the picnic -- and receive your band buck prizes.

Those that participated in the tour have received an evaluation and hopefully those forms will be coming back at the picnic so we can see where things need to be changed for next years tour. They also received advance notice of the plans for the 2003 tour and an application -- AND already we have 4 applications turned in for 2003.  Come to the picnic to learn the destination for 2003 -- we will spill the beans and give you the dates now:

June 19 - 28, 2003Start planning now, you won't want to miss the fun that is planned for next year's excursion! Plans are already being made and reservations for rooms, are being  booked.  And we guarantee that Heather WILL see a moose next year!

KudosPhilip Graves who obtained his Life rank and completed the requirements for Firecrafter at Summer Camp.

William King who completed his First Class rank this summer!

Nick Herran who has achieved scouting's highest honor -- the rank of Eagle Scout.  He is added to a long list of band members who have achieved this honor.

Tom O'Nan who kept the web page up during tour.  And throughout the year.

Debbie Wheat who has handled our ink cartridge recycling program. This is a great way to add a few dollars to the band's funds.

Mary Jane Smock who once again kept us looking good on tour -- and more importantly -- smelling good!  Thanks CLL

Ms. Jeannie and Mr. Mike for another great tour.  Especially Mike's guiding us through Boston and the great dig!

Buddy McLaren for a great year as Band Youth President -- getting the word out to members and following up with things on tour.  Also for setting up a display at Pioneer District's Kickoff to encourage new membership in the band.

Randy Auble and Stonybrook Middle School for loaning us the stands used on tour this year.

Howard Foster for another great year as Director -- AND for going that extra mile (or several thousand) to meet us in Halifax after finishing his responsibilities with the Barbershop Group in Oregon!

All members that participated in the 2002 Tour who once again showed the best of scouting and represented the council and the band in a positive way throughout the ten days!

All BBBC Board Members who served the band this past year.  Without you we couldn't do what we are able to do!

August Dates17 President Harrison Concert at Crown Hill Cemetery -- report 8:45 AM play at 9:30

17 Colts Preseason Game -- report time 3:30 PM -- Call Sylvia if you can work 542-8057

18 Band Picnic -- 3:00 PM at Camp Belzer

BBBC Dues due / BBBC Elections

Awards Presented

24 Colts Preseason Game -- report time 3:30 PM -- Call Sylvia if you can work 542-8057

28 7 PM BBBC Board Meeting -- Schofield's

September Dates8 2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal

Warren Central High School

15 2:00 PM Band at Nick Herran's Eagle Court

St. Alphonsus Catholic Church - Zionsville

15 Colts Home Opener -- report time 9:30 AM call Sylvia if you can work 542-8057

22 2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal

Warren Central High School

25 7 PM BBBC Board Meeting - Schofield's

29 2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal

Warren Central High School

October Dates5 Circle City Classic Dome report time 1:30 PM call Sylvia if you can work 542-8057

6 2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal

Warren Central High School

6 Colts Game -- report time 9:30 AM  -- call Sylvia if you can work 542-8057

13 2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal

Warren Central High School

13 Colts Game -- report time 9:30 AM -- call Sylvia if you can work 542-8057

20 2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal

Warren Central High School

26 ISSMA Marching Finals at Dome -- report time 7:00 AM -- call Bob Wiker if you can work 356-9678

27 2:00 PM Full Band Rehearsal

Warren Central High School

30 7 PM BBBC Board Meeting Schofield's