The band's annual open house that was held on Sunday, January 21st and subsequent Sunday rehearsals have
brought 27 new members to the band. Some of the new members have had PERFECT attendance since they
first started attending! New members have come from all over the council. If YOU haven't been to a rehearsal
in awhile you need to come back and see how the band has continued to grow. We are averaging 30 - 40
players at each rehearsal!

The band thanks the Crossroads of America Council for assisting with the invitation to the youth of the council,
and to the youth and adult leadership of the band that assisted in preparations for the open house.


                                                                                      Trey Birch, Fishers -- Tenor Sax
                                                                               Corey Chapman, Carmel -- Percussion
                                                                        Christopher Cord, Fountaintown -- Trumpet
                                                                                 Justin Driscoll, Indianapolis -- Oboe
                                                                                   Eric Dunnivant, Carmel -- Trumpet
                                                                                    Aaron Eberly, Avon -- Trombone
                                                                                 Matt Gardebled, Carmel -- Trumpet
                                                                            Stephen Gardebled, Carmel -- Tenor Sax
                                                                                 Joshua Hutchins, Carmel -- Trumpet
                                                                          Malcom Johnson, Indianapolis -- Trumpet
                                                                                Nathan King, Mulbery -- French Horn
                                                                             William King, Crawfordsville -- Clarinet
                                                                                          Rob Kline, Lebanon -- Oboe
                                                                                     Alex Latus, Plainfield -- Trumpet
                                                                                     Dane Love, Carmel -- Percussion
                                                                            Stephen McWilliams, Carmel -- Trumpet
                                                                           Christopher Mills, Indianapolis -- Alto Sax
                                                                                     Greg Moss, Carmel -- Percussion
                                                                         Jessica Osborn, Greenwood -- Bass Clarinet
                                                                               Ricky Parrish, Indianapolis -- Trumpet
                                                                       Charles Randolph, Indianapolis -- Percussion
                                                                            James Riddle, Indianapolis -- Percussion
                                                                         Ramiro Rincones, Indianapolis -- Tenor Sax
                                                                                 Andrew Ros, Plainfield -- Trombone
                                                                           Jordan Sutherlin, Indianapolis -- Trumpet
                                                                                  Stephen Vaughn, Avon -- Tenor Sax
                                                                        Jared Williamson, Indianapolis -- Tenor Sax
                                                                             Anthony Avant, Indianapolis -- Alto Sax
                                                                               Curtis Mickel, Indianapolis -- Trumpet

 Anthony and Curtis are two adults who just joined us a week ago. They heard about the band from one of our flyers at Musicians Repair Service. They pitched right in and helped the newer kids out as they sat in and shared their talents with us!

Welcome to each and everyone. If you have questions about anything or need additional copies of practice
music, let any of the adult leaders know and we will be happy to assist. Those that haven't been back, we
encourage you to try us for at last three weeks -- it does get easier as you begin to get better acquainted
with both the music and the members of the band! For those who are attending regularly -- THANK YOU --
and spread the word. The youth membership is the BEST recruitment method for the band. Let your troop /
crew members know about the band and invite them to come with you. If you are in a school band, invite
some of the members to come along with you to rehearsal on Sunday. If they are not a member of a troop or
crew, they can join the band's crew 559!

Tulip Time Scholarship Games

The band (Dixieland or full band depending upon availability) will be participating in the Tulip Time
Scholarship Games on Saturday April 21st. The Games are sponsored by the Children's Bette Health Institute --
Curtis Publishing Company. The games will be held at the SerVass Fitness Farm at 2345 West 44th Street (off of
Kessler Boulevard) and we are to play for the opening ceremonies at 10:00 am. Please plan to arrive by 9:30
AM. We will keep you posted at rehearsals and e-mail as to whether it will be Dixieland only or the full band
that participates.

These games are open to all youth ages 6 - 12 and offer scholarships to various colleges and universities
throughout the country. If anyone is interested (or knows someone who might be) in participating in the
games see Bill and he will get you the necessary details.

The games are promoted through the publications of the Curtis Publishing Company including Humpty
Dumpty, U.S. Kids, and Jack and Jill. Events include 200, 400 and 800 meter races, cross country races, hot shot
basketball, hot foot soccer, target tennis, spelling bee, a picture contest and a healthful recipe contest.

OOPS -- Need Better Communications

Unfortunately, there were several errors in last month's newsletter in regards to dates, times and events. The
editor apologizes for these error and will try and do a better job in the future. Last month's newsletter was a
"rush" job and a thorough proofing job was not done.

As errors were "caught" we tried to get the correct information out at rehearsals. We have learned this is not
an effective way to get the word out, as not everyone shows up to each rehearsal.

In the future, if changes are made in the published information we will do the following:

1) make announcement at rehearsals

2) have Tom post update on web site

3) have youth call members that are attending rehearsals on a regular basis (at least 1-2 times a month). The
youth who have not been around for a period of time will not be called.

If anyone has suggestions on how we can work to improve in this area, please let Bill know. Make sure Tom
and Bill have your CURRENT email address and it will be added to our list.

Dome Events

The "dome season" has finally come to a close -- we know Sylvia is going to miss these fun times! The Super
Snow-Cross event that was scheduled for Friday, March 16 HAS BEEN CANCELED. (Disregard the calendar note
on the last page, that was copied prior to learning that the event was canceled. We JUST learned of the
cancellation when we reported for the Thunder in the Dome event on Saturday.

We did learn that there is a concert scheduled August. More on this as information is received. Preseason for

Cookbooks Still Available

The band's on-going fund raiser of selling Pampered Chef Cookbooks is seeing great response! The first order
of books has been sold and we are ready to order another shipment.

The cookbooks sell for $10.00 each (there are two different books). The profit is split between your personal
account and the band's general funds. If you would like to check out the cookbooks, see Debbie Miller at
rehearsal or call her at 545-0445.


The spring pie sale is upon us. Pie sheets are available starting with rehearsal on March 11th. You will have
three weeks to sell pies. Pie sheets MUST be turned in on rehearsal Sunday, April 1st! NO ORDERS WILL BE
ACCEPTED OVER THE PHONE (INCLUDING ADD ONS)! A sheet must be turned in (in person or by fax) to Sylvia by the
deadline. Too many problems have occurred with the pie and pizza sales when we add "extras" after the
order has been called in and finalized. Only orders that are turned in by the deadline of Sunday, April 1 at 3:45
PM will be forwarded to the Pie Peddler on Monday.

Pies will be available for pick up on Saturday, April 7th between 9:00 - 10:30 AM at Camp Belzer in the canoe
yard area. Any questions, call Sylvia at 897-3809.

Buddy McLaren Eagle Project

Buddy McLaren is currently working on his Eagle Scout Project which is collecting personal care items and
sending them to the DaySprings Center. Items needed are personal care items such as combs, toothbrushes,
toothpaste, shampoo, and soap. Preference is for "individual" size or trial size.

If you would like to contribute items to Buddy's project please bring them to rehearsal on Sunday, March 18
-- that is his deadline for the collection phase of the project.

If you have any questions or need suggestions, contact Buddy at 356-9678.

Nick Herran Receives Special Honor

Nick Herran (Alto Sax / percussion player) was recently awarded his Pope Pius XII Medal for senior scouts and
explorers. Nick worked on this award with his church's youth director and parish priest and took about 15
months to complete.

What makes this so special is that Nick has earned every religious awards through the Catholic Church -- a
recognition few boys attain.

As a cub scout he earned the Parvuli Dei (translation > Children of God). This award (like the Arrow of Light) is
able to be carried over from the cub scouts into the boy scouts and the knot worn on the boy scout uniform.

Early in his boy scout years, Nick earned the Ad Altare Dei (translation > to the altar of God). This program
takes about a year and is worked on with a counselor from the scout's church. Congratulations Nick on this
special recognition!

May Activities

The next newsletter April will have all the details about the activities in the month of May. You can mark your
calendars for the following activities.

We will be playing during the Mini Marathon on Saturday May 5. Location is yet to be determined, time to
report will be around 7:30 AM.

We have submitted an application for the 500 Parade. No determination as to if or where we will participate in
the parade on Saturday, May 26.

We will be marching in the pre-race pageant at the 500 track on Sunday, May 27 and then stay for the race.

Historic Virginia 2001 Tour

Details are beginning to fall into place for the 2001 tour to the Norfolk, Virginia area. We will be departing on
Saturday June 23 and the first night will be in Beckley, West Virginia, home of the New River Gorge area. On
Sunday we will leave Beckley and head into the Norfolk, Virginia area where we will be based for the next
three days. During the time in Norfolk, we will be visiting Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, the
Norfolk Naval Base, the Air and Space Museum and take a ride on a "Tall Ship" (that's a three masted ship) in
the Bay area. Time also will be spent at Virginia Beach.

From Norfolk, we will head straight to Asheville, North Carolina so there will be a full day at the Biltmore
Estate and surrounding area. From there we will head home on Saturday, June 30th. Concerts will be played
along the way, accommodations and food will be great, (no trail lunches!) and we will have the GREATEST bus

Mr. Mike, Ms. Jeannie and Mr. Bill have been meeting the last few weeks to iron out details of the trip and
make sure we consider the suggestions and comments from previous trips. It's not too late to join in on the
fun this year's tour will offer. Get an application and turn it in to Mr. Bill as soon as possible. Total cost of the
trip is $475.00 to be paid in full by May 31st. Cost includes all meals, lodging, admissions to attractions,
transportation, four shirts and a hat. Secure YOUR seat on the bus TODAY!

Kudos for the Month

(And some missed last month)
Darrell Lorenzen for receiving his Wood Badge Beads at Pioneer District's Roundtable in December! Congratulation Darrell!

Jason Carter for earing his Ad Altare Dei Religious Medal.

Bob Wiker, Carl Wiker and Bill Schofield who received the Distinguished Commissioner Award.

All the new members who came and visited the band at open house and have continued on a regular basis!