Plans for 2001 Tour Announced

The 2001 Tour was announced at the annual picnic in August. The band will be headed to the historic east coast June 23 - 30, 2001.

Applications are available at rehearsals, and will be accepted on a first-come / first-served basis as we fill the bus(es). To justify the expense of two buses, we will need to ensure that both have at least fifty passengers during the tour. So to ensure your seat -- get an application and deposit of $75.00 in as soon as possible. Preference will be given to playing members of the band, and then as seats are available additional non-playing participants will be able to join the tour (based on date application is submitted).

We will be departing from Camp Belzer on Saturday, June 23 and head to Beckley, West Virginia. Sights in and around the New River Gorge area will be in store for the first day. From there we will head to the Norfolk, Virginia area and establish a "base" there for three days. While there we will visit Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, Norfolk Naval Base, the Virginia Air and Space Museum and take a cruise on a tall ship -- the American Rover. From Virginia we will head into North Carolina and make a stop in Raleigh, the state's capitol and then finish at Asheville and a visit to the Biltmore Estates. We will return to Camp Belzer on Saturday, June 30.

Total cost of the tour will be $475.00 per person. Be sure and get your application in as soon as possible -- once the first 50 seats are gone, we will have to ensure that a second bus is necessary before we guarantee a seat for the 51st person. For more information or to get an application, contact Bill Schofield at 542-8057 or at rehearsals on Sunday.

Patrick Lindstrom's Eagle Court of Honor

Patrick Lindstrom will be receiving his Eagle rank at a Court of Honor on Sunday, October 1, 2000. The band has been requested to play prior to the ceremony.

The Court of Honor will take place at the Southport United Methodist Church at 1947 East Southport Road. (Take the Southport Road exit off of I-65 and go west. The church is on the south side of Southport Road just east of Madison Avenue). We have been asked to play from 1:00 - 2:00 PM, with the ceremony beginning at 2:00 PM.

Plan to arrive in Class A uniform by 12:30 PM so we can tune up and be ready to start at 1:00.

Dixieland to Perform October 7

The Dixieland Band has been asked to perform at the "Tailgate at White River Gardens" on Saturday, October 7, 2000. They will be playing from 11:30 AM -- 12:00 noon at the White River Gardens (at the Indianapolis Zoo).

This is a first time event for the White River Gardens. It is a football theme event and will have cheerleaders from the Indianapolis Colts and other football related activities during the day. The band will be providing the "half time" show!

If you can help out, show up at Dixieland rehearsals at 1 PM on Sundays or contact Tom O'Nan at 255-6004.


Editor's apology for the misspelling of Aaron Orebaugh's name in the headland of his Eagle Court in the August edition of the newsletter.

September Dates

October Dates

Dome Opportunities Abound

The chief fund raising efforts for the band's general account and the member's personal accounts is the concession stands we operate at the RCA Dome throughout the year. For each event that a person works a minimum of $25.00 goes into a personal account for their family. These funds can then be used to pay for tour or other band activities. You must be at least 16 years old and the "uniform" is a plain white T shirt and black pants, closed toed shoes. We need at least twenty people each time we work an event where both stands are open. A list of all known events is available from Sylvia at rehearsals, call Sylvia if you can work and event (897-3809 (H) or 353-9338 (W). Upcoming events are:


Our ever popular Pie Sales will be conducting in time for Thanksgiving. Pie sheets will be available at practice on Sunday, October 15. Orders can be taken for the next four weeks and then turn in the completed sheets at rehearsal on Sunday, November 5. Pies will be available for pick up on Saturday morning, October 18.

If you have questions, call Sylvia at 897-3809.

Nick Herran High Bidder for 2001 Tour

At our annual picnic on August 20th, Nick Herran was the highest bidder for the expense paid 2001 tour. Each year the BBBC auctions an expense paid tour using band bucks collected from participation at rehearsals and other band events. Nicks bid of over $61,000.00 was the winning bid. Nick is assured of one of the first 50 seats available on the bus! Congratulations Nick! -- Everyone start accumulating band bucks so you can bid at the next picnic for the 2002 tour!


Thanks to everyone who made my birthday a special time for this "milestone" year! (Mr. Bill)

Band Loses Two Faithful Alumni

The band remembers two members of the Alumni Association who passed away this month.

Jim DeNoon passed away the first week in September. Jim was active in the initial formation of the Harvey U. Gill Scout Band Alumni Association (HUGSBAA) and was a charter lifetime member.

On September 13, Phil Groves (trombone player), Eagle Scout and Lifetime Member of HUGSBAA passed away. Phil was always cheerful and willing to help out whenever he was able. He provided us with many glimpses of the band from his involvement as a youth member back in the 1930's and 40's. He would relate stories of how it was an honor to be a part of the band at summer camp and Chief Belzer would call the band into formation for the evening activities.

Kudos for the Month

Matt Baldwin who organized the "Firecafter Band" for the Grand Ritual in August and for being crowned as a Minisino that evening.
Firecrafter Members of the band who came out and participated at the Grand Ritual on August 26.
Carl Wiker for obtaining the drinks for the picnic in August.
Maurice Heitzman who did a great job as grillmaster once again at the picnic.
HUGSBAA for providing the funds for the annual awards at the picnic.
Dana Hanson who served as Nominating Committee Chair for the annual elections.
Lions Club of Chapel Hill for their donation to the band's tour fund.


Elections at Picnic

The following were elected at the annual picnic by the BBBC membership to serve on the Board of Directors for the next year:

Youth Officers Elected

The following youth officers were elected at the picnic August 20:

Congratulations to all those elected. If you have any questions or concerns about the band or its organization, please contact any of the people above and they will be happy to help you.

Good Scout Awards

Each year the youth members select one or more adults that they feel are "good Scouts" and recognize them with a statue of the Unknown Scout.

This year's Good Scout Award was presented at the picnic to Keith Hartzog and Christine Lindstrom. Congratulations Keith and Christine -- the youth recognize, as do the adults, your commitment to making the Crossroads of America Scout Band a successful and fun venture for the youth members! Thanks for all you contribute!

Tom's Terrible Tour Test

Tom O'Nan prepares a "test" for each years tour to see how observant the youth are during the tour and if they have read the materials provided to them prior to departure. This year's winners of the test were: 1st Prize of $5000.00 in band bucks -- Matthew Goldey; 2nd Place of $2,500.00 in band bucks -- Drew Gerhart and 3rd Place of $1,250.00 in band bucks -- Justin Frytz.

Harvey U. Gill Award

Each year the alumni association recognizes a youth member who exemplifies the principles Harvey Gill tried to establish in the youth members during his 47 year tenure as the band's Director. Only one award is given each year and the recipient received a plaque and his / her name is added to the large plaque that is displayed in the Gyro Center at Camp Belzer.

This year's recipient is very deserving as he always helps wherever and whenever needed, he leads by example and earned his Eagle Scout rank this past year. The Harvey U Gill Award recipient for 2000 is Shawn Smock.

F.O. Belzer Award

An award was established by the band in 1991 and then in 1992 the Alumni Association assumed the "sponsorship" of the award. The award was designed the F.O. Belzer award to recognize the founder of the band, Chief Belzer. The award is presented annually to an adult member of the band who goes above and beyind the norm to ensure the band's success.

This year's recipient is very deserving as he has been active in the band as a youth and as an adult. He is always ready to share his knowledge with the youth and helps them whenever he can. He maintains the band's web page and is responsible for the success of the Dixieland Band. The F.O. Belzer Award recipient for 2000 is Tom O'Nan.


Patrick Henry Event at WPAC

The Crossroads of America Council is holding a Patrick Henry Oratory program at the Warren Performing Arts Center on Sunday, September 24. The band has been asked to play before and after the event. We will play (in uniform) and then go back to the orchestra room for rehearsal while the participants are speaking. When the program has concluded we will go back on stage and play one or two numbers as the participants leave the building.

Lets's have a good showing at this rehearsal -- it will be a great way to recruit potential new members into the band as well!