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The band will be celebrating the start of its 85th year at our annual Scout Anniversary Month Concert on Sunday, February 24th at 2:00 PM. All parents, grandparents and friends of the band are invited to attend as we kick off this special year in the band's history.

The concert will take place in the Orchestra Room where we practice. Please plan to arrive by 1:15 so we can get you uniformed and in place to start the concert promptly at 2 PM. If you do not have a dark green shirt -- the band's supply will be there so you can borrow one.

Wear your long Scout pants, or if you don't have those we can loan those to you also. The important thing is to be there so we can have a good performance!

We will serve refreshments following the concert and get to know one another better. Invite your troop members to come and hear you perform, and maybe you can recruit a few new members into the band.

Those that haven't been around for a while are encouraged to come and help us celebrate this special anniversary!

Band Welcomes 29 New Members at Open House

At the band's open house on Sunday, January 20 and subsequent weeks after that event, twenty-nine new members have come to practice. Many of the first time attendees had such a great time, they brought their friends and family members to join in on the fun!

As was explained at the open house, we know you have many other activities that fill up your time so you may not be with us EVERY week -- and that's OK! Just come as often as you can, because the more you see the music and hear it played, the easier is will get for you.


Pie Sale in Progress

The band is currently selling fresh fruit pies and pecan pies. Orders are being taken through March 17 and then the pies will be available for pickup either Saturday March 23 or 30. (Confirmation will be made with the Pie Peddler and the exact date will be announced during rehearsals and on the web.)

Pies available for $8.00 each are: Apple, Dutch Apple, Cherry, Peach and Blueberry. Pecan pies are $9.00 each. Money is turned in after your pies are delivered. Several new members in the past have been able to earn up to half of their tour fees through pie sales.

If you would like a pie sheet pick one up at rehearsal or call Sylvia at 542-8057 and arrangements will be made to get you one.

500 Activities

May is just around the corner -- REALLY! Contact has already been made for the mini marathon, the parade and the pre race activities. If you want to be a part of these great events -- check in at rehearsals for updates and as weather gets warmer for some practice marching.

Our friends from Michigan have already made contact and are planning to come and help support us by carrying flags. They will be staying at Camp Belzer and our youth are welcome to join in and serve as hosts during their visit.

For race day -- the main change will be that ALL participants must meet at Camp Belzer. We will NOT have anyone assemble on the west side as we have done the last few years. Stay tuned for more updates.

Survey Says

The survey that was in the December newsletter proved one of three things:

A) Everything with the band is great and everybody is happy and no changes need to be made.

B) Nobody reads the newsletter.

C) Nobody thinks their opinion counts.

The feeling is that none of these answers (unless maybe B) is accurate. Only five responses were received from the survey -- and 4 of those were from out of town and from former members!

If you missed the survey -- please refer to the website and find the newsletter from December 2001 in the archives and take the time to answer it and send your responses to: 5423 Mark Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46226 or fax to 317-543-3270 or email your responses to Thanks!

Last Newsletter for Several People

To help save Dr. McCord on postage expenses (he has been very helpful in providing postage for the newsletter mailing for many years!) this will be the LAST newsletter you will be receiving if you haven't been to rehearsals for a long time and we haven't heard from you.

If you want to continue receiving the newsletter, please let us know that you are still interested in the band's activities and there might be a chance you will come back and sit in with us on occasion.

This does NOT apply to adult or alumni members who are receiving the newsletter to keep you current with the band's activities. This is to the YOUTH members who have not been around for at least six months.

Crew 559 To Present Program at Pioneer District's March Roundtable

The crew leadership volunteered to present the program at the Venture breakout session of Pioneer District's March Roundtable. The roundtable will be Thursday, March 14 at Irvington Presbyterian Church at 55 South Johnson Avenue.

If you can help out or need more information call Crew President, Buddy McLaren at 356-9678.

Sectional Rehearsals at Rehearsal

At the last BBBC Board meeting it was suggested that we incorporate "sectional" rehearsals from time to time within the rehearsal time. The amount of "sectional" time will depend on the number showing up at rehearsals and the availability of adults or others to help lead the sectional.

Howard will determine the time and type of sectional. He might suggest a certain piece to be worked on, or if you are having a particular problem with a piece, you could suggest that it be worked on in this smaller setting.

The end goal is to help the newer members and those learning their instrument to feel more comfortable with the music and build confidence. For the older experienced players, we will be looking to you for leadership with this process.

Nova Scotia / P.E.I. Tour Plans Set

"Mr. Mike" and "Ms. Jeannie" met with "Mr. Bill" a week or two ago and have set the itinerary for the 2002 Tour. There is still time to join in on this great experience! If there is even a SLIGHT chance you will be going -- get an application turned in so you won't be left behind.

Get an application at rehearsal or call Mr. Bill at 542-8057. The maps, and pictures of the areas we will be touring are very exciting -- see for yourself at rehearsal where a copy of last year's Nova Scotia International Tattoo program is available to review.

The itinerary will be as follows: details as far as accommodations, meals and concerts will come later as we know how many for sure we are scheduling for. Speaking of meals -- the ad for Nova Scotia's McDonald's features their McLobster Sandwich! So who's ready to try a McLobster?

We'll leave Indianapolis on July 4 either at 7 AM or after we finish the Carmel Fest parade. Our first stop will be in Erie, Pennsylvania -- this will be a travel day only and no concert will be scheduled. On day 2, we will travel to Sturbridge, Massachusetts and arrive in time to perform a concert. Day three will take us into Boston where we will tour some of the sites, visit the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) and then head on to Portsmouth, Maine and see John Paul Jones house and have dinner. From Portsmouth we'll travel on to Portland, Maine where we will board the ferry at night. As we travel across the Atlantic we will rest aboard the ferry and "wake up" the next morning in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. (If we're lucky we might see whales and other marine life as we traverse the Atlantic!) This will be Day 4 (Sunday, July 7 -- the final day of the Nova Scotia International Tattoo, (visit their website at where we have seats reserved for the final matinee performance! We will spend two days in the Halifax / Dartmouth area and visit Peggy's Cove, perform a concert, tour the Atlantic Maritime Museum, and the famed Nova Scotia Citadel. From Nova Scotia we will head north to Pectou and Ferry across to Prince Edward Island. On PEI we will tour the area made famous in "Anne of Green Gables" and other sites, perhaps perform a concert and then head west to Muncton, New Brunswick where we will spend the night. (Don't tell Sylvia we have to cross a LONG bridge from PEI to New Brunswick!)

From Muncton we will travel to the Stowe, Vermont area where the band stopped in 1996. We will arrange to visit and perform again at the Von Trapp Lodge in Stowe. The Von Trapp Lodge gets its name from the Von Trapps made famous in the Sound of Music. It is the Stowe, Vermont area that they settled in when they left Austria. In 1996, we were fortunate to run into and meet Marie, the daughter of the Captain and Maria.

From Stowe we will head into the Buffalo, New York area and visit Niagra Falls, and take in some of the other sites in the area and perform a concert.

From Buffalo we will head back to Indianapolis and use the final day as a total travel day and not plan any concerts, etc. We should be arriving back on the 13th of July rather than the 14th

which will give everyone Sunday to recuperate and bask in the memories of this tour.

Don't be left out -- get your application in as soon as possible. We will only be taking one bus and the truck -- a total of 50 participants! Make sure YOU are one of them!

Kudos for the Month

All new members who visited us at the open house and have ben coming back on a regular basis.

Buddy McLaren for working with the youth leadership and making sure everyone feels welcome and also for volunteering to take an active role in the Venture activities.

Carl and Trish Wiker for helping get the refreshments and "reception" set up after the open house.

Mary Jane Smock and Sylvia Schofieldfor making sure everyone who attended the open house got registered and received the information about the band.

Ann Collyear who volunteered for her "first" Dome event at the Supercross -- we worked short and things were hectic -- but she did a great job keeping nachos and popcorn coming!

Bob Wiker for all the support both in front of the band and behind the scenes to make things run smooth.

Debbie Wheat, Bob Wiker and Janet Foster for working one on one with our new players to help them adjust and feel comfortable. They have played trumpet, "clumpet" and percussion.

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