2000 Tour Enjoyed by ALL

The band's 2000 summer tour to Philmont and other destinations in the southwest was enjoyed by everyone. Evaluations are being returned and a "tally" is being kept to measure the successes and areas for improvement as we plan the tour for 2001. If you have not returned your evaluation to Bill Schofield, please do so as soon as possible.

In reviewing the tour at the BBBC Board meeting, both youth and adult leadership felt improvements had been made from previous tours and there are still some areas that need to be "tweaked" to ensure an enjoyable time for all participants. It was expressed that the band's performance at concerts was exceptional from the first concert on, and the cooperation and teamwork of concert setup and tear down had improved from previous tours.

Special thanks go to Dana Hanson, Bob Wiker, Ryan Pike, Buddy McLaren, Crystal Heitzman, Josh Lyon, Patrick Lindstrom and Shawn Smock who served as the adult and youth leadership on the tour. Thanks also to Keith and Sue Hartzog, Maurice Heitzman and Bill Lyon [Dana Hanson and Carlene Heitzman on the return] for taking the extra days to drive the trucks to and from our arrival and departure locations.

It's hard to believe that the tour is over and we have been back home for four weeks now. The memories of Philmont, the surprise of performing for Mr. Williams the new Chief Scout Executive, the grandeur of the Grand Canyon, and hearing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform their patriotic 4th of July program will long be remembered. Thanks again to everyone for an enjoyable tour!

Aaron Oreabaugh -- Eagle Court

The band will be performing at Aaron Orebaugh's Eagle Court of Honor on Sunday, July 30. Please arrive at 1:00 PM in Class A uniform, the band will perform from 1:30 - 2:00 and then the Court of Honor will be convened to recognize Aaron's achieving the Eagle rank.

The Court of Honor will take place at the Chapel Rock Christian Church which is located at 2020 North Girls School Road. Take the 10thStreet exit off of I-465 and go west to Girls School Road. Turn north on Girls School Road, go pass Ben Davis High School. Just before you reach 21stStreet there will be an entrance (west side of the street) into the church. Turn into the drive and go to the set of double doors in the middle of the church.

Firecrafter Band at Grand Ritual

Calling ALL Firecrafters who are members or alumni of the band. The Firecrafter organization is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. And our own Matt Baldwin is serving as Chair of the Firecrafter 80th Anniversary Committee!

Matt is well versed in Firecrafter and the band's history, and it was a logical conclusion that to honor "Chief Belzer" who founded both Firecrafter and the band at Camp Chank-tun-un-gi that a Firecrafter Band be assembled for the Grand Ritual August 25-27 at Camp Belzer.

The band will perform one time and one time only -- at the K Shelter at 6:00 PM on Saturday, August 26. Please arrive by 5:00 PM and plan to stay for the hill ceremony. The only requirement is that you hold the Firecrafter rank and you play an instrument. For more information contact Matt at 570-836-4831.

Keep In Touch with Band Activities

There are several ways we are striving to keep people (members and potential members) informed on the band's activities. This newsletter is one way, it is published at least once every two months and provides detailed information about the band's activities and recognizes accomplishments of the band membership.

The band's website (which has recently been changed to is hosted by Tom O'Nan. Tom does an excellent job in keeping information current and you can find pictures of the tour as well as an archive of the band's newsletters. If Tom has your email address, he will broadcast messages when updates are posted or when "last" minute information is received and needs to be disseminated.

You can call Bill Schofield (542-8057) and if he's not available to answer your question personally, push 1 after the initial voice mail message and listen to an update of the band's activities with an option to leave a message afterwards.

The youth leadership has developed a telephone tree and will be utilizing this process as our new year begins to encourage participation at rehearsals and band activities.

State Fair Parade

The band plans to participate in the Indiana State Fair's parade again this year. There is a parade every night that steps off at 6:30 PM across from the Communications Building just inside Gate 6.

As of this writing, several dates have been offered, and a final confirmation was not received prior to publishing the newsletter. We are looking at a first choice of Sunday August 13, 2nd choice of Saturday August 12 or Friday August 18. The date will be finalized and available at Aaron Orebaugh's Eagle Court of Honor on July 30th. If you miss the Court of Honor, check the website or call Bill at 542-8057.

No matter which day we will participate, you will need to report by 5:45 PM at the east side of the Swine Barn inside Gate 6 in class A uniform. Tickets will be provided to those who march in the parade, we cannot issue tickets to non playing members. Please call Bill to request tickets.

Concert at Harrison Grave site

The band has been requested to perform at the grave site of President William Harrison at Crown Hill Cemetery.

Federal law requires the current President remembers all former Presidents on their birthday with a service and presentation of a wreath at the grave site.

We will perform from 1:00 to 1:30 PM on Sunday, August 20. Report to Crown Hill Cemetery by 12:30 PM so we can begin promptly at 1:00 PM. Once the program has concluded, we will head to Camp Belzer for the band's annual picnic. Report to the concert in Class A uniform, you can switch to a class B tour uniform at the picnic.

To reach the grave site of President Harrison, enter Crown Hill off of 34th Street and Boulevard Place. Follow the white lines and you will see direction arrows to Harrison and Riley graves. Look for the band truck for parking location.


It's hard to believe, but the RCA Dome / Colts Season is upon us.

Sylvia is ALWAYS looking for people to help out at the events throughout the year. We operate TWO booths -- Stand 142 and Nacho Express 141. We need approximately 20 people for each event to staff both booths. If you have questions or want to sign up to work an event call Sylvia at 897-3809. Anyone 16 years or older can work at the dome, you are required to have dark pants (black or navy), white T shirt, the band's 2000 tour hat ($5.00). To collect money, take orders or sell beer you must have a current beer license ($5.00 at the Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission -- State Office Building). Each time you work an event at least $25.00 goes into your "personal account" with the band. These funds can be used for tour, or other band or scout related activities.

Upcoming events (a complete schedule will be available at the picnic).

Annual Picnic

The band's annual picnic, election of officers and award presentations will be Sunday, August 20 at the Kiwanis Shelter at Camp Belzer. (This is the shelter in front of the Gyro Center just west of the parking lot.) The arrival time will be approximately 2:30 PM as we will be coming directly from the concert at Harrison's Grave. If you are not able to make the concert, come on out to the picnic!

The band will furnish hamburgers, hot dogs, buns and drinks. Every family is asked to bring at least 2 dishes (salads, vegetables, desserts, etc.) And their own tableware. We had close to 125 people at last years picnic and we are anticipating 175 -- 200 this year! If you are bringing something that needs to stay cool, be sure and bring a cooler as we are outside this year (the Gyro was pretty cramped last year!) We will have access to the Gyro kitchen, but the reach-in refrigerator has limited space.

A lot will be happening during the course of the afternoon. For those who have been to a picnic before, we have attempted to streamline some of the activities this year to save time. For those who will be attending their first picnic -- come to have some fun, share pictures and memories of the tour and have a chance for some great fellowship!

The cake / pie auction is returning this year because of the HUGE success that was enjoyed at last year's premier event! In order to save time this year, the format will be a SILENT auction rather than auctioning every item individually. If you would like to donate a cake or pie to be auctioned, check in with Sylvia and the item will be placed on display with an auction slip. As people arrive and wish to bid on an item they will indicate their bid on the slip. At the close of bidding the item will be presented to the highest bidder. All proceeds go into the band's general fund.

Also during the arrival time, our BBBC Treasurer and Secretary will be collecting membership dues for those parents / adults that wish to belong to the Belzer Band Booster Club. Annual dues are $5.00 per adult.

At 3:00 we will convene all of the youth to conduct an auction. Many items were donated and made available to auction on the tour, but with two buses it was difficult to get everyone together in the same place at the same time. So these items will be auctioned (using the youth members band "buck" bank account) by the Alumni Association. The final item that will be auctioned will be an expense paid 2001 tour. To one successful youth bidder, their 2001 tour fees will be paid by the BBBC.

At the conclusion of the auction we will present the annual band awards. The awards consist of yearly awards to all active youth and adult members, and the Good Scout Award presented by the youth members of the band to an adult. In addition the Alumni Association presents the annual Harvey U. Gill Award to an outstanding youth member and the F.O. Belzer award to an outstanding adult member of the band.

After the awards have been presented, the BBBC will conduct their annual elections and the youth will conduct their annual elections. We will then enjoy all the great food!

Kudos [catch up from May / June]

Aaron Orebaugh who achieved Scouting's highest honor, the Eagle Rank.

Patrick Lindstrom who became the latest band member to add his name to the lengthy list of Eagle Scout! (His court of Honor will be coming up in September or October)

Bob Wiker, Carl Wiker, Buddy McLaren, Shawn Smock and Ryan Pike who hosted our guests from Michigan and spent the race weekend at Camp Belzer with Troop 250.

Joe Carter for supplying new epaulets for the band uniforms.

Ralph Gerhart for making the Crossroads of America Scout Band buttons.

Scott Fleshood for assisting in mounting the new state flags to the poles and trimming all the embroidery backing off of the tour shirts.

Jon Lorenzen for "surviving" the copperhead snake bite at Ransburg -- how were those nurses at the hospital?