Christmas Concert Scheduled

With the Colts playing away and Monday night games in December, the band can schedule a Christmas Concert this year! (Due to game conflicts last year, we were unable to maintain our "traditional Christmas concert.)

We will begin rehearsing the Christmas music at rehearsals in November and be ready to perform (in uniform) on Sunday December 17 at 2:00 PM. Invite your family and friends to come and enjoy the season's traditional music as we hold the concert in the Orchestra Room at Warren Central High School. The BBBC will provide refreshments following the concert.

Please arrive by 1:15 PM so you can get in uniform and be ready to start the concert at 2:00, we will play for approximately an hour and then have refreshments and depart around 3:30 PM. This will be the last scheduled activity for the band for the year 2000....after the concert we will take a break until after the 1st of the year.

If you would like to arrive a little earlier, the annual Warren Tree Festival will be going on in the Performing Arts Center and Hall of Fame. There is an admission charge for this event, but it is very enjoyable and you will have the opportunity to see fifty professionally decorated Christmas trees.

Welcome to the Band

While most of the regular band members were down at the dome on October 29th, Howard and JP Patterson welcomed a new trumpet player. Daniel Robbin - Daniel was recruited by Andrew Day and is a member of Troop 152 in Pioneer District.

Chris Murphy Eagle Court of Honor

Trombone player, Chris Murphy will be recognized with Scouting's highest honor -- the rank of Eagle Scout on Saturday November 25, 2000.  Chris would like band members to come and celebrate this honor with him, but does not expect the band to perform at the Court of Honor.  The Court of Honor will be at 2:00 PM at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church located on 146th Street and Oak Ridge Road in Carmel. (Approximately one mile west of Meridian Street in Carmel.)

Shawn Smock Receives Heroism Award

At the October BBBC Board Meeting it was learned that Shawn Smock was recently recognized with the Heroism Award for Meritorious Action by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of  America.   Shawn as well as three other scouts from two troops were recognized for their action in assisting putting out a fire in an area of Brown County while on a troop hike. They were cited for their quick action in making sure young Webelos were out of danger, in sending for help and in fighting the fire before it had a chance to spread.

Congratulations Shawn -- perhaps we will see you in a future Scouts in Action in Boy's Lifemagazine.

Dome Events Keep Band Busy

This year's schedule at the dome and the extra events we have volunteered for is keeping everyone hopping -- and anxious to see the end of the year arrive!

Sylvia sends THANKS to all of the dedicated adults and youth who have been showing up for almost every event! Many of these folks have earned their tour fee by working the various activities.

It's not too late for YOU to get in on the fun and earn some money towards tour, jamboree or other scout events! Just call Sylvia to let her know when you are available.

The remainder of the KNOWN activities left through the end of the year are as follows:

Band Sweatshirts & Golf Shirts

You might have noticed that sweatshirts and golf shirts with the band's logo embroidered on the garment have been popping up at rehearsal.  If you are interested in ordering an item see Bill at rehearsal or call him at 542-8057. The sweatshirts (a 9 oz. JerZees Super Sweat in Oxford color) runs $31.75 for S - XL and $33.75 for XXL and $35.75 for XXXL. The Golf shirts are $25.00 for S - XL; $27.00 for XXL; $29.00 for XXXL and when colors are available, $30.00 for XXXXL.

A portion of each sale goes to the band's general funds.

2001 Tour Updates

As of this writing, 30% of the bus is filled with 15 applications in hand. Remember -- we will not commit to the second bus until the first bus is filled. So if you are thinking about joining in on next year's tour to the Historic East Coast -- Jamestown, Williamsburg, Norfolk, Virginia -- be sure and get an application turned into "Mr. Bill" as soon as possible.

After fifty applications have been received, the 51st is placed on a waiting list. This will be a great opportunity to visit the birthplace of our great country.

Congratulations to All High School Marching Band Finalists!

It was an impressive sight watching the state's top high school's participate in the ISMA Marching Band Finals on October 21! It was even more enjoyable knowing that some of YOU were out there marching and looking your best!

Now that the rigors of the high school marching season is over, don't forget to spend some time with us to share your talents, discipline and love of music with the next generation! We won't impose the strenuous activities you have endured over the past several months, BUT we will guarantee that you'll have a great time!

Again, congratulations to ALL of our fine musicians in the high school marching band programs. I am not going to try and recite all the schools that are represented in the Scout band, because I know I will miss one or more. (Old age)

New Venture Advisor Appointed

At a recent BBBC Board meeting, the role of the Venture Crew and the band was discussed in detail. The Board recognizes the fact that the band is in a "unique" position when it comes to unit registration. The Crew, an Explorer Post when it was first organized in the 1960's, was established to ensure that older boys who were leaving scout troops could maintain a registration with the Boy Scouts and still be a part of the band. When the Exploring program changed in the 1970's and permitted females age 14 or older to join the program, the band now was able to have females join. The program recently changed again, and the board opted at the time to become a Crew and maintain our registration with the Boy Scouts.

We recognize that because the band is composed of Boy Scouts (aged 11 - 18) and Venturers (males or females 14 -21) we must "meld" the two programs as best we can. We cannot operate solely as a crew, and we cannot operate as a troop. The majority of those participating in the band are registered as Scouts in Troops throughout the council. Crew 559 membership is primarily composed of those adults and youth who do not have another registration with the BSA. Howard, Tom O'Nan, and Randy Decker are some of the adults who have no other affiliation with scouts, other than through the Crew, likewise, all the females that participate in the band would be registered in the crew (either at the band or elsewhere).

As the issues of the Crew were discussed and reviewed by the Board, it was decided that it would be appropriate for the Crew Advisor to be the Band Director, since our Crew's "speciality" is music. This seemed like a natural selection since Crew 559's primary activity and meeting time is during rehearsals, performances and tours. Those youth members of the band who are 14 and older who want to register primarily with Crew 559 or as a "multiple" member may do so and participate in the programs and activities of the Council's Venture Program.

Following this discussion and review, the BBBC Board voted unanimously on two items: (1) Howard Foster is appointed as Crew 559 Advisor and (2) a special recognition be prepared and presented to Maurice Heitzman who had served in the Advisor's capacity for the past four years.

Kudos for the Month

Doug Whitcomb for hosting a great picnic the last two years following the New Palestine Lions Club Parade.

Joe Carter who received his Wood Badge Beads at a recent ceremony.

Monica Roe for helping out at the RCA Dome -- we really WILL let you do more then pour cokes!

Dixieland Band Members -- Tom O'Nan, Shawn Smock, Debbie Miller, Bob Wiker, John Valdez, Heather Scanga, Darrel and Eldon Lorenzen, Howard Foster who played during the gathering of the Council's Membership Celebration at Camp Belzer on October 26.

Mary Jane Smock who accepted the position of Corresponding Secretary.

O'Charley's Restaurants for the contribution they forwarded to the band.

Sylvia Schofield and Mary Jane Smock for making sure the men's room at the RCA Dome was okay and ready for use! :-) (You'll have to ask them for the details!)

President's Corner

Another GREAT for the Scout Band! What a year of highlights -- the great response to the open house in January, Troop 250 from Michigan and Duane Newby and the scouts from Mulberry that helped make a great impression at the 500 race, the AWESOME tour to Philmont and the continuation of the band's high number of Eagle Scout presentations!

Thanks to everyone that worked to make the band grow. We still have a lot to do to continue our growth and ensure the success throughout the coming years. With YOUR effort and dedication we can make great progress towards a grand celebration when we celebrate 100th anniversary in a few short years!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

"Mr. Bill"

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