Scout Band

MARCH 2000


Open House Brings 40 New Members to the Band

The band's annual open house that was held on Sunday January 16th and subsequent Sunday rehearsals have brought 40 new members to the band! Average attendance at rehearsals has been in the 40 - 50 range since the open house! New members have come from Crawfordsville, Connersville, Noblesville and Pendleton as well as the Indianapolis metropolitan area. If you haven't been to a rehearsal in a while, you owe it to yourself to come and witness the excitement in the room! Imagine TEN Alto Sax players, TWELVE percussion players, FIVE Tenor Sax players! There are calls still coming in wanting to join the band -- REMEMBER it's NEVER to late to join in on Sunday afternoon rehearsals!


Of the new members, 16 (40%) have been at 50 - 80% of the rehearsals since their first visit. Eight (20%) have been to at least 30% of the rehearsals since their first visit. In addition, 6 have signed up for the 2000 tour and another 18 have indicated an interest in the tour. It is great to see this response and commitment as the band continues to grow. And it's not over -- as the word gets out, more new faces show up each week!

Practice Music Available

As the band has grown, additional music folders have been prepared. (It was hard at open house for 10 Alto Sax players to read off of 2 books! -- We now have 4 Alto Sax Books) As the new books are being prepared, copies of practice music are being prepared and are available at rehearsals. See Howard or Bill and you can get a set of the "Blue" book, "Yellow" book, "Black" book and concert music to take home with you. Everything that is in the band's performance book is now copied and available.


The National Order of Arrow Conference will be held in August. As was mentioned at open house and in the invitation letter, the Crossroads Band has a long association with NOAC. Randy Decker is the leader of the NOAC Staff Band and is currently recruiting players. If you are a member of the Order of Arrow and would like to participate with the NOAC Band, contact Randy Decker at rehearsals, or call him at 786-6868.

RCA Dome Dates for March and April

The final events at the RCA Dome for this year are coming up. This will be your last opportunity to earn money for the band's events through the dome concession stand. Remember we credit your individual account with at least $25.00 for each event worked.

The March date is Saturday March 11 for Thunder in the Dome. Report time is 4:00 p.m. and the event starts at 7:00 p.m. The April dates are Saturday April 1 for the NCAA Final Four with a report time of 2:30 PM and Monday, April 3 with a report time of 5:00 PM.

Call Sylvia (897-3809) if you would like to work any or all of these events.

Additional Money Earning Projects To Help YOU earn Money for Tour

March Madness Pizza Sale

We will be selling (and making) pizzas that will be available in time for the NCAA Final Four Games. To kick this event off we will have a PIZZA PARTY following band practice on Sunday March 5. At that time you will be given sheets to obtain orders for pizzas (cheese, pepperoni, sausage, supreme, veggie) from March 5 - March 19. Sheets must be turned in at rehearsal on Sunday March 19. We will make the pizzas (and have them available to pick up for delivery) on Saturday March 25 at Otterbein United Methodist Church. (Otterbein is located on 21st Street just west of Emerson Avenue.)

The majority of the profit (75%) will go into your personal account, the remaining 25% will go to the band's general fund. Any questions can be directed to Sylvia, Ways and Means Chairman at 897-3809.

Easter Pie Sales

Following the pizza sale, we will have sheets available to sell fruit and cream pies, with delivery in time for Easter weekend. The sheets for the pie sales will be available at rehearsal on March 19 and orders can be taken for four (4) weeks. Sheets must be turned in at rehearsal on April 16. The pies sell for $8.00 and the selection includes cherry, apple, dutch apple, peach, blueberry, pecan, coconut cream, and chocolate cream.

The pies can be picked up at Camp Belzer on Saturday April 22 from 9:00 -- 11:00 a.m. Money can be turned in at rehearsal on Sunday, April 30. Again, 75% of the profit goes into your personal account and the remaining 25% goes into the band's general fund. These pies have been a huge success in the past and people look forward to our sales! They are fresh baked by the Pie Peddler in Dayton, Ohio.

Call Sylvia at 897-3809 to request an order form or if you have any questions.

2000 Tour Updates

As of this writing, we have 65 applications in hand for the 2000 tour to Philmont! There are another 40 "undecided" waiting to submit an application. Because of the size of this tour,


Final arrangements with lodging and restaurants must begin in April and May with final rooming lists sent to the lodging facilities by June 1st.

Those registered for tour will be receiving a current account statement to let you know where you are with the monies that have been credited to your tour account thus far. In addition, the first memo is being sent to all tour participants. We will be providing a monthly update through a memo to all registered participants so there won't be any "surprises" later. The first memo details requirements and expectations for the tour as well as an organization chart for key leadership.

Concert arrangements have been confirmed at Philmont, Painted Desert, Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. Arrangements are being made to attend the weekly organ recital at the Mormon Tabernacle and attending the broadcast on Sunday morning to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Every tour participant will be receiving a "tour book" that will have all schedules, contacts and highlights of the areas we will be visiting along the route. These will be available at Shakedown on Saturday June 3rd at Warren Central.

Remember, EVERYONE attending tour with the band must (1) be registered in Scouting, (2) have a current physical exam on a BSA Class 2 form and (3) complete the Youth Protection Training.

If you have any questions about tour, or if you (or your parent) are still not sure you should attend call Bill at 542-8057. Remember, we do have some financial assistance available if the fee is affecting your decision.


June 3rd -- Shakedown for ALL TOUR members
June 20th -- Final Rehearsal and loading of truck at Camp Belzer

Kudos for the Month

Shawn Smock who successfully completed his Eagle Board of Review in Pathfinder District.
Tom O'Nan and members of the Dixieland Bandfor their performances at three Blue and Gold banquets in February.
All members who participated and received honors at the recent State Solo and Ensemble contests!
Howard Foster who was recognized at the Pioneer District Dinner with a Share of Stock citation.
Mary Jane Smock who was recognized at the Pioneer District Dinner with an Outstanding Service to Youth Award.

The following people who received Veteran Awards at the Pioneer District Dinner:

Ryan Pike, Buddy McLaren, Shawn Smock, Crystal Heitzman, Debbie Miller (and any others that may have been omitted) who attended the Venture training offered during the University of Scouting!

500 Festival Update

We have received confirmation from Dr. Leppla of the Purdue Bands that we will be participating in the pre-race pageant on race day Sunday May 28th. Details of meeting place, costs, etc. will be given at a later time.

No word has been received yet from the 500 Festival Committee in regards to our participation in the parade, Mini-Marathon or Children's Day activities.