Scout Band
May 2002

May 2002


500 Race Activities Schedule

    This abbvreviated newsletter contains information for the 500 weekend and for tour.  Please read this information and keep iin a secure place for the month of May and June -- another newsletter will be produced in late May or early June (hopefully) to hightlight other band activities and plans.

    Thanks to everyone who showed up for the Mini-Marathon this last Saturday -- we did a great job and the runners appreciated our efforts!

    The band WILL NOT be performing in the 500 parade -- but we will be participating in the prerace pageant at the track on Sunday, May 26th.

    Our guest from Michigan and Pennsylvania will be joining us again and we can use all the help from OUR OWN members to host and greet these fine folks and show our Hoosier Hospitality while they are in town.  They will be arriving Friday night, May 24th and will spend the weekend at Camp Belzer.  We will supply snacks upon their arrival and help them get settled.  Anyone from the band is welcome to stay at Belzer for the weekend.

    On Saturday we will prapare and serve breakfast and then have a picnic meal in the evening.  Early to bed Saturday night because rise and shine time on Sunday will be VERY early.  Shower house will be available to those staying for the weekend.

    Whether you stay or not -- REPORT TIME ON RACE DAY IS 4:45AM -- and ONLY AT CAMP BELZER!  Because of the confusion last year, we will NOT be picking up or dropping off at Builders Square or anywhere on the west side.  EVERYONE must leave from Camp Belzer.  Five buses have been ordered -- and will depart from camp at 5:00am so we can meet up with the caravan by 6:15am.  Please arrive and be ready to leave from Belzer IN UNIFORM -- if you need one of ours, we will provide that once we are at the track, but there is little time to get dressed and ready -- whatever uniform parts you own -- wear them when you get on the bus at Belzer.

    Bring a chage of clothes, once we have finished marching around the track you can get "comfortable".  Box lunches are provided as well as tickets for the race.  The cost is $15.00 per person and must be paid BEFORE you board the bus.  Keith Hartzog will be available to take your money and provide a ticket to you Saturday or Sunday.

    Anyone who will NOT be coming back with us from the track must have a permission slip signed by their parent or guardian and MUST provide that to Bill Schofield BEFORE we depart from Belzer.  If you are meeting someone at the track -- they must meet you at our location inside GATE 9 and report before you leave the area.

    At the end of the race (checkered flag, red flag, rain postponed, etc.)  You must report back to the buses within 30 minutes.  Please do not make everyone wait and be late in leaving the track -- start back to the buses as soon as the race is over.  We will return to Camp Belzer approximately 2-2.5 hours after the race is finished.

    Any questions about the overnight weekend plans at Camp Belzer call Bob Wiker or Buddy McLaren (e-mail and it will be forwarded).  Any questions about the race activities in general please call Bill Schofield (use e-mail link)

    Remember that NO personal vehicles will be allowed in the caravan to the track.  We will be located inside the GATE 9A (Northwest -- Turn 4 area) along with all the other buses and schools.

Nova Scotia Tour Update

    The tour to Nova Scotia and PEI (Prince Edward Island) is still on -- BUT with modifications.  Since we did not have enough people sign up to make bus transportation cost effective -- and by a vote of those present at rehearsal, rather than cancel the tour or go somewhere else -- we will still do the Canadian tour -- but use several 15 passenger vans instead of a bus.  Mr. Mike and Ms. Jeannie have agreed to serve as two of our van drivers and will be going with us.  The cost is still $650.00 per person -- BUT there is a chance that money will be refunded after the tour is completed and all expenses are covered.

    Shakedown is being scheduled for Saturday, June 15 at Warren -- all those going on tour should plan to be there for that to turn in medicals and get shirts, hats and all information.

    Any questions or to sign up -- please e-mail Bill Schofield.  If these changes are not to your liking and you wish to cancel your reservation -- please call Bill as soon as possible -- rooms and tickets are being purchased in May.

Home Place Concert

    Each  year the band performs at the Home Place Founder's Day picnic -- this used to be a parade, but is now a sit down concert.  It will take place on Saturday, June 8th at the Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church at 445 East 111th street, Carmel, Indiana.  We will play around 11:30am and we usually are invited to stay for lunch and join their activities.

Cookout on the Circle

    The council's Cookout on the Circle is scheduled for Thursday, June 20 with a raindait of Friday, June 21.  The Dixieland Band has been asked to play again this year (if you haven't come to practice with the Dixieland Band this year, now would be a good time to come) -- if you are able to help out call Tom O'Nan (email) or Debbie Wheat.

Carmelfest Parade

   Before we leave Indy on tour, we will participate in the Carmelfest Parade in Carmel.  So those who are NOT going on tour can come and help us out and then bid us farewell as we head to Erie, PA for our first night on tour.