The crossroads of America Scout band welcomes anyone who will be joining us on January 21st!  We expect a good response from the mass mailing as many calls have been received about the great schedule the band has for the year 2001.  In the next issue of the newsletter all those who have become members of this great organization will be highlighted in the "new members" section.

Being new to the band, your first exposure might be intimidating-- rest assured that as you attend rehearsals on a regular basis and begin to make new friends in the band you will gain confidence and have an enjoyable experience.

Many of the "old timers" felt just like you when they first joined, but now express how much the Scout Band has helped them gain confidence in their musical abilities and the great times they have had in performances and on tours. If you get a chance, talk with some of the members who have been around a while and you will find that they are glad they stayed with the band. We know that you are busy with school, troop and church activities-- but come around on Sunday as often as you can. YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Your parents can stay and meet other band supporters, or they can take care of errands during the 1 hours we are at rehearsal.

For those that are new to the band and as a refresher for those that have been around awhile, its appropriate to take a snapshot view of the band's rich heritage. After all, February will mark the beginning of our 84th year of operation!

Celebrating 84 years of Scouting and music in central Indiana -- THE OLDEST continuously organized Scout Band in the world! The band was organized in 1917 as a drum and bugle corps by F.O. "Chief" Belzer, who organized the group to play at summer camp at Camp Chank-tun-un-gi as Camp Belzer was formerly named. In the 1920's the corps evolved into a full concert and marching band participating in many patriotic programs, displays, parades, and council functions.

The band takes its show on the road each year during its annual tour. Tours have taken the band to 47 of the 50 states in the US, Mexico, Canada and England. We have performed at Disney World, Universal Studios, Williamsburg, Washington, D.C., three World Fairs, National Order of the Arrow Conferences (NOAC) and national Jamborees in 1950, 53, 57, 60, 64, 69, 73, 77, 85, 89, 93 and 1997. The band has played for five Presidents of the United States and the Queen of England.

The band's 2000 tour pointed us west and took us through Philmont. We went to Cimarron, New Mexico and spent three days in the Philmont area. We took a tour of Frank Phillip's home, "Villa Philmonte." We also took a hike out from Six Mile Gate to the dinosaur footprint and the petroglyphs.

From Philmont we headed to Albuquerque, New Mexico, then through the Painted Desert, Petrified Forest and the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Then on up to Zion and Bryce National Monuments in Utah and we finished at the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt lake City, Utah. We welcome you and invite you to come back each Sunday. We know everyone can't be here each week (it's NOT like school), but that makes us unique too! We NEVER have the same band except when we go on our annual tour. Join us when you can and if you have questions or concerns don't be afraid to ask.


The band's chief money earning activity is providing manpower for two concession stands at the RCA Dome.

Our booths are #142 and Nacho Express #141 (just inside Gate 1). Anyone over the age of 16 can volunteer to work and event. There is a limit to the number we can use -- so it's a "first-come first-served" for signing up to work. "Uniform" consists of dark (preferably black) pants, white shirt and band hat. Those that work an event earn $25.00 that goes into their personal account with the band. This account can be used for band tours, outings, or other scouting related activities.

There are several events in the next few months, so new members (or parents) can still earn money for your account.



The Belzer Band Booster Club sponsors Venture Crew 559. This unit was established (as an Explorer Post) in the early 1960's. As the program has evolved, females aged 14-21 were able to join the Exploring/Venturing programs

The Crew recharters in February, and all those youth and adult members whose PRIMARY registration is with the crew, must make arrangements with Keith Hartzog, Treasurer to pay the annual $8.00 fee. ALL females MUST be registered with this or another crew to participate in the band. Youths or adults who have a primary registration in another scouting unit may "multiple" into the crew if so desired.


The 500 Parade application and the application to participate at the 500 Race Activities have been submitted. No response as yet from the band Selection Committee. There are close to 100 committed to march with the band as a colorguard.


For the benefit of our guests and new members and their families, this newsletter will attempt to answer frequently asked questions about the band and its operation. The first is the will see and hear this referenced many times.

BBBC is short for Belzer Band Booster Club, Inc. which is incorporated in the State of Indiana and is the band's "owner / sponsor." the BBBC is comprised of the parents or any other interested parties of the Band. Membership dues in the BBBC are $5.00 per person per year. Generally dues are collected at the annual picnic; however ANY adult interested in supporting the and may join the BBBC membership at anytime. Just see Keith Hartzog, Treasurer to pay your dues.

The BBBC own all the band's equipment and manages all of its assets. In addition, the BBBC sponsors Venture Crew 559. The BBBC is managed by a Board of Directors that meets monthly and conducts the business of the corporations and the band. The board meetings are generally the last Wednesday of the month. Questions or concerns can be addressed to any board member, BBBC members are welcome to attend any board meeting.

Current Board Members are:


We welcome the following new members who have joined the band since the last newsletter.

BAND BUCKS-- "Monthly Checks"

Several years ago the BBBC initiated a "Band Buck" program where each YOUTH member who attends an event receives a band buck. As the youth members accumulated these band bucks for rehearsal attendance, performance attendance, etc., periodic auctions are held where only band bucks can be used. Items auctioned have included patches, luggage, and camp stoves. The "BIG"ticket item auctioned at the annual picnic. Although at a September BBBC Board Meeting, the youth presented an idea to make changes in the band buck program. This was done to assure and equal "playing field" for all youth members so that a single member has the same chances as "multiple member families" when it comes time for the auctions. Heather Scanga, Youth treasurer is responsible for maintaining a "band buck account" and issuing monthly checks to youth members. The amount of the monthly check is dependent on the amount issued at each rehearsal and the youth member's attendance at that month's activities.

Concert to Celebrate Scout Week
The band will have a Scouting Anniversary Concert in February -- either the 10th or 17th at 2:00 PM in the Orchestra Room of Warren Central High School. The band has traditionally recognized Scout Sunday as the anniversary of the band's founding. Come and join us as we celebrate our 84th birthday!

Cookbooks for Sale
As an ongoing money earning project the band is selling Pampered Chef cookbooks (two versions to choose from). The books sell for $10.00 each and $3.00 of the money comes back to the band and $1.00 goes into your personal account for use on band or other scouting activities.

See Debbie Miller (545-0445) or Sylvia Schofield (897-3809) to check out as many copies of the cookbook as you wish. Just remember -- you are responsible for turning in the money or returning the cookbooks in good condition.

Pioneer District Dinner
Adults who would like to attend the Pioneer District Dinner January 25 at the Indianapolis Marriott -- contact Keith Hartzog (897-5726) to arrange for tickets ($15.00 each). Dinner is at 6:30 PM -- program starts at 7:45PM.

2001 Tour Plans being Made
The plans for the 2001 tour are being laid out -- WILL YOU BE A PART OF THE BAND'S HIGH ADVENTURE? Dates are June 23 - 30, 2001 and the cost is $475.00 per person... Price includes transportation, all meals and lodging and admissions to the attractions we will be visiting.

We will depart Indianapolis and head to Beckley West Virginia and take in the sights of the New Gorge area. From there we will head to the historic Norfolk Virginia area and spend three days visiting Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, Norfolk, the Naval Base and perhaps ride a three masted "tall ship". When we leave the Virginia area we will head to Raleigh, North Carolina and then end at Asheville, North Carolina and visit Biltmore Estates before heading back home to Indianapolis.

If you are interested in joining the band on tour, please see Bill Schofield and pick up an application. Seats are going fast and we will not make arrangements for additional transportation until the first bus is filled!

Kudos for the Month
Jason Carter who completed his Ad Altare Dei award and will be presented this special honor at a special ceremony during Scout Anniversary Week.

Scott Fleshood who typed and published this issue of the newsletter.

Jason Blythe who has recruited two new members to the band.

Buddy McLaren who is promoting the band at school and in his troop -- AND WHO IS BEGINNING TO WORK ON HIS EAGLE PROJECT!

Shawn Smock who is knocking the pins down and earning awards almost weekly in his bowling teams! (Bowl-a-Thon is just around the corner -- watch out if he asks you to pledge!)

Those that attended University of Scouting on January 20th and became trained Venture leaders (both youth and adult)!

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